America wants Real News Journalism from the MSM, not Bias Liberal Propaganda!

Time for the Main Stream Media to take the Bias out of their Reporting and Give us the Real News!

America is wise to what has gone on in our so-called Main Stream Media.  This is why they have been re-named the Lame Stream Media.  It is very obvious to us all that CNN,MSNBC,ABC,NBC,CBS and others are on the extreme end of Liberalism in all they report. Slandering and Insulting anyone who opposes the Liberal Views is what they do best.

Well, were sick of it and your Ratings are the Proof in the Pudding that America will Tune You Out and go to Fox News where at least they will be reporting both sides of a story and have both Liberal and Conservative pundits debate the many issues we face today in America.

Were Sick of This:

And This:

Time for the MSM to get their heads out of this:

And Stop Worshiping This!

Your idea of what America should become is Not Our idea of what we want Our America to be.  We are Americans and have always been Americans.  We love what the Founding Fathers Created here and we aim to keep it that way. There is no room in Our America for your Socialism so either get with the Program or move your Corporate Offices to Russia, China, or France.

Your days of Selective Reporting are over!

We the People will no longer stand for this kind of Propaganda and I am calling for a Boycott of these Networks and their Sponsors! Your Responsibility to US is to report the News,  until you start doing exactly that,  you can expect to see your Ratings fall until the last dollar is drained from your Till’s.

74 responses to “America wants Real News Journalism from the MSM, not Bias Liberal Propaganda!

  1. +++++++++BREAKING+++++++++++++

    Press Secretary Gibbs just tweeted that the US gov. concerned about what is going on in Cairo and wants Mubarak to bring social networks and internet back up.

    Funny thing how he produced legislation that would give him a kill switch. He should pay attention. The Chinese want one too.


  2. Just yesterday, Sami, scientists revealed that Organtuans are 97% human DNA. Chilling. Shall we have a meet and greet mixer? We could convert them to Conservatism and then register them to vote. They are an endangered species like us.


  3. The typical Liberal lies. Have ever not heard a Liberal Lie? Seems everything they say and do turns out to be a Lie.


  4. Better duck, I am off to drop some bombs on Liberal Land- MSNBC


  5. OK, Sami, here’s an oldie but a goodie waiting for you when you get back. This is what I do about so many liberal lies – Laugh, laugh


  6. [youtube]


  7. [youtube-]


  8. Hey Sami, do you like “gull wings”?


  9. Thank you for the Videos SH.
    The new blog post is out so lets switch over to it:


  10. And to think just 7 years prior to this, Chevy looked like this:


  11. My first car was made on 1950, the Mercury with a swell Army green color because of the proximity to war time production.


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