Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Religious Freedom

Separation of Church and State

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.
We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought
for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we
will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s
children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.”

Ronald Reagan

Nativity Scenes Removed from all Government Properties

Socialized Medicine signed into law

The Right to Own and Bare Arms being Challenged

Where will it end America?  Our Freedoms are slipping away at record speed and soon it will be gone forever.  How is it that a handful of Atheist have managed to remove our Freedom of Expression in displaying Religious Symbols throughout our land?  How is it that our Government now dictates our Health Care rights? How is it our right to bare arms is now being challenged?  These are just a few of the many Freedoms being removed from our Constitutional Rights.  There is no mention anywhere in our Constitution about the Separation of Church and State. Our Forefathers came here in pursuit of Religious Freedom! They sought a land where Government could not and would not intervene in their God-given right to Worship Freely.

In the Capitol Building in Washington, DC


Our God Given Right

The Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC


The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments have guided the Human Race since the beginning of Recorded History

We owe our Civilization to God’s Laws

Reclaim your Religious Freedom America

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas

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20 responses to “Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Religious Freedom

  1. Good Morning my Fellow Americans and Christian Patriots :D


  2. Major Family Group Cancels Christmas Boycott of Dick’s Sporting Goods

    On Friday morning, the American Family Association (AFA) outlined its grievances against Dick’s Sporting Goods and called for a boycott. By late Friday night, Dick’s had responded and the boycott was lifted.

    Originally, AFA accused the sporting goods giant of choosing “holiday” over “Christmas” for its end-of-year marketing. “If you go into a Dick’s Sporting Goods store, don‘t look for ’Christmas.‘ It won’t be there,” AFA wrote in an action alert on its website. “You won’t find it in their newspaper inserts or on their website either. As for their television commercials…forget it. Ironically, Dick‘s website makes a big deal out of its ’Holiday Shop.’ Complete with bows, ornaments and trees. But it’s not Christmas, it‘s ’holiday.’”

    The alert went on to call Dick’s “likely the most ‘anti-Christmas’ of all” the 100 top retailers.

    But at 11:37 pm ET, AFA sent an e-mail to supporters explaining Dick’s will include “Christmas” in its marketing and canceled the boycott.

    “Dick‘s Sporting Goods has told AFA that ’Christmas’ will become a huge part of their advertising beginning November 28,” the e-mail from president Tim Wildmon says. It also outlines a conference call with Vice-Chairman Bill Columbo, who told AFA, “We have made significant changes from past years, when ‘holiday’ was the dominant theme of our advertising.” According to Columbo, the “Christmas” marketing plan was already in place prior to AFA’s boycott.

    The plan includes the following:

    1. Beginning November 28, Sunday newspaper inserts will read “Christmas 2010.” It will continue each Sunday through Christmas.
    2. Dick’s website will display the Christmas message prior to the first insert (next week) in time for Thanksgiving day.
    3. Television commercials running after November 28th will also refer to Christmas season.

    Columbo apologized for not returning calls and letters prior to AFA’s action alert.

    “All across America,” Wildmon writes in the e-mail, “companies are coming to realize they should include Christ and Christmas in their advertising.”


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  4. Someone should inform Michelle Obama that the American people want a Nativity Scene displayed in the White House despite her attempts to eliminate the display last year.
    And no Mao socialist ornaments displayed on our tree.
    This country is ours, not yours, neither is the House you live in.


  5. See, all those American ideas & acts such as saying pledge of allegiance & school prayer has to be returned back where it was.

    This nation is going down to the dogs. Now we got TSA agents fondling American citizens in broad daylight. Surely we all can see that the government is pushing us over the edge.


  6. Good Evening AFVET and Arlene :D

    So many Americans have ignored the pealing away of our freedoms to the point where they are desensitized imo. It is NOT a sign of the times but rather a sign of the end of our very Freedom.


  7. Sam
    Just yesterday I was driving into town & saw the Christmas lights & decorations & almost started crying. The feelings came over me knowing that our little town just survived the presence of bad folks who picketed our fallen heroes funeral. I said to myself, how much worst can it get. Well, the Westboro thugs up the ante by threatening to picket our kids funerals… Im talking about little kids. I said to myself that it cant get no worst than that. Well, now we got TSA fondling kids. I dont know any parent who would say its ok to for government to start fondling their kids.

    Folks are protesting this, but I hear that TSA & authorities are dragging folks half naked thru the airport. Is this a dream .. nightmare??????


  8. Arlene I am sure in the Early Days of Hitlers Germany these things were introduced to the shock of the German People. Out of fear they did nothing and we all know what happened after that. I fear Obama and the Progressives have put us on that path and it will be hell to pay to fight our way back to the values and laws that made America the beacon of light the whole world looked to in time of need.


  9. Sam
    Yesterday the Salvation army folks were outside of pharmacy & Walmart just ringing the bed. They did not utter a word. I was expecting to hear them say: “Merry Christmas”. I would not donate because they would not say the magic words.

    You think I should broadcast in parking lot that Im not donating til I hear them say “MERRY CHRISTMAS”


  10. Remember to say a prayer for the troops at Thanksgiving this year.
    As some of us know, holidays can be tough when your away from home.
    God bless our troops, God Bless America.

    Have a nice Thanksgiving folks.
    May God bless you and yours.


  11. I am surprised by that Arlene. Usually they say that and more. I tend to put most of my charitable donations in the Salvation Army Kettles over and over again during the Christmas Season. I trust them with it and I can not say that about other charities.


  12. Right back at you AFVET. You are right about our Troops and the need for our prayers and support. I am glad to see we are finally sending in some tanks. I am wondering why that was not done from the very start!


  13. You make a good point Sam.
    I was surprised to hear that they weren’t there before now.
    I say go in, kick their ass and get out.
    This mamby pamby bullsh!t is getting on my nerves.
    If they had worn a uniform like real troops, we’d have been outta there by now.


  14. I am convinced Our Government for Greedy reasons drags on these wars and does so for various reasons. World War 2 we were in and out in 4 years. C’mon, it is all political since Vietnam.


  15. Good Night America


  16. Sam
    Do you have all your Thanksgiving stuff on the ready?


  17. Good Morning Arlene, AFVET and all my favorite Patriots :)


  18. Mission Accomplished:


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