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Is the Media too Liberal?

Forward thinking pinned on noticeboardHat tip to The Blaze for this report

New Poll Shows Far More Americans Believe the Media Have a Liberal Bias Problem

After falling to an all-time low in 2012, Americans’ confidence in the accuracy of the mainstream media has improved slightly, according to a new Gallup poll. However, far more say the mass media are too liberal than too conservative in terms of bias.

Today, 44 percent of Americans have a “great deal” or “fair amount” of trust and confidence in the mass media, the poll shows. In 2012, just 40 percent felt that way, the lowest percentage since Gallup started tracking trust in media.


 Perhaps the most telling — and decisive — finding in the survey, 46 percent of Americans believe the media are too liberal as compared to the 13 percent who view the media as too conservative.

“Thirty-seven percent currently describe the media’s political leanings as ‘just about right,’” Gallup notes.


It’s also interesting to note that just 21 percent of Democrats said the media are too conservative, compared to the 74 percent of Republicans who perceive the media as having a liberal bias. Additionally, far more Independents say the media is too liberal than too conservative, 50 percent vs. 12 percent.


Glenn Beck Predicted Obama’s Foreign Policy Disaster

6077_427670680602317_612790271_n2Hat tip to CNN for this Opinion page

Obama’s foreign policy in a tailspin

By Frida Ghitis, Special to CNN

(CNN) — America’s foreign policy has gone into a tailspin. Almost every major initiative from the Obama administration has run into sharp, sometimes embarrassing, reverses. The U.S. looks weak and confused on the global stage.

This might come as happy news to some opponents of the administration who enjoy seeing Barack Obama fail, but it shouldn’t.

America’s failure in international strategy is a disaster-in-the-making for its allies and for the people who see the U.S. model of liberal democracy as one worth emulating in their own nations.
Frida Ghitis

There is no question that Obama was dealt a difficult hand.

He came to office after America’s international standing was battered by the unpopular Iraq war launched by George W. Bush. Since then, countless events outside of Washington’s control have presented the White House with options ranging in many cases from bad to worse, and problems that had no good solution.

Still, trying to count the ways in which foreign policy has gone badly for Obama makes for a stunningly long list.

Relations with Russia have fallen off a cliff, making the theatrical “reset” of 2009 look, frankly, cringe-worthy. No, it’s not all Obama’s fault. Putin has sought to belittle the U.S. and humiliate Obama personally, a man he reportedly despises, as part of his campaign to build up his authoritarian rule at home. Obama just canceled a summit meeting after Putin — incredibly, posing as the great defender of freedom — granted asylum to NSA leaker Edward Snowden despite the very public pleas from Washington, which only made the U.S. look more powerless.

You might confuse the times with the old Cold War days, but back then the U.S. looked mighty — one of two awe-inspiring superpowers. The U.S. doesn’t exactly inspire awe anymore.

Obama dramatically warned Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, as he slaughtered his people by the thousands, that if he used chemical or biological weapons, he would cross a “red line.” The line was crossed and not much happened. Syria is crumbling, self-destructing in a civil war that I, for one, believe could have turned out quite differently if Washington had offered material and diplomatic support for moderates in the opposition. Fears that the opposition would be dominated by extremists became a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Schumer: Putin doesn’t deserve respect
Struggling to survive in Syria

Syria’s war has sucked in Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah militia, taking Lebanon to the edge of disaster and making Iran a major player in a war for the survival of the anti-American Shiite axis — Iran-Syria-Hezbollah — while the U.S., to all appearances, stands helplessly on the sidelines.

But it is Egypt where America’s foreign policy fiasco is most visible.

It was in Cairo in 2009, where the newly elected Obama, still reflecting the glow of sky-high expectations, launched his campaign to repair relations with the so-called “Muslim World.”

His landmark “New Beginning” speech in Egypt was cited by the committee that awarded Obama the Nobel Peace prize.

Nobody knew what would happen in Cairo’s Tahrir Square a few years later. But today, the same people who yearned for democracy despise Washington. When Egyptians elected a Muslim Brotherhood president, Washington tried to act respectfully, but it showed a degree of deference to the Muslim Brotherhood that ignored the ways in which the group violated not only Egyptians’ but America’s own standards of decency and rule of law.

As tensions in Egypt grow between Islamists on one side and the military and anti-Islamists on the other, there is one sentiment shared by all: Both sides feel betrayed by Washington.

Egypt’s most powerful man, Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, said, “You [the U.S.] left the Egyptians; you turned your back on the Egyptians, and they won’t forget that.”

The awkward dance around whether to call Egypt’s overthrow of President Mohamed Morsy a coup made Washington look dishonest and incompetent, especially when Secretary of State John Kerry accidentally went off script during an interview in Pakistan, saying the military was “restoring democracy.”

Just as the Arab uprisings were unfolding, the U.S. announced a major new policy, the “pivot” to Asia, with new attention to China’s rising power. But the pivot proved premature. The Middle East demanded American attention with increasing urgency.

Then there’s al Qaeda, all but given up for dead, now apparently resurrected. More than a dozen U.S. embassies stand shuttered across the Middle East and Africa, the world’s last remaining superpower symbolically cowering behind locked gates.

The scare came from what could be counted as a victory for U.S. intelligence, reportedly the result of communications surveillance. And yet, one wonders whether telling the world that the U.S. successfully listened in on al Qaeda’s leaders isn’t an absurd mistake. But Washington is on the defensive, trying to explain to the world that the surveillance is still necessary.

Everyone, it seems, is angry at the U.S. after Snowden’s revelations of NSA spying. Even Germany, one of America’s closest friends, cannot hide its irritation. Bolivia is furious after the presidential plane was forced to land on suspicions that Snowden was aboard.

America’s diplomatic disaster is the result of ham-handed efforts to please all sides, compounded by a failure to explain America’s position in a coherent way. In fact, there is no driving idea behind the country’s foreign policy. What does America stand for in the world today, can anyone answer that question?

The problem, ironically, is tailor-made for none other than President Obama. Although there is no denying that he bears the brunt of the responsibility for the problem, he is someone who has shown a talent for distilling overarching ideas from competing narratives.

It is time for a real reset, for a pivot.

It is time for Obama to spend some time thinking about what America stands for, what its goals are and then explain it in a clear and credible way. Even if we disagree with his conclusions, at least there will be a North Star guiding his policies.

Obama’s supporters and his critics should hope he can pull America forward.

obama holder hillary in charge of everything and yet responsible for nothing

Why Joe Biden’s Shotgun Blast was not heard around the World


I’m sure everyone remembers when Vice President Dan Quayle made the Potato remark that resonated throughout the Media for weeks and months and is still referred to today. 

One has to wonder where the Media is when we hear this constant barrage of Joe Biden gaffes?

Seems the media has a certain bias when it comes to reporting the news.

I remember eight years of the George W. Bush Presidency where the Media gave him night and day coverage on anything and everything he said and did. 

Funny, it was all negative and yet today the Media cannot find one negative thing to say about the worst President and Vice President in American history.

Yep, it sure is funny……. or is it?


To give credit where credit is do,  I would like to acknowledge that Vice President Joe Biden did get it right at least one time, but nobody listened





President Obama’s Egyption Muslim Brotherhood Support Erupts into Riots

shocked-faceHat tip to CNN for this report

30 dead after Egyptians angry about riot verdicts try to storm prison

By Reza Sayah and Amir Ahmed, CNN

Cairo (CNN) — A stern Egyptian court ruling tied to a soccer riot spurred clashes that left at least 30 people dead on Saturday, the latest round of violence in the unsettled North African nation.

In addition to those killed, more than 300 were wounded when people in the northeastern city of Port Said clashed with authorities outside a prison where their kin were being held, the head of Port Said hospitals told state-run Nile TV.

They were angry because 21 of their relatives had just been sentenced to death for their role in a February 1 riot in a Port Said stadium.

That 2012 incident — during a game between Cairo’s prestigious Al-Ahly football club and the host Al-Masry team — ended with 73 dead.

Two months later, Egypt’s general prosecutor charged 75 people with “premeditated murder and attempted murder,” while three Al-Masry officials and nine police officers were charged with “assisting the murderers.”

According to the prosecutor’s office, those in the latter group knew about the assault ahead of time, didn’t confiscate weapons in advance, didn’t stop them and — in the case of an electricity engineer who was charged — turned off the lights directly over the bleachers where the Al-Ahly fans were sitting right after the visiting team wrapped up its 3-1 victory.

Fans from both sides bashed each other with rocks and chairs, yet prosecutors claimed the Port Said supporters were also armed with knives and other weapons.

Many died after falling from bleachers inside the stadium, while others suffocated.

It was unclear whether intense sports rivalries or political strife sparked the riot, though witnesses said tensions had grown throughout the game with Al-Masry fans throwing bottles and rocks at the opposing players.

That violence begat more on Saturday, after some of the defendants’ relatives tried to storm the Port Said prison to free their loved ones being held inside, Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Gen. Osama Ismail told Nile TV.

The reaction was far different in Cairo, where Saturday’s verdict was issued due to security concerns.

One man cried for joy, feeling that “justice has been survived” following the death of his oldest son, the married father of two children.

“I finally felt that I am in a civilized country,” added a woman in Cairo’s capital. “My son (did) nothing wrong. But my son’s legacy will live on, because of the true justice served here.”

Egypt embroiled in deadly political unrest

Saturday’s Port Said violence comes on the heels of other bloodshed around the nation, which was tied more explicitly to unrest about Egypt’s current leadership but nonetheless symptomatic of instability and insecurity two years after longtime President Hosni Mubarak was ousted.

More recently, protesters have focused their anger at current President Mohamed Morsy.

The former Muslim Brotherhood leader, who became Egypt’s first democratically elected leader last year, has come under fire by some who compared him to Mubarak and said he amassed power for himself and his Islamist allies. He has insisted his moves were necessary to move Egypt forward in the face of pressing issues and persistent obstacles.

On Friday — the anniversary of what some call the January 25 Revolution — six people were killed in Suez and one in Ismailia, amid clashes involving anti-government protesters and those supportive of Morsy, as well as police. Hundreds more were injured in the unrest nationwide.

Opinion: U.S. gets it wrong on Egypt again

Referring to this violence and what happened Saturday in Port Said, Information Minister Salah Abdul Maqsoud read a statement on state TV saying the government was considering implementing a state of emergency in some areas.

“The (National Defense Council) denounces the acts of violence and demands all national and political forces be committed to the peaceful ways to express their opinion,” Maqsoud said after a meeting led by Morsy. “(The council) calls for wider national dialogue, led by (prominent) figures, to discuss the issues of political disagreement and reach national accordance.”

On Saturday in Suez — about 90 miles south of Port Said — the government deployed troops and armored military vehicles in response to the previous day’s clashes.

Brig. Gen. Adel Refat, the head of security in Suez, asked for the help after declaring the area “out of control,” according to state news. Protesters accused Egyptian forces of opening fire during the demonstrations, a claim Refat strongly denied.

Meanwhile, in Cairo, clashes extended to areas around the Shura Council, the upper house of parliament. Protesters overnight waged a standoff outside the Nile TV offices, with some tossing Molotov cocktails and police responding with tear gas.

Journalist Ramy Francis and CNN’s Reza Sayah reported from Cairo; CNN’s Amir Ahmed reported Atlanta. CNN’s Chelsea J. Carter, Greg Botelho, Yousuf Basil and Hamdi Alkhshali contributed to this report.






Seems the Liberal Media can’t find a Kind Word for Romney…. Some would call that Bias but perhaps it’s just Fear

I find it utterly amazing how all of the Main Stream Media has this overwhelming determination to hide any negative news about Barack Obama or the Liberal Democrats in general while maintaining a high profile non stop attack on Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan and all Conservatives in general. 

After seeing the eight years of Bush bashing only to be followed by four more years of Bush blaming we then saw the attacks on Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, and anyone else who held an opposing view of what they wanted America to be.

American Journalism is Dead and is now reminiscent of the Soviet Pravda News Agency we saw in the former Soviet Union.

What ever happened to the days when Journalists simply Reported the News?   

I for one am Amazed that the American People have remained Silent for so long on this issue and have allowed this type of Propaganda to continue.

America needs to stand up once and for all and let these Networks know that We the People will no longer tolerate this kind of Misinformation and Deception upon an unsuspecting American People.

Join with me if you will in Contacting NPR, ABC, NBC,CBS, CNN,MSNBC and yes, Foxnews letting them know that you have had enough and will turn them off in Protest.

If Barack Obama is re-elected to a Second Term it will be because a Misinformed Public refused to seek out the Truth








Liberal Logic 101: The Slanderous Hypocrisy: (Part One)

See Part Two of this post at Village of the Banned:

OWS Arrests (Over 6000) -vs- Tea Party Arrests (0): Where is the Liberal Media on this?

The American People are seeing clearly for the first time just how Bias and Liberal all of our Major News Networks have become.  Rather then reporting the News to the American People they are Promoting nothing short of Full Fledged Socialist Propaganda at the Beckoning of this Socialist/Marxist President.

Case in Point

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) have had over 6,000 Arrests since its inception last year while the Tea Party Rallies of the last Two Years have recorded zero arrests except for outside agitators.

So, what was the News Media‘s Stand on all of this?

What was President Obama’s Stand while all of this was going on?

The OWS Violent Protests are a Direct Result of President Obama’s

Class Warfare Campaign Rhetoric

America needs to Hold this President Responsible for the Vile and Vulgar Protests we are seeing today in American Cities

Demand Truth in Reporting from the Main Stream Media Now !

This New Campaign Slogan for President Obama has Communist Roots.

What a Coincidence?


The Road We’ve Traveled or Barack Obama’s Dead End Street?

Earlier today, the Republican National Committee commemorated the release of President Obama’s incredibly expensive 17-minute documentary with this graphic:

From The Blaze we read:

GOP Ridicules Obama ‘Documentary’ With New Poster

“It wasn‘t shovel ready and it wasn’t even paid for,” the RNC has added to the film’s title, “The Road We’ve Traveled.

But what was that about the documentary being “incredibly expensive”?

According The Daily Caller [emphasis added]:

Records filed by Obama for America with the Federal Election Commission indicate that the president’s re-election campaign shelled out at least $345,353 to commission “The Road We’ve Traveled,” a 17-minute campaign documentary by Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim, set for release Thursday.

So remember that conversation between CNN’s Piers Morgan and the film’s director Davis Guggenheim:

Morgan: “How much did it cost and who paid?”

Guggenheim: “Well, I’ll let the campaign tell you that. I — you know, I took a pay cut to make this. But the –”

Morgan: “I‘m surprised you weren’t paying him, by the sound of it, for the sheer honor and joy.”

Considering the fact that the “documentary” cost the Obama campaign $20,300 per minute, the only question we have is this: what, exactly, was Guggenheim working on that taking the time off to direct “The Road We’ve Traveled” would qualify as a pay cut?

And although the GOP’s criticism may have been harsh, it seems there is little love lost between them and president. Shortly after the graphic was released, President Obama had some words of his own for his conservative critics.

“Lately, we have heard a lot of professional politicians, a lot of the folks who were, you know, running for a certain office, who shall go unnamed, they’ve been talking down new sources of energy,” Obama told a crowd during a speech in Maryland.

“They dismiss wind power. They dismiss solar power. They make jokes about biofuels. They were against raising fuel standards. I guess they like gas guzzlers. They think that’s good for our future. We’re trying to move towards the future, they want to be stuck in the past!” the president said.

“We’ve heard this kind of thinking before. Let me tell you something, if some of these folks were around when Columbus set sail, they must have been founding members of the flat earth society. They would not have believed that the world was round,” he added.

(H/T: The Washington Examiner)

Sponsored by:

More from The Blaze:

What ‘Distortion’ Did the NYTimes Find in the Entire, Just-Released Obama ‘Documentary?’

We’re nearly to the summer blockbuster season. And what better way to kick it off than with the much-touted, 17-minute Obama “documentary” commissioned by the Obama campaign?

The movie, made by the man who can’t find a fault in the president and ridiculed by Republicans with a special poster, has just been released in its entirety. We’ve covered two of the leaked clips before (which focuses a lot of attention on the killing of bin Laden), and now you get to see what all the fuss is about.

So what are you in for? Well, for starters, even the New York Times is finding at least one “distortion” in it:

The film devotes a significant amount of time – nearly three minutes – to the president’s backing of a financial rescue package for Detroit automakers. And it highlights Mitt Romney’s New York Times Op-Ed from that period, when he argued that the car companies should not receive any government assistance. The headline, “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” is framed in bright red for emphasis.

Rahm Emanuel, the former White House chief of staff, characterizes Mr. Romney’s stance on the auto industry with a dismissive wave of the hand, saying “Let it go.”

This is somewhat of a distortion. Mr. Romney advocated for a managed bankruptcy, not a liquidation of the company. Auto executives and government officials involved in the bailout have repeatedly said that without federal intervention there would have been no path to bankruptcy, and the companies would have collapsed. [Emphasis added]
Click here to find out more!

But wait, there’s more. It also covers, according to the Times, the “extremist element” of Obama’s opponents (translation: the Tea Party):

The movie is notable for the emphasis it places on the extremist element of Mr. Obama’s political opponents. It includes scenes from the raucous Tea Party-dominated protests outside the Capitol as Congress was considering the president’s health care overhaul plan.

Chants of “Kill the bill!” are heard alongside video of protesters holding signs with various slogans and images that are derogatory toward the president. One reads “You Lie!” while another shows the president crawling out of a coffin with the letters “R.I.P” on it.

“It’ll be a cold day in hell before he socializes my country,” says one man in a news clip from a New Orleans television station.

Hot Air’s Allahpundit is much more snarky:

The official title: “The Road We’ve Traveled.” My title: Three Years of Glory.

It’s all here. Protracted high unemployment, a catastrophic health-care boondoggle, aimlessness in Afghanistan, Iran nearing nuclear breakout capacity, soaring gas prices, and of course historic deficits on top of a looming entitlements-driven fiscal meltdown.

Can’t wait to see it, right? Well, just in case you actually can’t — meaning you don’t have 17 minutes — the folks over at have condensed the 17-minute version down to 10 by speeding up the narration and using subtitles. Not only does it save time, but it makes Tom Hanks, Rahm Emanuel, and David Axelrod sound like they haven’t slept in four years and have been living on a stead stream of caffeine IVs. And the president like he’s a robot:

Hurl the Socialist in 2012!

Coming Soon…..

Citizen Bloggers Present the Facts about Obama that the Main Stream Media Tries to Hide!

Radical Racist Obama Protesting at Harvard in 1991

Honoring the Memory of Andrew Breitbart

“The Case Against Barack Hussein Obama”

via The Palin Express

Jun 4 Written by: Diana West
Friday, June 04, 2010 5:55 AM 

 One of the bonuses of writing a syndicated column is the mail that comes in from across the country, from outside the Beltway and beyond the Bos-Wash corridor, often presenting the opportunity for fruitful exchange with similarly concerned fellow-citizens. One such exchange, which has been going on for years now and has developed into a long-distance friendship, is with John L. Work, a retired policeman and detective in Colorado with 24 years service in law enforcement and investigation with police and sheriff’s office, as well as the Colorado public defender’s office.

John, whose analysis has appeared at this website from time to time, has pulled together something very unusual and important, which I am publishing below. It is in the form of an affadavit, the kind of document he used to put together as a detective, amassing evidence in this case about the apparent concealment of documents attesting to the identity and activities of President Barack Hussein Obama. The fact is, the birth certificate controversy is only the beginning of the presidential mystery. There is so much we don’t know for certain about President Obama. Inexplicably but intriguigingly, he has failed to produce his bona fides, while the media (and the White House media in particular), who could ask for them, don’t care, or don’t want to care.

I culled from John’s affadavit what is undoubtedly an incomplete list of the Obama documents that we, the people, have just never gotten a look at due to Obama’s decision not to let us look.

Sure, there’s (1) the original, long-form 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate. Then there’s:

2) Marriage license between Obama’s father (Barak Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) — not found, not released
3) Obama’s  baptism records — sealed
4) Obama’s adoption records — sealed
5)  Records of Obama’s and his mother’s reptriation as US citizens on return from Indonesia — not found, not released
6) Name change (Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama) records — not found, not released
7) Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii) — not released
8) Punahou School financial aid or school records — not released
9) Occidental College financial aid records — not released. (These records were, however, subpoenaed but Obama lawyers succeeded in  quashing the subpoena in court. No other Occi records have been released.)
10) Columbia College records — not released
11) Columbia senior thesis — not released
12) Harvard Law School records (not mentioned below, but not released)
13) Obama’s law  client list — sealed
14) Obama’s files from career as an Illinois State Senator — sealed
15) Obama’s record with Illinois State Bar Association — sealed
16)  Obama’s medical records — not released
17) Obama’s passport records — not released
That’s a lot of records sealed and not released. But there’s much more to “the case.” Read it and see what you as an American citizen think. 

The Case Against Barack Hussein Obama

The writer, John L. Work, a retired commissioned Colorado Peace Officer and a citizen of the United States of America, herein presents the following facts and circumstances regarding The President of The United States, Barack Hussein Obama.  This writer states to this Honorable Court of Public Opinion that Barack Hussein Obama has failed to truthfully disclose to the American People a substantial amount of documentary evidence about his origins and history, to wit:

Barack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, AKA Barry Dunham, DOB 8-4-1961, the duly elected and sworn President of The United States of America, has not proven that he is Constitutionally eligible to hold that Office.  The reasons this writer believes this to be true are as follows:

Former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General Phillip Berg states in a lawsuit filed in 2008 that Obama’s father, Barack Obama, Sr., was at the time of Barack, Jr.’s birth a British subject of Kenya, Africa.

 Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (DOB 11-29-1942), was not old enough to legally confer American citizenship on Barack, Jr. at his birth.

 Affidavits sworn to and signed by Rev. Kweli Shuhubia and Bishop Ron McRae say that Obama’s paternal grandmother, Sarah Obama, stated during an interview conducted in both the Swahili and English languages that she was present  at Barack Obama, Jr.’s birth in Mombasa, Kenya.

 Publication of Hawaiian newspaper birth announcements in 1961 did not necessarily constitute proof that a birth actually occurred within the State and offer no legal substantiation of citizenship in and of themselves;  further, during 1961  Hawaii’s law allowed issuance of Hawaiian birth certification for babies born outside the United States 

 In his book “Dreams from My Father” Obama claims that, following his birth, his married parents lived together in Hawaii until 1962.  Jerome Corsi (Ph.D. Harvard University), an internationally recognized scholar, author and investigative reporter, has discovered documentary evidence which shows that in fact Stanley Ann Dunham and her new-born son Barack, Jr., moved to Seattle, Washington within two weeks of his birth;  and that Stanley Ann started Fall semester classes there as a university student. 

 Jerome Corsi has been unable to locate any recorded evidence in Hawaii of either a marriage between Barack, Sr. and Stanley Dunham, or that they ever lived together.   

 Aaron Klein, author of The Manchurian President,  reported in the October 27, 2009 World Net Daily that Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, publicly stated that Stanley Ann Dunham was single when she had Barack, Jr. 

 The Maui News published a report on January 21, 2009, in which former teachers Aimee Yatsushiro and Katherine Nakamoto said that Obama attended Noelani Elementary School from 1966 to 1967.  No records from the school have been released. 

 Circa 1967 Stanley Ann Dunham married an Indonesian Muslim named Lolo Soetoro (DOB circa 1935).   

 The Soetoros lived in Jakarta, Indonesia where Barack, Jr. attended Franciskus Assissi school under the name Barry Soetoro, registered as a Muslim. He later attended an Indonesian  public school. 

 Stanley Soetoro divorced Lolo in 1980.  No records of either Stanley Ann’s or Barry Soetoro’s repatriation as citizens of the United States from Indonesia have been released.  No name change records have been released. 

 A report published by Chelsea Schilling on 6-9-2009 in World Net Daily says:  a) that Obama attended Punahou School in Honolulu on a scholarship from 5th through 12th grades, and graduated in 1979.  b)  that none of Obama’s Punahou school financial records have been released. 

 Schilling’s report further states:  a)  that Obama attended Occidental College in Los Angeles from 1979 to 1981.  b)  that attorney Gary Kreep of the U.S. Justice Foundation served a subpoena on the College for Obama’s financial and scholarship records in order to determine if Obama, who was studying on a scholarship, attended Occidental as a foreign national.  c)  that attorneys for Obama intervened and got the subpoena quashed in Court.  d)  that none of Obama’s Occidental financial records have been released. 

 Schilling’s report also states:  a)  In 1982 Obama transferred from Occidental to Columbia University in NYC.  b)  that while he claims to have been active in the Black Student Organization, no one among a number of prominent student leaders interviewed by the New York Times recalled Obama being there.  c)  that Fox News contacted 400 Columbia students from that time period – and not one of them remembered him.  d)  that Obama graduated from Columbia in 1983, but school officials claim they do not have a copy of his senior thesis.  e)  that Obama has refused to release his Columbia transcripts. 

 Schilling’s report further states that Obama entered Harvard University Law School, graduated in 1991 and that he served as the Editor of The Harvard Law Review. 

 Schilling’s report also says:  a)  that Obama has not released his medical records.  b)  that Obama’s passport records have never been released  c)  that Obama at one point in his life traveled to Pakistan, using a passport of unknown origin   d)  that all files from Obama’s years as an Illinois State Senator are sealed.  e)  that Obama’s law client list is sealed.  f)  that Obama’s records with the Illinois State Bar Association are sealed.  g)  that Obama’s baptism records are sealed.  h)  that Obama’s adoption records are sealed. 

 An AP report published on 6-27-2004 in the Sunday Standard online edition states that Obama was born in Kenya. 

 Mayhill Fowler reported in the April 7, 2008 Huffington Post on an Obama April 6, 2008 fundraiser speech, during which Obama claimed to have traveled to Pakistan when he was in college.  On 4-18-2010 this writer followed Mayhill’s link to an audio-recording of the speech and found that it has been removed from the site.

Jerome Corsi reported in World Net Daily on 10-26-2008 that Obama’s original long-form birth certificate is sealed by Hawaii’s Governor, Linda Lingle. 

 On 11-13-2008, attorney at law and author Debbie Schlussel published a copyrighted report of an investigation she commissioned to be done by retired ICE Agent Stephen Coffman into Obama’s Selective Service registration documents.  Coffman’s evidentiary findings led to Schlussel’s conclusion that Barack Obama “…either didn’t register for the draft or did so belatedly and fraudulently…”

 On 8-10-2009 Hawaii Department of Health spokesperson Janet Okubo refused to verify the authenticity of an image, generated by computer and released to the press corps by Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt.  LaBolt said that the image depicted was Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  Okubo also refused to confirm the veracity of a second and different online computer-generated Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth, posted by

On October 1, 2009, Susan Daniels, a citizen of the State of Ohio and a licensed private investigator for the plaintiffs in United States District Court Case SACV09-00082-DOC (Anx), Captain Pamela Barnett et al v. Defendants Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle L. R. Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Robert M. Gates, and Joseph R. Biden, filed an affidavit with the Court.  Daniels’ affidavit states that she has found evidence proving that Barack Obama’s Social Security Number was issued by the State of Connecticut between 1977 and 1979; further, that Obama’s Social Security Number appears to be originally associated with a man who was born in the 1890s and is now deceased.

 Susan Daniels filed a second affidavit with the Court on October 19, 2009, which says that further investigation uncovered eight different Social Security Numbers for Barack Hussein Obama in addition to the number to which she alluded in her first affidavit, and two different Social Security Numbers for Michelle Obama.

 This writer states to this Honorable Court of Public Opinion that there is no known evidence of record to this date which shows that Barack Hussein Obama ever lived in Connecticut.

 Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution of The United States of America mandates that “…No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States…”

Wherefore, this writer believes he has shown reasonable grounds to believe that Barack Hussein Obama has deliberately, unreasonably and with guile concealed nearly all records of his personal documented history from public scrutiny;  and that requests to view those records are reasonable, rational and within the American People’s province. This writer believes the People of The United States have a right and responsibility to demand that all of the afore-described sealed records be released in order that the electorate may examine them to finally determine who Barack Hussein Obama really is, and whence he came.

See the Original Story at:

Any Questions?