Senate Bill S679 giving Obama the Power of a Caesar/Dictator

Here it comes as we all knew it would:

B a r a c k a c u s s t u s   C a e s a r

While all of America is distracted and focused on the death of Osama bin Laden, our President has been fast at work laying the groundwork for S. 679:

Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011 to speed through the Senate and then make its way into the House and then to the President to sign.

Brought to you by your Democratically Controlled Senate

From the:  The Heritage Foundation

 The bill reduces the number of presidential appointments that require the consent of the Senate and establishes within the executive branch a Working Group on Streamlining Paperwork for Executive Nominations. Individuals nominated to senior executive offices suffer slow and detailed background investigations and mounds of duplicative paperwork before a President sends their nominations to the Senate. After nomination, many nominees suffer time-consuming inaction or time-consuming and excruciating action as the Senate proceeds (or does not) with consideration of the nomination. The sponsors of S. 679 have identified a valid problem, but proposed the wrong solution. Congress should not enact S. 679.

When the delegates of the states gathered in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787 and wrote the Constitution, they distributed the powers of the federal government among two Houses of Congress, a President, and a judiciary, and required in many cases that two of them work together to exercise a particular constitutional power. That separation of powers protects the liberties of the American people by preventing any one officer of the government from aggregating too much power.

The Framers of the Constitution did not give the President the kingly power to appoint the senior officers of the government by himself. Instead, they allowed the President to name an individual for a senior office, but then required the President to obtain the Senate’s consent before appointing the individual to office. Thus, they required the cooperation of the President and the Senate to put someone in high office.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In modern usage, the term “dictator” is generally used to describe a leader who holds and/or abuses an extraordinary amount of personal power, especially the power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly[citation needed]. Dictatorships are often characterized by some of the following traits: suspension of elections and of civil liberties; proclamation of a state of emergency; rule by decree; repression of political opponents without abiding by rule of law procedures; these include single-party state, and cult of personality.[citation needed]

How’s this for Hope and Change?

If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove your not a Racist your going to have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove your not an Idiot!

Providing we still have Elections

33 responses to “Senate Bill S679 giving Obama the Power of a Caesar/Dictator

  1. blackwatertown

    He’s a roman in the gloamin’.


  2. Good Morning Blackwatertown and all my American Patriot Friends :D


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  4. What if even scarier is that they only need one more Supreme Court Justice that agrees with them and they would be able to do anything that they want.


  5. Good Morning Loopy. I think this is a plan that has been in the works for years if not decades. None of this could just happen in less than 3 years. This was a well thought out plan that is being executed as we speak. I believe Obama is a Puppet and his Puppet Masters have yet to reveal themselves.


  6. Probably, it has been in place since the twenties but we have been asleep at the wheel.


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  8. He knows it’s the economy. He has
    Barney Frank working on the next financial reform bill when the first one has not been fully implemented, regulations needed promulgated. All of his troops of advisers and czars continue relentless drafting of legislation behind the scenes of the headlines he is creating. I hope the Bin Laden Kill dies over the summer so that the budget can blast off. I tell you it is always their intention to have the legislative battles in the doldrums of the summer with the final battle in September. Great election fodder. It is too bad there is not enough sex and violence in the budget to make it interesting reading for most. If people don’t want to read the draft legislation, it’s for sure a movie won’t be made about it. It’s the Economy Stupid, Stupid America. Forget Beating up Barack. We the People need to get cracking.


  9. I started my comment without the first sentences! They were to have been that Barney Frank is busy streamlining the Fed the end result of which would be that it would be less responsive to needs of all sectors of the economy. They really are making a monarchy out of this place. Barack is not a socialist, he is a monarchist. He loves the trappings of power too much. And he’s off to see the Queen soon.


  10. Good Afternoon SamHenry and nice to see you. On the question of Obama being a Socialist or a Monarchist. I think he is what ever his Puppet Masters want him to be. I don’t see him as having any say in this. We are dealing with Powers of the Communist Kind and they have been working for decades to bring about this day in America.


  11. Otis P. Driftwood

    Good Afternoon All. Hopefully this power grab will die in The House. And the puppet master is easy – George Soros and his billions.


  12. Good Afternoon Otis, unfortunately this bill has Republican Support. We have been sold out my friend and on my issues.


  13. The sad fact is that there are wolves in sheeps clothing in the Republican ranks selling us out.

    I agree he is a puppet. And he is a leftist puppet. But if we think those are sandwich-eating holes in shoes types with poorly heated homes we should think again. Some of the wealthiest people on earth are right behind them and why? Because the communist rulers are in no way egalitarians.


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  28. You do realize the John McCain is one of the authors of the bill right?


    • Yes Jamie I am aware of McCain’s involvement in the bill and also many other Rhino Style agendas of his. Never liked the guy and it seems once Joe the Plumber got to know him he left the Campaign Bus.


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