Irainian Missile Crisis via Venezuela?

CUBAN Iranian Missile Crisis in

V  E  N  E  Z  U  E  L  A

From American Thinker we read:  German newspaper Die Welt reports that Iran is constructing an intermediate range  missile base on Venezuela‘s Paraguaná Peninsula, and that engineers from  the  Khatam al-Anbia consstruction firm,  owned by the Revolutionary Guards, visited Paraguaná in February.

The base would obviously give Iran a means of attacking the United States with the nuclear weapons it is developing, as well as a means of intimidating neighboring Colombia, a close US ally. Not to mention summoning the 12th Mahdi with the hellfire of war.
When the Soviet Union prepared to base missiles in Cuba, President Kennedy took decisive action. Is there anyone in America — or more importantly, in Teheran — who believes Barack Obama would mirror the fortitude of his Democrat predecessor?
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12 responses to “Irainian Missile Crisis via Venezuela?

  1. Good Morning America………. ;)


  2. Good Morning, Obama is working VERY VERY hard to destroy America. He bluntly ignored Syria’s up rising and also Iran’s Up rising . He is totally against Israel. Iran will Dominate Mid-east soon and all of that is accomplished with Obama’s help.


  3. Freedom, by the way

    This is frightening indeed and the US had best plug it quickly. (Reagan’s Star Wars doesn’t sound so bad now, does it, all you progressives!)


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  5. Good afternoon Anthony and Freedom…. we are only scratching the surface of how serious this is. This could spark a war throughout the South America’s not to mention a direct conflict with Russia/China. They are all just itching for a reason seeing we are so divided back here at home.


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  8. Sam, go pay a visit to Nooneofanyimport and see the prayer her son is going to recite per the Catholic church.
    Chilling !!


  9. Thanks for the heads up AFVET.


  10. Good Morning America


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