The end of Freedom in America


Did Ronald Reagan see all those many years ago the dangers of the Progressive Liberal Movement in the United States of America?

Did he not as our President fight with every fiber of his being to bring about the end of that Evil Empire and bring down the Berlin Wall?

Did he not destroy the workings of Communism in our age?

How then is it that today we are seeing the Berlin Wall beginning rise up again and this time in America? We are about to be destroyed by all those things which he and countless other Americans stood against and repeatedly warned us about?

Judgment day is here my friends and I fear that our greatest challenge today is our own President and all those Progressive Socialists who now hold power in our Capitol.

We the People must put a stop to this or I fear all will be lost and the Greatness that once was America will be no more!



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  1. Good Morning America ;)

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  4. It’s time to revisit the Declaration of Independence! The Republic, and the Constitution have been rendered irrelevent by inaction by Congress, Obama’s excutive orders, and a Supreme Court Chief Justce that over stepped his judicial authority by ruling that ObamaCare is a tax. The ‘fiscal clifff ‘ was made by the August 2011 ‘Budget Control Act’ that was a deal to raise the debt ceiling. The ‘committee of 12′ failed to come up with an alternative so these ‘cliff’ cuts were sequestration, and the end of the Bush era tax cuts. Boehner delivered the house passage in August 2011 with 95 democrates voting yes. This coming ‘Cliff’ deal will be a repeat of the August 2011 deal except for taxing the rich, and the debt limit will be raised in February 2013. ObamaDrama I & II are a whole lot of baloney!

    • Good Morning Joseph and I think you are right on the money as to how this is all going to play out. The RHINO’s are going to cave.

      • Looks like we’re seeing that now. Boehner has now offered a tax hike on millionaires. This goes against everything Republicans are supposed to stand for. That man needs replaced…NOW. He’s a detriment to the party. We need a conservative to stand up and take that position over. One doesn’t have to be a member of Congress to be the Speaker. We need to get this guy out before he does any more damage.

        • We need to give Boehner something to weep about for sure.

          • The Republican Party is Finished! As well as the Constitution, and the Republic. Speaker Boehner has caved once again on all counts. Giving up the pledge to not raise taxes, and to extend the debt limit for another year. This is a repaet of the August 2011 “Budget Control Act’ which created the “Cliff” that is seqestration, and the end of the Bush era tax cuts. The Obama, Reid, Boehner, and Roberts cabal has turned Washington into “Control and Tax” through ObamaCare, and executive orders. The Congress has been rendered irrrelevent. It’s time to revisit the Declaration of Independence! King George III then, President Obama, his cronies, and the main stream media today.

          • Sadly, I know you are right on all counts but keeping hoping for some Miracle that will turn the tide against Obama and his Marxist regime.

          • Castration… except he already acts like a steer.

  5. G’ Mornin Sami,
    Yes Ronald Reagan’s words ring true to this day. He saw with fore sight what the progressive movement would do to our country. Progressives are an abomination perverted by selfish liberals on both sides of the aisle. The signs of their actions are evident in today’s politics. I see this in the EPA and other governmental agencies where our liberties are being whittled down one chip after another. This must not stand.

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    Hello Sam !
    The end of Freedom in America … Over The Forefather’s Dead Body !

    Ron Paul: Last of the Forefathers

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  8. Great link on Pilgrims Progress

  9. What a sad, sad day in America. What is happening to this Generation of Americans? Columbine, the Arizona Shooting, the Colorado Shooting, the University Shootings, and on and on. All young people in their 20’s and 30’s doing the killing. Perhaps it is time for parents to start unplugging those violent video games and get these kids back to a foundation of Morality which seems to have disintegrated over the past 20 years or so.

  10. Obama is the worst President to ever hold office. He is the single biggest threat to our freedoms. Pure worthless.