Remembering 9/11: A time when Americans were United… A time before Barack Obama


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  1. Good Morning America on the 11th Anniversary of 9/11

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    Remember 9/11/2001

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  4. On this 11th anniversary of September 11th 2001…….I forgive….
    I Forgive….. The fact that NORAD was told to stand down on 9/11
    I Forgive…..The fact that the military was running terrorist exercises on 9/11 causing confusion
    I Forgive…..The fact that the Vice President gave orders to ‘do nothing’ on 9/11
    I Forgive…….The fact that The NY Port Authority said it was safe to ‘clean up’ the aftermath
    I Forgive…..The fact that Hazardous Asbestos has killed thousands of first responders
    I Forgive….The fact that unexplained Thermite was found everywhere on site after 9/11
    I Forgive…..The fact that Building 7 is never mentioned in the 9/11 Investigation report
    I Forgive…..The fact that ‘5 Dancing Israeli’s were not detained/questioned after the attack
    I Forgive….The fact that the Bin Laden family was allowed to leave the U.S. right afterwards
    I Forgive……The fact that no video tape of the Pentagon attack has been released to the public
    I Forgive….The fact that Marvin Bush’s Securacom ran the WTC security on and before 9/11
    I Forgive……The fact that 5 of 19 suspected terrorist have been found alive and well
    I Forgive….. The fact that all the evidence has been destroyed or sold to China as scrap metal
    I Forgive….The fact that innocent lives were lost on 9/11 that could have been avoided
    I Forgive…..The fact that no less than a million Iraqis/Afghanistan’s have been killed due to 9/11
    Through love and understanding we all can find common ground for a better & peaceful tomorrow….and one day all will realize that when you hurt another person you are hurting yourself too….

    • Dear Anonymous, I have allowed your rant to publish on this site but have to ask:

      If you are so convicted on the above then why do you hide behind the Anonymous banner?

    • Do you forgive Bill Clinton for dismissing 3 alerts by the CIA that Bin Laden was in their sights and that he could be taken out ?
      Clinton said no because Bin Laden was surrounded with civilians.
      Do you forgive the Pentagon for telling Bush that he shouldn’t listen to the CIA because there was no threat ?
      Do you forgive FDR for stating on the radio that “This is a day that will live in infamy”, while being informed prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor that it could be imminent ?
      Do you forgive the present administration for indebted US to China ?

      I give you credit for being a very forgiving person, however, one should be cautious as to who you are willing to forgive.

  5. Great post Sam.
    On this anniversary We the People are aware of the devastation this Country faces.
    It took an attack on Pearl Harbor to awaken the American People, to engage in a war that would send troops to foreign lands to give their lives to protect the freedom that our founders stated was the foundation of the experiment that they had put forth.
    Obviously, the experiment is ongoing.
    It will never end.

    Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion.
    You have great sites, and I commend you for your Patriotic views.
    As the Marines say,…Semper Phi.
    My latin is a bit rusty. :)

    • I’m honored to have you here sharing your views with me and those who come here. I am always anxious to hear what you have to say about what I post. God Bless you my friend for always being here.