Cowardly Democrats flee the Vote in Two States

Elected Democrats

on the run from Democracy!

Amid Union Protests, More Democrats Go On the Lam

This Time in Indiana

It looks like Democrats have found a new strategy to block Republican majorities from enacting anti-union legislation: fleeing the state.

Taking a page from Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin, legislators in Indiana have apparently fled the state rather than vote on an anti-union bill, a source told the Indianapolis Star on Wednesday.

And they were headed to Illinois, the same state that Wisconsin Democrats fled to last week to block a bill that would limit the collective bargaining rights of public sector unions while forcing members to contribute more to their pensions and health care plans. Read more:

Is this how Democracy works?  If you don’t agree with a Bill and don’t have enough votes to defeat it you run and hide?  Cowards is the only name I can think of to describe these Democrats.  These are people elected to office by the people for the express purpose of Representing the people.  If your not there to cast your Vote how then are you Representing the voice of your constituents?  These Un-American tactics are nothing more than Union style Thuggery tactics that are completely and absolutely corrupt in every sense of the word.

I guess that Slogan was Short Lived, eh Mr. President?

So are your Poll Numbers

16 responses to “Cowardly Democrats flee the Vote in Two States

  1. Good Evening my Fellow American Patriots and Friends :D


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  3. The Blogosphere is on fire tonight…….. ;)


  4. Hey SAMI. The Indianapolis “Flee-baggers” are looked for sanctuary in a state with a Democratic governor so as to avoid being arrested by the state police and returned to Indiana. And people actually voted for those lowlifes.


  5. Good Evening Bob. Democrats and Unions together have put on quite a show for America. Kinda like a Bonnie and Clyde Movie where they keep crossing State Lines to elude responsibility. I think they have not only ruined their careers but Obama’s chance for re-election is now in serious jeopardy.

    We are in the last days of Democrats, Unions, and Obama rule.

    It’s over thugs and so you might as well vacation in Illinois. oops, you already did.


  6. Good Night America…………………. :D


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  8. Shores of Tripoli are aflame these days. I listened to Gaddaffi talk today and it was chilling – he declared war on his own people – more blood to flow.

    The Democrats are acting like truant school boys. They need to grow up. I really hate to have kids see any adults behave this way.
    It’s legislation by default? Does anyone have guts anymore? Great post, Sami.

    Didn’t have the day today I had yesterday. I cannot believe that 3,000 people came to my site all over an old post about Sarah Ferguson having been denied entry to the great wedding in April. There are serious things going on in the world. Happily for me, once they got to the blog they did read other things of substance. I have to throw those kinds of news in from time to time to trap people to read some of the better stuff. What can I say? It’s like having a comic strip in an old newspaper. Nite sweetie!


  9. Good Morning SamHenry, Nicedeb, Bob, AFVET, and D.

    Good Morning to all my Favorite American Patriots and Friends :D


  10. Here is your Typical Liberal Democrat Union Thug at their best:


  11. There is a Show Down coming America and I am now convinced it is inevitable. The Left vs the Right. It is coming and coming soon.


  12. POTUS, President
    BOTUS, Bully
    VOTUS, yes the vampire of the US is exposing himself as ‘the fool on the hill’.
    He is now demonstrating why he embraces the destruction of the American capitalistic society.
    Wake up America.
    You are seeing what you elected in 2008.
    I hope you have the intelligence to realize what you have wrought upon our Republic.

    A woman asked Benjamin Franklin a question after he emerged from the final meeting of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.
    She asked, what have you given us ?
    Franklin replied, a Republic if you can keep it.

    We the People WILL KEEP IT.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
    We are America, and always will be.

    If Obama loses the unions’ money, he is toast in the next election, and he knows that.


  13. Good Afternoon AFVET. Those are powerful words and important information you have posted here. Oh, how important it is that we as a people stay informed and ban together for the common good.


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