If President Obama wins re-election in November who will have the last laugh?

Don’t let it happen America. 

Get out and Vote on November 6th

All the eloquent speeches from the Anointed One will not improve our economy nor, is it in any way shape or form, going to create jobs. We now have a President that is so full of himself that America is suffer another financial setback that all the kings men and all the kings czars cannot put back together again.

The good news is that America is waking up and come November we will put real American Patriots in the seats now filled with Corrupted and stagnant career politicians who have forgotten the Power of We the People. These are people who have become absolutely Corrupted and morally challenged in their day-to-day lives.

We the People have vowed to take back our Country from these so-called Progressive Socialists who have no place here in our Republic. We will not, as a Free People, ever surrender to Socialism, Marxism, nor Communism and the sooner the Progressive Elitists get that through their thick skulls, the better off and safer this world will be.

Mr. President, do not underestimate what the American People will fight for. If you do, you will find yourself on the losing side of history. Americans are now busy resetting the course of American History and yes we are even going to correct our school books so that we have an inclusive, complete, and accurate documenting of American History and not some super altered Progressive evolution of our minds. The truth is out there now and Americans are flocking to it in record numbers to reinforce our resolve to end once and for all the Progressive Movement in the United States of America.

We are united like never before and we will not go silently into the night Mr. President.

End the Madness this November.

You may never get another chance

20 responses to “If President Obama wins re-election in November who will have the last laugh?

  1. Good Morning America ;)

    • Sam, pay a visit to our friend Michelle Malkin.
      Have you heard about SWATting ?
      Attacks on conservative commentators have commenced.
      Worth a read.

      • I read about this on someone’s blog the other day. Disgusting.

      • I did see that AFVET. Calling 911 and saying I just shot my wife is about as low as they can go! Or is it?

      • There was actually an article on Yahoo about this. Surprisingly, many of the liberal commenters sided with us on this one. Looks like GA Sen. Saxby Chambliss has asked Holder to investigate. Of course, he won’t do it, but at least it’s getting some national attention. Let’s hope that’s enough to scare some people off. I’m sure this is just the beginning of what’s going to happen between now and November. Look at all of the death threats against Walker after winning the recall vote. These people are lunatics.

  2. I am afraid you are right, Sami. If Obama were to win in November, America would not get a second chance to make things right at the voting booth. We need to start visiting fence-sitter blogs — or maybe those fence-sitting independents don’t have enough passion to blog about their views.

    • I agree Freedom. I too am seeing many a great blogger falling off in apathy at a time when they are needed the most. We cannot win this battle for America without them and I am holding out high hopes they will return soon filled with fire and brimstone.

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  4. Thank you for posting this my friends at Grumpy Opinions

  5. Joseph Maloney

    China and Russia have asked for only dialogue with both “Friends of Syria” on July 6th in France, and The P5+1 meeting in Moscow over Iran;s nuclear enrichment. After the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), China and Russia issued the “dialouge only” statement; which reduces America’s stature in Foreign Affairs. Afghanistan’s Karzai is a member of the SCO, and was present. What does that show you about the agreement he and Obama made last month?
    In Washington, Senator Menendez was a chatterbox with officaials about the 2 billion dollar loss at J P Morgan, but was silent with M F Global’s CEO Jon Corzine’s 1.3 billion dollar loss. Menendez was appointed to Corzine’s Senate seat when Corzine was elected Governor of New Jersey. Dodd-Frank law is set up to protect the Protected Elite Political Class.

    • Thank you for this Power Pack of information Joseph. You sure know how to find and bring those hard to find news stories to our attention.

      Obama is an Idiot and both the Chinese and Russians know this exploiting him to the fullest measure.

      Russian Troops could march into America backwards and tell Obama they are leaving and he would believe them.

  6. You all need to check out David Limbaugh’s new book “The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’sWar on the Republic”. I’m only in the introduction to the book, and I’m already overwhelmed at this guy’s abuse of power. We all know it’s been going on since he took office, but when you put it all in one comprehensive book, it’s quite scary. He bypasses Congress at every turn. The Dream Act has been shot down in Congress 2x, but Obama is basically enforcing everything from the bill anyway. The Dodd-Frank bill basically gives all authority to one unelected person, the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to control the financial institutions and gives them authority to take over banks that receive government support. http://www.conservativeactionalerts.com/2011/09/cfpb-regulationatory-power-to-kill-business/
    Think about some of the big banks and other companies who said the WH administration forced them to take stimulus money. Was this so the government would have authority to seize them if/when they felt the need? This book is very damaging…we need to get the word out. We cannot survive a 2nd Obama term.

  7. Good Morning Righthook. I am planning on getting this book over the week-end. Saw the interview on Hannity and was quite impressed.

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