Representative Allen West calls out President Obama on Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian Backfire

Hat tip to The Blaze for this story

‘Repudiate the Muslim Brotherhood’: Allen West Calls for Obama to Immediately Cut All American Foreign Aid to Egypt Following Election Results

Congressman Allen West (R-Fla.) on Sunday called for President Barack Obama to immediately cut off all American foreign aid to Egypt and to denounce the results of its presidential election after Muslim Brotherhood-backed candidate Mohammed Morsi’s victory.

In a brief post on his Facebook page, West said Sunday’s results were reminiscent of the 1979 Iranian revolution that saw Islamists installed as leaders of the country.

“A year ago there were those of us who warned the Obama administration of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt,” West wrote. “We were castigated as alarmists and loose cannons. Today our predictions have come to reality and the ominous specter reminding us of the Iranian revolution is evident.”

Calling the Arab Spring “nothing more than a radical Islamic nightmare,” West said the U.S. needs to “unequivocally reiterate” its support to Coptic Christians in the region and to Israel.

“What an incredible foreign policy faux pas by the second coming of President Jimmy Carter, the Obama administration,” West said. “I call upon President Barack Obama to cut off American foreign aid to Egypt, denounce the results of this election, repudiate the Muslim Brotherhood, and all radical Islamist political entities.

Hat Tip to Patriot Allen West for always telling it like it is:

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  1. Good Morning America. I can clearly remember Glenn Beck warning US about this while at Fox News. Many considered him a conspiracy theorist back then. Hmmm

  2. com’on…oblamers minions said that the muslim brotherhood is NOT a terror threat…they are a secular group…and he is the PREZ after all…WOW!!!! even I can’t say that with a straight face…now Barry has ordered that new recruits in the secret service, CIA and other national security groups will not be trained in muslim jihad background….

    • This is a most excellent find Ron. I have sent it out on Twitter where it will most certainly get circulated in a big way. Thanks for this Contribution my friend.

    • Yes, please explain to me, Mr. President, how anything with the name “Muslim” in it could be a secular group in any way, shape or form.

      Sadly, this is exactly what Obama wanted. Conservatives warned over and over that the “Arab Spring” had nothing to do with democracy. Each country in which there was an “Arab Spring” has become even more radical than they were before this all started. Despite Mubarek being an overall bad guy, he was an ally to the U.S. and kept Israel out of its site. Now they have absolutely no one in the region to protect them. Obama should be kicked out of office for this atrocity alone, if you ask me. Obama threw Israel under the bus, then drove it over them himself.

      • oops….typo…kept Israel out of its sights…

      • We have been as Conservatives ringing the alert bell ever since this Arab Spring began only to be ridiculed as Conspiracy Theorists. The same holds true with our beliefs of Obama being a closet Marxist along with our questions of his citizenship.

        Perhaps our Congress should be digging into these things along with the Fast and Furious probe?

        • You’re right. Speaking of Marx, I still have a couple of posts to add to my “Marxism and the Obama Administration” series. I just haven’t had the time to get them wrapped up. Still lots of information to cover…..

  3. 100% !

    Remind me of this :
    Most Americans—even many American Jews—believe that we didn’t know. Many assume that we couldn’t have done anything even if we had known.

    …- …- …- …- ‘Heard, Understood, Recognized and Acknowledged’ …

    • Thank you for sharing this with us my friend. I believe our Government knew Pearl Harbor was coming and invited it as a way to gain support from the American people in order to declare war.

      • Thank You Sam.. I’m scratching my head.. What Are We “Inviting” This TIME ?!
        Because The USA is implicated deep… against its OWN interest..

        Soon they gonna handle the fate of Syria…and Lebanon is to FOLLOW..
        And don’t think it is the Jewish Global Conspiraty stuff..because before Israel, the Christian in those area gonna live …very..very DARK days.. Obviously they will manage to put that on Israel fault..(they eat christians at breakfast).. but in the mean time..a lot, a lot of suffering..that no one will talk more then what already happen in Egypt : kidnapping of Christian girls.. forced conversion.. or plain killing.. allah is happy.. that’s what important in the world of today..
        I shouldn’t write ..with feelings I’ve got at the moment.. I just tell you, like I tell anyone.. check news on the Christians those area..from Tunisia to Turkey.. to a..Red Sea..
        God Bless America !
        To Cheers a bit, I have received this from a Freedom Fries Buddy :

        “”Please find link in this post a video showing U.S. soldiers re-entering their homes. You’ll see them kiss their children, their Wives, their mothers, their fathers, their sisters, their brothers …..

        One thing that I like at the Yanks is that they have no embarrassment to show Love and Emotion implications for their loved ones back from War.

        I give you this video because, although our French soldiers were not the same modesty that the Yanks, I’m convinced that when they come home, the emotion is just as intense.

        I dedicate this video to all who have worn the uniform and who returned unharmed.

        I also dedicate this video to all those and all those who have not had the happiness to see our Military come home.

        JBJ “”

        • Thank you for sharing these feeling with us my friend. In the last days there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. My question would be: Are we entering the last days?

          • There are things that could have been prevented. But didn’t.
            It is in fact the opposite, like a will to make it happen yes, or at least bring the necessary elements for a war, yes. But a war that will bring peace. (so it will look nice) (and that could give a point to this) but then according to the Bible.. that “peace” will not be “the peace” expected. Like what is call the Religion of Peace has not much to do with peace either.. slavery.. like.. uh Egypt.. ? To come back at it.
            But how ever people see that, there is something going on…
            That’s facts..
            Just the facts like in here :

          • Perfect video my friend and thank you

  4. Allen West has more pride and honor in one of his pinky fingers, more than Obama has in his whole body. I’m certain Obama will go down in history as one of the worst POTUS, I believe he’s already worst than Carter.

    • He definitely makes Carter look good in comparison. I am just wondering how long before the American People get mad enough to demand Impeachment.

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  6. Just a note Sam that Michelle Malkin and family have been evacuated due to the wild fires in Colorado.
    She and her family are safe and in a hotel.
    For those interested in reading her post,

  7. At the very least, Allen West should be National Security Adviser to the next president.
    This guy knows what’s going on.
    His knowledge and voice should be elevated to a position of authority in the next administration and not relegated to the ranks of congress.
    His potential to exceed is being wasted in his present position.

    • I would love to see a Allen West/Marco Rubio Ticket one day. Imagine the power house they would be as a team.

      Not to mention it would be an African American and Hispanic together on one ballot.

      This begs the real question be asked: Who are the “Real” racists in America today?

  8. Thank you for the link back my friends at Political Blogs Watch :D

  9. Welcome to Chicago, America.
    4 more years of this thug will destroy US.

  10. Thank you for the mention Bob Mack ;)

  11. It’s not just actors. Even shows like HGTV’s House Hunters, which should be completely non-controversial, has been featuring gay and lesbian couples house-hunting.

    • You’re absolutely right. They are being inserted into nearly every type of tv programming these days. It’s being shoved down our throats on a daily basis.

  12. My last comment should have been on a previous post. Don’t know what happened.

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