NOVEMBER 2012, the end of an ERROR!

As Obama kicks off his Campaign for a second term as  your President we can expect to see a replay of the  ’08  Campaign with much of the same ole attack dog rhetoric we have seen and heard these past three or so years.  The whiny Democrats have already begun their exaggerated claims of Grandma and Grandpa starving out in the cold and on and on.  Fact is,  many Americans have seen through all the deceptions and have admitted the error of their ways in voting Obama in ’08.  They are the wiser now and won’t make the same mistake twice.  Common Sense shall prevail in America and Obama is on course to go down as the President who suffered the greatest defeat of any American Election in our Proud History of rising from the ashes of oppression.

Fool me once, shame on You

Fool me Twice, shame on Me

Turn off the Main Stream Media  NOW

15 responses to “NOVEMBER 2012, the end of an ERROR!

  1. Good Afternoon America :D

  2. Good morning Sami(11Am here in Cali), thank you for another great post. I love the pictures you post , you always come up with great ones :D

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  4. Lets Rock this House my friends ;)

  5. Turned the mainstream media off two years ago, and seldom even watch fox news. Mostly listen to the radio and read. Nothing on mainstream but pete and repete, that’s what my granddaddy used to say!

  6. Loopyloo, I can remember a time in America when the news was just about reporting the news. Just the facts and nothing but the facts. Now it is a series of commentaries and usually all of em talking about the same subject.

  7. Me too, Sami! I turn 60 this year and I respected men like Walter Concrite, but we are a long way from there. If it weren’t for the internet and our ability to go around the mainstream, I don’t think that we would even have a country left!

  8. Loopyloo I believe we will soon be the Front Line for getting real information out to the American People. Perhaps that is why Obama is pushing for Net Neutrality.

  9. Otis P. Driftwood

    My sentiments exactly Sami. Bloggers are the ONLY ones who are seeking AND telling the truth. Thank You Very Much for the job that you do.

  10. Thank you Otis for all you contribute to us all my friend

  11. Good Morning America :D

  12. Hooray for a great post, Sami! And hooray for all conservative bloggers! May we NOT be silent in these times!

  13. Good Morning Freedom and thank you for the kind words. I truly believe the Bloggers are going to be the ones that wake up the American people and perhaps that is why Glenn Beck is going into Web TV and leaving Fox News.

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