The man who shot Osama Bin Laden (via Village of the Banned)

The man who shot Osama Bin Ladin The Spin Master Extraordinaire America is seeing first hand how on a daily basis President Obama and his corrupt Administration have bent and twisted all of the facts concerning the death of Osama Bin Laden.  This is nothing  new coming from this group of Thugs who now occupy Our White House.  Let me present to you a history of the Obama Deceptions perpetrated against the American People and the United States of America. The Videos I am posting a … Read More

via Village of the Banned

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  1. Good Morning my friends. I am doing a double post on this Article both here and at the Village of the Banned. The gloves are off and it is time to drive home the deceptions of this current Administration while America is intently watching this Osama Bin Ladin story. Americans are seeing first hand the slight of hand manner in which this President continues to change the story of just how Osama Bin Ladin was killed. This is a real eye opener for all Americans!!!!!


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  3. Good Afternoon Patriots ;)


  4. Good one, SAMI, nice illustrations too.


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