Reality Check: All The Presidents Racist Men….. and Women on Video

Imagine that being said at a

Tea Party Rally?

William Ayers

James Meeks

Van Jones

Reverend Wright

Jesse Jackson

Al Sharpton

Charlie Rangel

Maxine Waters

Sheila Jackson Lee

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

So tell me again, 

Who are the Real Racists?

20 responses to “Reality Check: All The Presidents Racist Men….. and Women on Video

  1. Good Morning America and welcome to Reality!

  2. Let’s hope people don’t make another OBAMA or One Big Assed Mistake Again in 2012.
    Bob A.

  3. Good Morning Bob A. This is our common mission here: To inform the American People on the Realities of what is happening in our America and our Government.

  4. This whole thing just sickens me. And it’s only going to get worse as the election draws closer. This is going to be a huge strategy in Obama’s campaign. Some are even predicting race riots if he doesn’t win re-election. It’s going to get really ugly.

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  7. Good Morning RH and you are right except for Obama would like to see Race Riots begin now.

    • RH, I read the link you posted over at Cheers.
      As far as the race riots go, the media is already fomenting the basis for the racial bias against Obama if he is not re-elected, and you are correct, it’s going to get much worse.
      The Chicago thugs infesting the White House will stop at nothing, far beyond the usual political smears, to get him re-elected.
      Limbaugh has stated that the election needs to be a landslide against Obummer, otherwise, the thugs will win again.
      I agree with Rush.

  8. Thank you Loopyloo and Barb for the link backs ;)

  9. Our biggest hurdle this election will be thwarting voter fraud. The Dems have already proven that they will go to any length to gain or retain power. Congress needs to make it mandatory that ballots get delivered to our military overseas immediatly following the conventions and picked up & delivered back. Let Fed Express handle it if no one else can. 2-We’ve gotten to the point in hotly contested states and districts that we need the same sort of “looking over the shoulder” that occured during the recounts of 2000. Ohio, PA, FL–to name a few. We’re always hearing about voter fraud after the fact–but then it seems to be pushed aside or covered up. I believe we have quite a few in congress that did not win (such as Franken).

    • Freedom, coincidental to your comment, Ohio is attempting to get absentee ballots out to the troops, and sending notifications through the mail to ALL registered voters in Ohio to request an absentee ballot if they want one.
      Many folks would like to vote, but they can’t get to the polling places.
      This is a good step in the right direction.
      We shall see how it works out.

  10. Right you are Freedom and this time the Military Vote must be counted. As far as Voter Fraud and Intimidation go, I believe the Gop and Tea Party will be on high alert and report it immediately this time.

  11. Good Afternoon America :D

  12. OK Sam, let’s say that the conservatives score a big win in 2012.
    Obama is defeated, and we take the majority in the senate, and retain or increase the majority in the house.
    Can you imagine the lame duck sessions that will occur in the interim ?
    Can you imagine the executive orders that will flow from Obama’s pen ?

  13. Afternoon AFVET and yes I can see the mess that would ensue but it is a beginning non the less and I for one am willing to take my chances on that scenario. Of course Executive Orders can be rescinded and the lame duck sessions can also be reversed for the most part. Yep, I’ll take the win and deal with the rest from a position of strength any day my friend.

  14. Good Morning America

  15. What an administration—demented environmentalists, communists, racists, and racist communists. Anybody that votes for the continuation of this reprehensible regime needs to be granted permanent party asylum in someplace like Pyongyang.

  16. Good Morning Bob Mack and all my favorite American Patriots and Friends :D

  17. You’re all really Awesome!

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