Dear Gun Control Activists, Its time for you to Sober Up




15 responses to “Dear Gun Control Activists, Its time for you to Sober Up

  1. Good Afternoon America :D

  2. AFVet gun control method is to aim carefully, shoot, call 911.

      • Yeah Sam,…I got a mess in the house.
        No worries, the cops will be there in 5 minutes.
        911 operator,…you shot them ?
        911 operator,…why ?
        They were invading my home.
        911 operator,….Why didn’t you call 911 first ?
        I guess I just wasn’t thinking clearly being as my home was being invaded.
        However, in a matter of seconds, I took the matter into my own hands and shot the intruder.
        911 operator,….the police will be there in minutes to help you.
        OK., tell them to bring a stretcher.
        Thank you for your support.

  3. Gun control advocates don’t care that innocent people were rounded up and murdered by their government. In fact, most Democrats would like to see that happen to Patriots and Conservatives. Perhaps we should photoshop the pics and replace the victims with proponents of gun control. The captions I leave to your imagination. The problem as I see it, is that the righteous are once again passively lining up for the slaughter. Have we lost our nerve to fight?

    • It would appear we have these last four years as Obama has stepped on the Catholics and all other conservative movements.

      I believe it will be different this time as our Second Amendment Rights are very important to the Majority of Americans and is something they will fight to keep one bullet at a time if need be.

  4. Found this great quote,-author unknown:

    “You may not like guns, and choose not to own one. That is your right. You might not believe in God. That is your choice. However, if someone breaks into your home the first two things you’re going to do are: 1) Call someone with a gun. 2) Pray they get there in time. – “

    • Isn’t it interesting how they justify their right to carry but are insistent on restricting ours.
      Roxy has a great sidebar on her blog that states,…I carry a pistol in my purse because my rifle won’t fit.
      I think that Obama stepped in it this time by antagonizing the NRA.
      His arrogance is going to push him to try and take down this Country any way he can, but there is a limit to what the American People will withstand.
      His indignation toward congress, or any opposition to his efforts to mandate his philosophies on this Country, will be his demise.
      The people that sat out during the last election and allowed Obama to be re-elected are reaping the results.
      I hope they are paying attention.