Who me? I don’t need no Stinkin’ Birth Certificate

…..in Rio de Janeiro

What you think, I don’t show my Birth Certificate in America or anywhere else.  In fact, I would rather be the President of China!

You see dat Gringo? I do what I want!

America, as you can now see, you made one big ass Mistake!

The World is on Fire,  and our President has managed to squeeze in 61 rounds of Golf, a weekend  in New York with the wife, and numerous unproductive trips to various Countries around the World where he sang that old familiar song “I’m sorry, so sorry, that America,.. was sooo bad”…….Please accept our apology,………. you get my drift.

He’s right, he really doesn’t know what he is doing and now we all know.  Come 2012, things will be different in America and the Presidents last name won’t be


Barry, this is all you have left to Campaign on

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21 responses to “Who me? I don’t need no Stinkin’ Birth Certificate

  1. Good Evening my Fellow American Patriots and Friends, I just thought I would write one more post before I catch the train for the Fema Camp..lol :D

  2. Time to say Good Night……………America :D

  3. This Awesome and with your permission I will repost on my blog . Still laughing. :D

  4. Awesome, Im on the floor rolling.

  5. Glad you like it Anthony…… I was laughing the whole time putting it together.

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  7. I just used “PRESS THIS” Tool and bloged it, this is to good not to share with America :)

  8. Good Morning my Fellow American Patriots and Friends :D

    Good Morning Anthony… thanks for re-posting this and I am glad you liked it.

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  10. It is Saturday now lets Rock this House

  11. Great images! On a serious note. I had to present my orignal, raised seal birth certificate in order to get a passport. I wonder when Obama got his? (As a child, I know). What were the regulations then? Did he/his parents have to present a birth certificate to get him a passport? From what country was his orginial passport issued?

  12. Interesting questions you pose Freedom. So much of who Obama is, is sealed and out of public view. To me, that is reason enough to Impeach him now.

  13. I don’t know about the passport issue concerning O.
    Obviously, he doesn’t need one now.
    There should be a mandate from the state’s AG’s that anybody running for the office of the presidency have to present a valid long form birth certificate.
    If they cannot, they cannot run for that office in their state.
    That alone could eliminate O’s re-election possibilities.
    Arnold the terminator said that he cannot run for the presidency of the US because he was born in Austria.

  14. SAMI, that last pic…Obama’s head is on the wrong end of the jackass.

  15. Morning AFVET and Bob….concerning O’s birth certificate I am most sure he has one and is just being a Prick in not unsealing it. I think he relishes the attention.

    On the Jackass Picture Bob, your right, that could have been photo shopped better. lol

  16. Even my electrician says he is a plant. He is a front man. Now he’s down in SA – a place he should have paid attention to long ago although I do think he traveled to Brazil when he first came into office. In the past year, China has overtaken us as Brazil’s top trade partner. Brazil has cattle herds 50% larger than ours and is in direct competition with our agriculture.

    Brazilians just bought Burger King. Think I’ll stop by and see how the beef is.

    Morning Bob and AFVET and anyone else I missed.

  17. Afternoon SH and don’t work to hard. The Brazil Nuts will be home before we know it.

  18. Libyan Fighter Plane

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