While Government Union Workers Demand More the Unemployed wish they just had a Job!

It’s a Recession Stupid!

Quit being so Greedy and be Grateful you still have a Job

You Union Workers claim to have a Proud Heritage of accomplishments.  Well, perhaps you can put some of that Pride to work and clean up the mess you always leave behind.  While your at it,  you might want to clean up your Vulgar and Vile Language along with your behavior.  Or did a Teacher give you that?

You Union Protesters can clean up your own Mess

We the People

You know, the American People spoke with a very loud Voice last November.  What we said is we have had enough of this Corrupt Administration and it’s Bully Unions!  You got that?  No more are We the People going to be pushed into unfair laws or corrupt negotiations that hurt our beloved Country.  We the People have set out to restore that which has been taken from us………….  you know,  FREEDOM!

No longer are we going to tolerate your Hate Speech and acts of Violence towards us.  No longer are we going to tolerate your Fear Mongering and Threats.  No longer are we going to tolerate your signs of Immaturity………..

We have had enough of you and your Left Wing Lying Media of Hate and Racism against Black Conservatives and those of us who are Proud to stand side by side with them.

As far as We the People are concerned,  you Liberal Brats can take your Marbles and go home.


21 responses to “While Government Union Workers Demand More the Unemployed wish they just had a Job!

  1. Good Afternoon my Fellow American Patriots and Friends :D

  2. We the People have had enough of this from you Liberal Hate Mongers:

  3. Great post Sami – right on top of the news.

  4. Thank you SamHenry………Hope you are staying warm and dry in this weather……….. I was out for a while and the roads are really bad.

  5. Afternoon, SAMI. I see where Obama’s holding a meet to discuss ‘jobs creation’–Republicans not invited. Once again, you have Dems making plans to deal with a subject none of them knows anything about.

  6. Surprise, surprise, the Dictator has his Czars and Democrats in a meeting to create jobs. Something that seems to have eluded them these past two plus years. What a Joke he is and what a Joke America has become throughout the World… sigh

  7. Bob – he may mean job creation in the administration. He never is very clear even though his favorite phrase is “let me be clear.” I take his evoking of that phrase is asking God “please, let me be clear.” He isn’t talking to the people. He never does.

  8. Sami – Obama should be in council with the DNC on how to keep his job. We are ready to use the ballot box to overthrow this government. We will have to monitor the polling places very carefully this time around Rats on the run leave a trail or try to shred evidence. There should be some rules or guidelines for transitions.

  9. Good Evening SamHenry and all my Fellow American Patriots and Friends :D

  10. Good Night America

  11. Good Morning America

  12. Love the vid, Sami. This post is one of your best in all ways. Back to bed. Take a look at lady liberty on my blog. You are right next to her!

  13. Good Morning SamHenry………. will check it out on your post next.

  14. OK – if you like the Liberty thing – feel free to zap it and edit etc. Just give credit to the photographer. TX

  15. I love it SamHenry…… Lady Liberty with a Message.

  16. I’m going to be working on adjusting settings to this new look.

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