The Courage to Stand…..with Israel

Obama’s Jihad against Israel and

A  M  E  R  I  C  A

Obama: Palestinian State Must Be Based on 1967 Borders

President Obama, in a sweeping address tackling the uprisings in the Middle East and the stalled peace process, on Thursday endorsed Palestinians’ demand for their own state based on the borders that existed before the 1967 Middle East war.

The break with longstanding U.S. policy is likely to aggravate the Israelis, who want the borders of any future Palestinian state determined through negotiations. The declaration comes ahead of a meeting in Washington between Obama and visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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We have the Courage to Stand

We oppose you Mr. President and we will not allow you to continue in your efforts to destroy all that is America nor will we allow you to continually turn against our Allies.   We shall be seeking your Impeachment very soon and if all else fails you can bet were going to Vote your sorry ass out of Office come 2012!

Don’t even think about Changing

Our Borders!

Protect America’s Southern Border Now!

We are Americans Free to Speak without Fear, Free to Worship in our own way, Free to Stand for what we think right, Free to Oppose what we believe wrong, and Free to choose those who shall Govern Our Country.

This Heritage of Freedom We Pledge to Uphold

19 responses to “The Courage to Stand…..with Israel

  1. Good Morning America


  2. Good Morning my friend :)


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  4. Good Morning Anthony and thank you for the link back.


  5. Otis P. Driftwood

    Good Morning Sam and All Others. obama abandoned Israel and Netanyahu took him to school.


  6. william wallace

    To stand with ISRAEL is to fall with ISRAEL.

    It be greater unto your benefit that you stand
    with The ALMIGHTY where justice but equal.

    The conduct of Israel /having been appalling
    unto the ALMIGHTY the crime Israel having
    committed be of the cruelist nature / as from
    heartless cold individuals // whom in lacking
    any spark of decency love compassion mercy.

    Of course you having right in giving of opinion
    yet your words are unbalanced / born of your
    mental state of darkness/being closed of heart.

    I advise your such heartles words bringing one
    a bitter harvest /it be best come to your senses.

    Would you hand an stone unto the child whom
    asking begging for bread. ? Open up your heart.


  7. Good Morning Otis and good to see you my friend.


  8. william wallace, God says: I will Bless them that Bless My People Israel and I will Curse them that Curse my people Israel.

    Now you know where you stand with the Almighty.

    Just thought you should know this. I am good like that.


  9. william wallace

    Samiam60 / You’ll but find one other than I whom be
    as a servant to the Almighty. If you will not learn from
    my words /then I can but direct you in their direction.

    On PC SEARCH PUT ( words of peace ) on site an large
    selection of videos. /Prem Rawat speaks of turning the
    senses inward /bringing a unfolding of the spiritual self.

    Such the only way having practical spiritual experience
    such being the way taught by all spiritual teachers as by
    Christ in his time /not ideas as beliefs / but upon that of
    true spiritual experience / to drink from the well within
    to see the light of creation / know the power of creation.

    In meditation one needs/ guidance of a spiritual teacher
    such spiritual teacher /of all teachers at the present time
    is Prem Rawat / thus he being the best /the most blessed.

    Through such spiritual experience teaching / then all your
    questions answered / as questions not yet asked /answered.

    Do not accept an make believe heaven / let your experience
    be of a real heaven/such heaven as always / be found within.


  10. William I appreciate your kind concerns. I am well read in Scripture an am confident in my decision to stand by Israel. God Bless


  11. samiam60, I have sent a link to your site to Bibi Netanyahu as he should know how American patriots feel…maybe you have already told him.


  12. Other than Twitter, Facebook and websites (all important) and of course, the vote, what are we doing to take America back?


  13. Good Morning Jane and thank you for helping promote our common cause. To answer your question, we are here to wake up the American People and recruit new voters. We will take back our Country by way of the Vote.


  14. William Wallace, we will always give a free voice to those who wish to express themselves in a public venue. Only countries with a foundation of liberty and democratic principles will give their people the opportunity to do this. It is the narrow mind filled with hate that would cover humanity like a pall and silence expression of those with differing beliefs. Israel has an ancient and rich history of serving God. And Israel has an ancient history of exclusion and persecution by those with narrow and hate filled beliefs who would seek to eliminate her people from the Earth. Israel has shown that she will protect her people and their right to live and to worship according to their beliefs….and that she, like America, has necessarily built a strong defense against aggressors….at the same time praying for peace. I value all the contributions that the Israeli people have made to our world in many fields. I also value the strong connections with Israel that America has had for many years, the very foundation of our beliefs and morals and governing principles being the tie that binds us together. I would hope and pray that when we fill our hearts with love there would be no room for hate or intolerance anywhere in the world, though that day may be long in coming. It begins with me…and you, with each individual, and we can be a force for healing or a force for spreading hate and intolerance…it is up to us.


  15. Thank you Jane for a fine rebuttal to William Wallace. I appreciate you sharing these valuable insights with us all here at Voting American.


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