Obama lies as America Dies

In his own words

Our Economy Dies as Democrats Lie

The Videos I have posted are recorded Proof as to How and Why America found herself in the trouble she is in today.  No one, whether Liberal or Conservative can deny the Truth of this evidence proving fully the implications of the Obama Administration and the Democratically controlled House during that time period.  The Proof is in the Pudding as they say and for anyone to continue on with the Blame Bush agenda is just out right out of their minds as are those who continue to believe the Lies of the Left.  They continue on in their efforts to destroy America and one can only hope that Real American Patriots will continue to hold accountable those in power who can bring about the end of this corruption in our America.

Yep, the Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, Communist movement was busy at work way back in Archie’s Day and Before. This didn’t all just happen over night but I can tell this, were gonna put an end to it come 2012!  You Betcha we are!

22 responses to “Obama lies as America Dies

  1. Good Afternoon my Fellow American Patriots and Friends :D

    I do hope you will watch the videos on this post as they are updated and invaluable in stating our case against Obama and the Democrats that are destroying our Country.


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  3. Fannie and Freddie are indeed part of the problem with the mortgage industry.
    Rangel was brought up on charges in the House, and slapped on the wrist.
    He is still there. (taxes).
    Maxine Waters was supposed to have been brought up in front of the house, but I haven’t seen it yet. (banking).
    She was one of the representatives that defended the house efforts to defeat any attempts by the Bush Administration to reign in Fannie and Freddie.
    Another two were Chris Dodd, and Barney Frank.

    I can understand that the new congress has a lot on it’s plate, but…let’s not let the crooks skate.
    Barney Frank is one of the biggest liars on Fannie and Freddie that I have ever seen.
    Must be the residual PC existing in congress.
    I don’t care if he is a queer, he is a crook and a liar.
    We will never get rid of the likes of him and Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid until we instill term limits.


  4. Term Limits is key AFVET and you are absolutely correct in that. They sicken me these crooks and I would like to see them face true justice just like any other criminal.


  5. 1st video: Obama the great orator (with a teleprompter in tow) and the great liar/divider/b.s. artist. Progressives are liars and thieves.
    2nd video: Fannie Mae Freddie Mac “too many people had a sky is falling mentality.” Barney Frank lies and covers up and in the end, we find out that the sky WAS REALLY FALLING but all was fine as long as Progressives got theirs. Oh yes and then Senator Obama kept his head low.
    3rd video: Even when caught out there Progressives still deny that there is a problem (Waters).
    Progressives constantly blaming Bush is hogwash. It is the Bush administration who sent up warnings about the thuggery and corruption.
    Gregory Meeks had a lot of nerve but Progressives use diversionary tactics to divert attention away from their wrongdoing.

    Everyone from Franklin Raines, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters down should be in jail.

    Whatever happened to Waters’ hearing?

    I agree, this has to end. We have to get all of these low lifes out of office next year.


  6. AFVET, You are right. We need hearings and accountability. Someone has to finally pay for this mess that Progressives have created and for bringing our country to such a low point.


  7. Samiam, I agree term limits is the way to go. These thugs get into office, they get comfortable and there is no limit to their pilfering the coffers dry. Term limits for everyone.

    Btw, great post. Will email it to my liberal associates……….just to make their day.


  8. Good Evening D. and thank you for the comments. Lol, email to your liberal friends, ahaha, that’s the way to go, eh. I do that and more, I post my posts on their Face Book wall. Ahahahhha


  9. Samiam,

    Truly great minds think alike.

    I have one associate who is back and forth on the fence. She used to send me emails from Progressive co-workers which I countered successfully every time. As payback, I would REPLY TO ALL. The results, her associates now hate me. Lol.

    Ah, they’ll get over it and if they don’t, it’s on them. Now they know who they’re messing with.

    The best part is that I so enjoy rattling their cages and countering the lies.

    Great post by the way.


  10. That’s a good one. Reply all! I will definitely use that one. I do so enjoy some of my light conflicts on Twitter. I love when they come on the attack and I take my time to respond to their attacks in the kindest way and yet leave them with a zinger!


  11. Good Night America


  12. Evening, SAMI. If Democrats are for it, normal people should automatically oppose it. The party was taken over by socialists in 1972, and has only gotten ‘progressively’ worse. I’m not much of a fan of Republicans either, too many of whom are Democrat-lite, with no stomach to fight for Constitutional principles. Hopefully, that is changing. Time will tell. Allen West and Herman Cain would make a nice ticket perhaps.


  13. Good Morning Bob and all my Favorite American Patriots and Friends :D


  14. As to Bob’s comment above.
    Cain /West ticket would beat Obama.
    Ron Paul for Treasury Secretary.
    Common sense will eventually prevail, but the people that don’t possess it slow the process to true conservatism and the principles that made this country what She is today.
    Ideologies are fine as long as they don’t destroy what the Founders intended for our country.

    God Bless America, Land that We Love !!!!


  15. God Bless the United States of America and thank you AFVET. I would like to see a ticket such as you mentioned for the 2012 race.


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