Dedicated to all those who lost Loved Ones on September 11th 2001

We Will Never Forget

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  1. Good Morning America as we Remember that Terrible Day when the World Stood Still.

  2. We must never forget the events of that fateful day. Great tribute .

  3. The first video of this post will require you have tissues near by. So very sad indeed.

  4. Good Morning my friend and thank you for all that you are doing for our Country.

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  6. Thank you for the link back my friend. It is much appreciated.

  7. Thank you, Sami. I had never seen the first video before, It was heart-wrenching. I had a good cry with my coffee.

  8. Thank you Freedom. That video moved me like no other in thinking of all the Children who lost so much on that terrible day.

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  10. Awesome Video Freedom and thank you for the link back my friend :D

  11. Bomb at U.S. Base in Afghanistan Wounds Nearly 80 Americans

    KABUL, Afghanistan – Nearly 80 American soldiers were wounded and two Afghan civilians were killed in a Taliban truck bombing targeting an American base in eastern Afghanistan, NATO said Sunday, a stark reminder that the war in Afghanistan still rages 10 years after the Sept. 11 terror attacks against the United States.

    The blast, which occurred late Saturday, shaved the facades from shops outside the Combat Outpost Sayed Abad in Wardak province and broke windows in government offices nearby, said Roshana Wardak, a former parliamentarian who runs a clinic in the nearby town of the same name. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

    Eight wounded civilians were brought to Wardak’s clinic, two of them with wounds serious enough that they were sent to Kabul. She said one 3-year-old girl died of her wounds on the way to the clinic.

    The attack was carried out by a Taliban suicide bomber who detonated a large bomb inside a truck carrying firewood, NATO said. It was unclear how many foreign and Afghan soldiers were serving on the base.

    “Most of the force of the explosion was absorbed by the protective barrier at the outpost entrance,” NATO said, adding that the damage was repairable and that operations were continuing.

    Fewer than 25 Afghan civilians were also wounded, NATO said, adding that none of the 77 injuries sustained by the Americans were life-threatening. Spokesman Maj. Russell Fox said Sunday that all the international troops at the combat outpost are American.

    Read more:

  12. Superbly done, Outstanding.

  13. Thank you so much my friend and I am going to post a link back to your post today as I hope many will come to see it:

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  15. Thank you Debra for your insights into the Main Stream Media and their bias reporting or not reporting of the news.

  16. Thank you Bob for your link back my friend

  17. exceptional videos, Sami. Your remembrances of this event have been remarkable. It was America’s Holocaust.

  18. Thank you SamHenry and I have to tell you. I want to do everything I can to in some small way rekindle that Patriotism we saw in so many on that dreadful day. How wonderful it would be if both the left and the right could find some common ground and get America moving forward once again.

  19. Beautifully said my friend. Your wish is my command. I have highlighted these words on my blog – one small way to get the word out.

  20. PS Those cases in which they cannot find common ground deserve civilized behavior. We suffered a barbarous attack. We don’t need to act like barbarians.

  21. Thank you SamHenry and good evening everyone. ;)

  22. Here’s to all of those New Yorkers and visitors who stayed in the Big Apple and continued their lives normally. That is the true tribute to those we lost that day. Goodnight.

  23. Good Morning America it is Ten Years and One Day After.

    Let the Patriotism Continue forever!

  24. Good Morning everyone. I have a special day after 9/11 Tribute to President Bush posted over at the Village:

  25. Boots are on the Ground in Libya!

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