Mr. President, if you really Loved America you’d Resign

President Obama comes to Ohio to Officially Kick Off his 2012 Campaign Season only to find the Turn Out to be no better than it would be for an Aging Rock Star trying to make a Come Back.

The difference we are seeing from the Full House Packed Stadiums of the 2008 Campaign as compared to what we are seeing today is the fact that back in 2008 then Candidate Obama did not have a Track Record to Vote on. Today he stands before America with a Track Record of Dismal Failures and Broken Promises.

Do the Right Thing Mr. President


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  1. Good Afternoon America :D :D :D

  2. First of all Sam, thanks for the heads up on the P-40.
    I hope the Brits can get it out of there before the barbarians use it for a target.
    Glenn Beck is on a roll on ‘vetting’ Obama.
    I am listening to Rush now and he is continuing the process.
    The media made a major mistake in trying to rake Romney over the coals for something he didn’t do in high school in 1965.
    Romney may have his faults, but if that is the best the left can up with, Obama is in deep Sh*t.
    Finally, Beck, and Limbaugh are raising the issue that we have known for years,..that Obama is a liar, and a thug.
    All it took was an attack on a decent man with money.
    Romney doesn’t have to play dirty, all he has to do is sit back and watch the house of cards that is Obama collapse.

    • It is so good for US that there is a Rush and Beck to give us the news and facts we won’t find anywhere else. I wish they had a bigger megaphone and I wish more of Fox News would follow their lead.

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    One would be remiss not to recognize what is happening at the executive level of our government. For so long I recognize incompetence when it appears before me. Obama cannot be labeled third rate. He has DE-elevated his position to a newer level for all time in history.

  5. Mr. Beck has risen to to historical levels with this vetting of Obama. This will be remembered for all time. those of us that read and comprehend will give the voice you need, Samiam60. I have passed this on to other venues my friend.

    • Glenn Beck has his opinions as we all do, but he always backs them up with the real audio/video of the people he is exposing.
      While Obama and his administration can continue to spin whatever is broadcast on the MSM, the real truth is out there if you can find it.
      You are witnessing a very desperate administration.

    • Thank you my friend. Like minded Conservatives are doing a great job in exposing the lies and we will come through this in Victory over the Evil that has befallen our Nation.

  6. There will be all kinds of cheating going on with the election because they are desperate to win re-election.
    Is anyone talking about the military ballots? VA & FL are swing states with a lot of bases and there are a lot of military staioned at sea, etc. There is absolutely no excuse, in this day and age, for military ballots not to arrive on time to be counted.

    • Just let them vote on a secure internet channel.
      The congressional districts could pose a problem, but not the presidential election.

    • I could not believe there was no outcry in ’08 when the overseas military ballots did not arrive in time to be counted. Talk about Voter Fraud.

  7. WOW! VERY impactful, truly one of your best!

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