America on Life Support….. The Obamada Syndrome

Brought to you by Barack Obama and the Liberal Deomocrats

It is now evident to all Americans that the decision to elect one Barrack H. Obama as our President has been a huge mistake.  As a result, America now suffers one of the worst Recessions in recent history because a slim majority voted for the………….

Hope and Deranged

beliefs that was being preached by the Anointed Oneduring the Campaign of 2008.

Knowing very little about this man from Chicago,  America woke up one day to find we had elected a Liberal Progressive Socialist Marxist Communist to the highest office of the land.

This President has  not only weakened America abroad, he has also brought us a Second Financial Meltdown unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Perhaps Depression will turnout to be the correct descriptor for what is to come in the near term.

Yes, it is sure to come, the prediction of which is based on the fact that the Obama Administration has done absolutely nothing to determine exactly what caused the first melt down of our financial systems.  Why should they? They engineered it.

All the eloquent speeches in the world from the Anointed One will not improve our economy nor, is it in any way shape or form,  going to create jobs.

We now have a President that is so full of himself that America will suffer another financial setback that all the kings men and all the kings czars cannot put back together again.

Perhaps President John F. Kennedy said it best…

The good news is that America has woken up and come 2012 we will put real American Patriots in the seats now filled with Corrupted and stagnant career politicians who have forgotten the Power of….. We the People.

The soon to be defeated Politicians have become absolutely Corrupted and morally challenged in their day-to-day lives.

We the People have vowed to take back our Country from these so-called Progressive Socialists who deserve no political power in our Republic. We will not, as a Free People, ever surrender to Socialism, Marxism, nor Communism and the sooner the Progressive Elitists get that through their thick skulls the better off and safer this world will be.

Mr. President, do not underestimate what the American People will fight for.

If you do, you will find yourself on the losing side of history. Americans are now busy resetting the course of American History and yes we are even going to correct our school books so that we have a more inclusive, complete, and accurate documenting of American History and not some super- altered Progressive evolution of our minds.

The truth is out there now and Americans are flocking to it in record numbers to reinforce our resolve to end once and for all the Progressive Movement in the United States of America.

We the People are united like never before and we will not go silently into the night Mr. President.  Only a fool would say in his heart that there is no God. We the People are on the right side of God and His plans for America. He is the Light of the World and We the People reflect His light to a dying world.

Mr. President,  we are a Christian, Judao Country and always have been.

You Sir, have underestimated US……………


John 3:16

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  1. Good Morning my Fellow American Patriots and Friends :D


  2. Brilliant. Well said, thanks Sam :)


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  5. Great vid; great post Sami.


  6. Thank you SamHenry and good to see you my hard working tax paying friend.


  7. Same here, Sami. As you can tell, the multi poster is down to a post per day. I get tired after work but wound up because I’ve been on the phone solving problems the customer think are disasters LOL. Then it is hard to calm down to sleep and that leads to sleep deprivation. I have a new supervisor who is monitoring our calls (they do all the time) and getting to know us and that is an adjustment. I think this working from home on the computer is wonderful. There are a lot of people with terminal diseases and/or permanent disabilities that do this kind of work.


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  9. Good Afternoon my Fellow American Patriots and Friends :D


  10. Afternoon, SAMI. That first pic says it all, doesn’t it? Let’s hope it turns out to be an unsuccessful attempt & the patient recovers & comes to their senses.


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  13. Referring to your statement above that 2012 is coming I might add that 21 Senators are up for re-election in the next cycle.
    There is a distinct possibility that we can control both the Senate and the House.
    If we can field a candidate unafraid to take O on, the Tea Party could become a formidable movement to take this Country back from the grasp of the demons that are intent on destroying Her.



  14. Obama really doesn’t want to MESS with Donald Trump if he’s smart.

    Donald Trump fires back after White House aide declares that he has ‘zero chance’ to be President

    BY Lukas I. Alpert

    Originally Published:Sunday, April 10th 2011, 12:48 PM
    Updated: Monday, April 11th 2011, 10:06 AM

    Read more:

    The White House stopped just short of dismissing Donald Trump as a clown Sunday – calling him a “sideshow” act with “zero chance” of becoming president.

    Chief Obama adviser David Plouffe unleashed a barrage of stinging comments on Trump, who has recently trafficked in fringe conspiracy theories about Obama’s place of birth while taunting America with hints of a presidential run.

    “There is zero chance that Donald Trump would ever be hired by the American people,” President Obama’s chief adviser David Plouffe told ABC’s “This Week with Christiane Amanpour.”

    Plouffe noted Trump’s surprise second place showing in a recent poll of New Hampshire voters with glee.

    “I saw Donald Trump kind of rising in the polls and given his behavior and spectacle the last couple of weeks, I hope he keeps rising,” Plouffe said.

    Trump’s focus on the wingnut obsession by so-called “birthers” with Obama’s birthplace is way out of line with what Americans are really concerned with, Plouffe said.

    “There may be a small part of the country that believes these things, but mainstream Americans think it’s a sideshow,” he said. “That’s not leadership, that’s kind of sideshow behavior.”

    Trump countered that he represents Obama’s biggest nightmare in the 2012 race and that the White house is running scared.

    “I know for a fact that I am the only candidate they are concerned with,” Trump told The Daily News. “They are very concerned because I am challenging him as to whether or not he was born in this country where there is a real doubt.”

    “He should focus on properly dealing with the Chinese, the Saudis and all of the other nations that are ripping off the United States instead of making up quotes about Donald Trump,” the “Apprentice” host blustered on. “Barack Obama has done a terrible job as president.”

    While Trump is not viewed as having a real chance at winning the presidency, experts say his remarks cut to the core of what irks the White House the most, which explains the hostility behind Plouffe’s diss.

    “There is no issue that irritates the White House more than the birther issue,” said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

    “They view it as a symbol for those who refuse to acknowledge Obama as a legitimate president,” he said. “The fact that someone as prominent as Trump is bringing this up is a source of real frustration.”

    Sabato predicted that despite the noise Trump is making, he would soon fade away.

    “It doesn’t mean a thing,” he said. “Trump may be the only person who believes he is a serious candidate, but it all seems to be some attempt at self-promotion.”

    Professional clowns were not offended by the aspersion that Trump was one of them – they say it’s only natural.

    “The association between clowns and politics goes back a long way, so we don’t tend to get bothered by it,” said Earl “Orky the Clown” Tempkin, of the World Clown Association.

    “Besides, Trump would fit in pretty well – with his hairstyle he wouldn’t need a wig,” Tempkin said. “It’s pretty hard to take a lot of these politicians seriously.”

    Read more:


  15. Would-be 2012 Republican nominee Donald Trump is riding doubts about President Obama’s birth certificate to the front of the party’s presidential contender field, the latest sign that the long-standing fringe controversy is going mainstream.

    The New York real estate magnate and reality show star, fresh off a Wall Street Journal poll that shows him tied for second among Republican voters as their choice for the presidential nominee, jumped back into the “birther” controversy Sunday.

    Trump rides issue of Obama’s birth certificate

    “Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate? The fact is, if he wasn’t born in this country, he shouldn’t be the president of the United States,” the billionaire developer said in a CNN interview that aired Sunday. The Constitution requires that the president be a “natural-born citizen.”

    “It’s a very sad thing, because the people – the birthers – they got labeled and they got labeled so negatively and even the word ‘birther’ is a negative word. If you come out and … even question, the press goes wild. They get angry at the question,” he said.


  16. Number Turning To Homeless Shelters Rises

    Updated: Monday, 11 Apr 2011, 11:52 AM EDT
    Published : Monday, 11 Apr 2011, 11:45 AM EDT

    NEW YORK (AP) — The Coalition for the Homeless says an all-time high number of New Yorkers turned to shelters last year.

    The coalition says a record 113,553 people — including 42,888 children — slept in shelters run by New York City in fiscal year 2010. That’s an 8 percent increase over the previous year.

    The coalition released its annual State of the Homeless report Monday.

    The group is calling on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to make greater use of federal housing programs like Section 8 vouchers to move families to permanent homes.

    Homeless Services Commissioner Seth Diamond says the coalition is being unrealistic if it expects the city will receive more federal housing subsidies.

    He said the city’s priority is helping homeless people find jobs.


  17. Good Afternoon AFVET and Tellit….. thank you both for the comments and links to great articles. I am almost ready to publish the next blog post so stay tuned as it should appear shortly.


  18. Obama! You shouldn’t piss off the Donald!!! lol!

    Trump: Obama Is to Blame For High Oil Prices

    Published: Monday, 11 Apr 2011 | 10:51 AM ET

    By: Margo D. Beller

    Donald Trump

    Real estate developer Donald Trump blames President Obama for the rising price of oil, warning, “this country can never, ever recover” if oil prices continue to go up.

    “That’s really the life’s blood of the country,” Trump told CNBC in a phone interview on Monday. The Trump Organization chairman, who says he’s considering running for president, plans to decide “before June” on the matter.

    He contended that Obama is not a leader and is “in bed with these (OPEC) people. He doesn’t speak the way you have to speak to them.”

    Although he blames China for “ripping off our country,” Trump gives them credit for using US funds to rebuild airports, bridges and other infrastructure.

    “When was the last time you saw a bridge being built in the United States? You see them falling down all the time. When was the last time you saw an airport being built? We’re like a third-world country.”


  19. Trump is the type of individual we need to expose Obama for what he is.
    The Donald has the money and the ego and the lawyers to expose Obama.
    He is firing a shot across Obama’s bow.
    We will see soon if the regime can successfully challenge Trump, the Tea Party and the American People.
    Barry’s Waterloo is on the horizon.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
    Wrong, we are focused on him, laser like.


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