Hunger Games: The Obama Agenda

Now if you EVER wanted a Preview of EXACTLY what America would look like should the Liberals Take Over well then you simply must see this movie.

A Movie set in a Disgusting Array of Liberal Mandated Government Control over ALL of the people, or should I say…..


(A peasant is an agricultural worker who generally works land owned or rented by/from a noble, but is classified socioeconomically above a squire with regards to the era. The peasant was bound to the land and could not move or change their occupation unless they became a yeoman (free person), which generally happened by buying their freedom. The peasant also generally had to give most of their crops to the noble.)

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What will you do America?


Hunger Games?

Food Stamp Dependency Up 41%





The Intent of this Movie was not to show a Futuristic Liberal America but was in fact My Impression after watching it.

Sadly the Movie really seemed to be all about Kids Killing Kids (sigh)

You know you see it coming…..

I would strongly encourage every

Freedom Loving American

to see this Movie


18 responses to “Hunger Games: The Obama Agenda

  1. Good Morning America ;)

  2. Seems everyday now we hear of more and more controversy as this Administration begins to crumble under its own incompetence.

    GSA, Secret Service, DOJ, Solyendra, and on and on.

    Hopefully they will fall from within before November ;)


  4. Beckel is a disgusting pompous ass.
    There, I said it !

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  7. Omg this is my favorite book and movie ever even though it takes place in a poverty country and kids are killing kids this could actually happen you. You never know! Though for me I would have lived in district 12 uh oh! But hopes that these things will never happen

  8. I thought the same thing after reading the books and the movie only reinforced that this book is a satire of where we are heading.

  9. An excellent analysis of Liberalism and the movie too. I recommend reading Atlas Shrugged if you haven’t yet. It IS the future of America under Liberalism, no bones about it. The only difference is the author gave America hope in the story with her secret society of escapees. I don’t think we will have that kind of scenario.

    • I agree. The percentage of people still willing to vote Obama is alarming and gives me pause. I have double my efforts here in lieu of that.

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  11. Thank you once again for re-posting my friend

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  13. By 2017, a civil war comes because of the disagreements between Republican and Democrat. Divided we slide together into darker times; and we shall be too strained to prevent outsiders from advancing at our expense.

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  15. Good content in this article, samiam.
    I vowed to avoid the Hunger Games movie because of the silly “Girl As Warrior” modern Feminist cliche, but a cheap Blu-Ray combined with my love of futurism compelled me to view it, finally last month.

    If you can remember the movie “Soylent Green” I strongly urge you to read a series I wrote comparing it, along with -ta da!- A Clockwork Orange to the future of America.

    You truly can see THG mentality creeping through Big Liberalism’s Agenda.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this with us and nice to meet Firepower. I have had great success on Twitter with this article and it keeps on being my most viewed page since I first published it.