America Gets What it Deserves if it Re-Elects President Obama…Representative Allen West

Hat tip to The Blaze for this report

Allen West: America Gets What it Deserves if it Re-Elects

President Obama

As previously reported on TheBlaze, President Barack Obama’s convention speech has been met with harsh criticism from several conservative pundits including Charles Krauthammer and Peggy Noonan.

But perhaps the harshest words for his speech came from Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.).

“Last night’s speech by Barack Obama was a weak plea for another four years to decimate our economy, retard our energy security future, and reduce the greatest fighting force known to the world,” West said in a statement on his Facebook page Friday. “It was a complete and utter failure.”

The post continues:

In Barack Obama’s own words he stated that if he could not turn this economy around in four years he would be a one-term proposition. He also stated that he would cut the deficit in half, yet we have had four years of trillion-dollar-plus deficits. This morning we found out, again, that we are still at 8% or higher unemployment for 43 straight months. This comes knowing that we were promised by Barack Obama unemployment never higher than 8% with the almost trillion dollar stimulus. We have the lowest workforce participation rate in 31 years…Obama will tout a decrease in unemployment from 8.3% to 8.1%, but that is a scam. We have 368,000 people who have been dropped from the labor accountability rolls. We only added 96,000 jobs to our economy in August. If America reelects Barack Obama to a second term, we deserve all the pain and misery that will ensue.

Meanwhile, pro-Obama economist Paul Krugman claims Friday‘s jobs report isn’t all that bad (which is funny considering the fact President Obama would’ve argued him on that point back in 2004).


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  1. Good Morning America :D

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    Maybe so but those of us that don’t vote for Obama don’t deserve it.

  5. I may be wrong here but I can see the puppet masters that put Obama in office begin to leave the ship if he cannot deliver the goods in the next two months.
    The overall knowledge of the American People that are paying attention has been elevated.
    No longer are the minions that Obama can coerce into believing his non-stop lies, however, there are still people out there that refuse to see him for what he is.
    The efforts of the Tea Party in awakening the intelligent folks out there as to the threat we face in re-electing Obama and his regime for another term.

    Jefferson said that the American People will make mistakes, but they will correct them.
    Yes, some of US were mislead in 2008 by an eloquent speaker, and now we see that that is all he is.
    No substance, no leadership in times of crisis, nefarious intentions from the get go, disguised as the savior of the failing economic situation America finds herself in.

    Funny, the economy that Obama constantly refers to was created by a democratic congress that destroyed the housing market.
    Bush tried to stop it, and was essentially told to pound sand.
    Something smells here,…a setup ????
    Now, the seeds have been sown, and again the American People are awake and aware of what is going on.

    • You got that right AFVET and for the life of me I don’t understand why more of the facts concerning the Financial Crisis are not being broadcast by the Republicans.

      • Perhaps the debates will shed some light on the economic failures the liberals have been successful in accomplishing.
        We shall wait and see.

  6. What is so scary is we have people voting that are not watching and really don’t care about anything. Then, you have the people that obama & his group are catering to for votes. As well, we know they are famous for “stealing” votes. I am one who is looking at options for Canada. I work from home for a company & am trying to find out if there is capability working from Canada. Pretty sad isn’t it. Our country…..obama hates it & yet he is living the good life from it. I really am disgusted at the people who absolutely put this guy in office, and now we are paying the price.
    Again, thanks for this post.

  7. Cue music: “You say you want a revolution,…”

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    Found at Boudica’s “reblog” section. Chilling.

  9. Obama is a fraud and everybody, including Slick Willie Clintion, are nothing but Liars and BS artists and Propagandists.

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    Add yThis two and one half video tells it all. Get out and Vote Obama Out Of Office in November in spite of who you supported in the Primary. Obama Must Vacate The White House, and then we will not have to have Mooch-Elle, Thunder Thighs Obama telling us what we ought to do and not do as relates to what we eat. I will be glad to see this Pig Out of The White House and Back to Chicago where Thuggery is The Method of Governance.our thoughts here… (optional)

  11. It is simply astonishing that this guy could actually win this election. Like I said over at Cry and Howl, “I don’t get it”. This guy has been a wrecking ball for nearly 4 years … and it’s like no one notices. There is one particular liberal blog I visit and it amazes me just how effective the class warfare angle has worked for the Democraps.
    Just the fact that Obama is able to run for a second term makes me sick.

    • America has deteriorated far more then I had originally thought. The proof of this is in the Electorate and their determination to re-elected someone who has wrought so much devastation upon the American People.

  12. What I find so sad is the all the venomous hatered being spoken.
    People say that the people are awake and now know of his lies and his attempts to destroy the country?!? What planet are you living on?
    And more importaintly where are the Facts to your claims?
    I know afew facts, that the 10% aproval rated do nothing congress has been dominated by the GOP with over 200 filibusters, more than any other congress in history, that has done everything that it can to stop Obama every attemt to help the economy and the american people. And all you people can see and say is fear and hatred.