Liberals Refuse to honor Obama’s call for Civility?

Content Warning Not Strong Enough for This Video of Leftist Freakout at Oregon Tea Party Rally

H/T to the Blaze

Going into the tax day rally in Portland, local Tea Party organizers had concerns about security:

Oregon Tea Party members are taking a pledge of nonviolence for Friday afternoon’s Portland-area tax day rallies.

Party officials said they feared “union supporters” might try to stir up trouble at the rallies in Pioneer Courthouse Square and in other parts of the city on the day federal income taxes are traditionally due.

read the rest of the article here at the Blaze:

This is Obama‘s call for Civility in Action and we have seen this across the Nation and are hearing the very same vulgar attacks coming from Democrats in both the Congress and the Senate.  From Union Leaders and their  Members to the Socialists and Communists USA we are seeing an unprecedented display of all that is wrong in America and why we are in the condition we are in.  Is it no wonder that Obama has made America the laughing stock of the World.  Our enemies abroad and those Communist Nations who have waited patiently to conquer America are beginning to see their opportunity.

America is Ripe for the Taking

If you don’t get involved and if you don’t Vote against this evil come 2012 you will have to forever hold your piece…..

All will be Lost

W A K E   UP   A M E R I C A

18 responses to “Liberals Refuse to honor Obama’s call for Civility?

  1. Good Morning my Fellow American Patriots and Friends :D


  2. Otis P. Driftwood

    Good Morning.

    Disgusting display. It seems that the left’s calls for civility apply only to the right. Wisconsin was proof of that.

    The left has NO ONE of integrity or honor. The Right? Paul Ryan, Allen West, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, John Bolton…

    2012 won’t get here fast enough.


  3. Morning Otis, I am sure Obama can do a whole lot more damage between now and the election and I can only hope that after he is voted out of Office that we can reverse the damage he has done.


  4. Otis P. Driftwood

    His leaving office will probably be like the retreating army that burns and destroys everything as it goes.


  5. If there is anything left to burn?


  6. Clean your brain out with this….
    Also on
    is a piece on Herman Cain’s Tea Party speech in New Hampshire.
    Check out the comments, this man is developing quite a following.
    And as far as Lt.Col. Allen West is concerned, check this out.


  7. Is somebody posing an attack on Cheers Sam ?
    Moderation is turned on.


  8. I will check that out AFVET……. shouldn’t be happening.


  9. Liberals are very parallel with Muslim violence and savagery. Ayers, Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Black Panters, Farrakan, Obama


  10. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    The libs and Obama disgust me. This is sucha spectacle!


  11. Good Afternoon Elizabeth we are all feeling just like you…. please be sure to visit the Village for a good article by Andy Rooney.


  12. Good Night America…….. ;)


  13. Britain’s National Healthcare System has been forced to make cutbacks. Shades of the future of Obamacare? Nanny state measures ultimately fail:

    Growing numbers of patients are being wrongly denied a new hip, a weight loss operation or even cancer treatment because of NHS cost-cutting, the leaders of Britain’s surgeons have warned.

    Increasing rationing of operations is forcing patients to endure pain, injury or disability because NHS primary care trusts (PCTs) are ignoring evidence about the effectiveness of certain treatments simply to balance their books.

    The warning from the Federation of Surgical Specialty Associations (FSSA), which represents the nine major types of surgeon in the UK, is in an open letter passed to the Guardian.

    It accuses trusts of letting down needy patients by branding forms of elective surgery as of limited clinical value in order to help them cope with the NHS’s tough financial climate.

    The FSSA, which represents about 15,000 surgeons, says it is “concerned that lists of surgical procedures and interventions, deemed of low clinical effectiveness or of ‘lower value’, are being used by PCTs to limit access to certain procedures … Review of the lists reveals that there is little or no evidence to support the view that many of the procedures are of limited value to individual patients”.

    The unprecedented statement goes on: “For example, the lists include types of hip, spinal, ENT [ear, nose and throat], dental, bariatric [obesity] and cancer surgery for which there is overwhelming evidence of benefit. The only justification for these lists can be that they are a means of reducing expenditure at a time when the NHS faces a financial crisis.”

    The surgeons’ move highlights the fact that PCTs across England are increasingly delaying or denying patients access to surgery to repair a hernia, replace an arthritic hip or knee, and remove cataracts, infected tonsils, gallstones, wisdom teeth, adenoids and varicose veins. Some are even restricting the number of patients who can have a hysterectomy or have their baby in a planned caesarean section. Surgeons, heath charities and patients’ groups are increasingly frustrated that PCTs are introducing what they regard as arbitrary lists of treatments of supposedly low or no clinical value despite medical evidence that many help relieve patients’ symptoms. Read the remainder of this article at The Guardian


  14. Good Morning to SH and all my Favorite American Patriots and Friends :D


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