President John F. Kennedy, paying Tribute to a Great American Veteran

Remembering Our Veterans

An American Hero and President

An American PT Boat Commander who went on to become the “President of the United States of America

This young man who Commanded the PT Boat 109 in World War Two saw action off of the Solomon Islands in which a Japanese Destroyer cut his PT Boat in half.  He managed to gather his crew in the night waters of the Pacific and personally helped the injured swim to shore.


Similar picture to what the PT 109 would have looked like

John F. Kennedy and Crew of the PT 109

While marooned on that Pacific Island, John F. Kennedy carved a distress message in a Coconut and cast it out to sea.  That Coconut later came to be the Centerpiece of a President John F. Kennedy‘s Desk in the Oval Office.

(This Coconut is not to be confused with the Coconuts in India of which President Obama seems to have a fear.)

This Great President stood tall in the face of Soviet Aggression

But one day, for no particular reason, someone shot that nice young man.


To this day, America asks, Why?

President Kennedy tried to warn us of what we face today

T’was a

Socialist/Marxist/Communist that killed the

American Dream

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