America is beginning to Get the Picture!



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  1. Good Morning America ;)

  2. roxannadanna

    I sure hope you’re right, Sami. I hope America is waking up to this creeping communism.

  3. Roxannadanna has a wonderful post up this morning and I hope everyone can stop by and see it:

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  5. Harry Reid, who can’t seem to muster the courage to put through anything of merit from the House is today holdinga vote on the Disclose Act. Republicans are threatening filibuster. Call your senators NOW. More at:

  6. We need every American to wake up. We need to have voter ID’s.

    • Voter ID laws are a must considering how far the left is willing to go to steel this election. We saw it in ’08 and I am sure it will be much worse this time around.

      • It amazes me that people are fighting this. Why do they make it about race and class? To me it shows that the liberals aren’t sure they can win in any election. Why does our DOJ continue to pull the race and class card? It is really getting old and shows how desparate they are. Obama tells lie after lies and the MSM just ignore it. The black children look up to these people and they are showing them to get ahead you have to lie. These people are not men, they are the scum of the earth!

        • The desperate liberals are fighting this along with the MSM.
          The rest of the people embrace voter ID and current voter registration lists.

  7. Good morning! Hey, have you guys seen the new article at American Thinker? It’s about Obama trying to ease requirements on welfare recipients. He’s already increased food stamp recipients by several million in just 3 1/2 years. He’s given out grants to groups, in an effort to get more people signed up for food stamps. Now, he’s easing work requirements and allowing yoga and bed rest to count towards their work activities. Are you kidding me?? In Indiana, those who are receiving TANF (cash) benefits are required to put in a set number of hours a week in either job search, volunteer activities (to gain work experience), vocational training, or something of that nature, in order to continue receiving benefits. Now, he’s wanting to give people credit for yoga?? This man has no limits. Check it out at

    • Great fined Righthook, I heard about this on Fox and this link is just what I was looking for.

      • This is what Obama really wants. The more freebies that you give out, they figure the more will vote for them. Why some do not see that they are paying for this is beyound me. Remember, what the Gov’t. gives it can take away.

  8. This is great. 71 year old conceal carry customer shoots armed thugs attempting to rob internet cafe:

  9. ‘Racist Bastard…Monkey A**’: New Black Panther ‘Spiritual Leader’ Gets Out of Jail — Goes on Shouting Shock Rant Vowing Zimmerman ‘Gotta Pay’

  10. God Bless this Priest for his stand against Socialism

    • Amen.
      This is an indication of the passionate concern for our Country’s survival as the America we dearly love.
      The Patriots in this Country, no matter what religious beliefs they hold are aware of what is on the horizon.
      Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness are what we are fighting for.
      Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness is why this Great Country is what it is.
      Obama is determined to destroy that, and if he is re-elected, he will.

      Wake up America, this is the most important election of our lifetimes.
      Don’t fail your Country in November.
      If we do, you will not recognize it.
      It will be America in name only.

      • Mighty powerful words AFVET and I couldn’t agree with you more. Roxannadanna just put up a new post that I am sure you would love to see.

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