Obama’s Worst Nightmare…..Candidate Sarah Palin

Why the Liberals, Progressives,  and Socialists Fear

S   a   r   a   h     P   a   l   i   n

Against all Odds

Sarah you have shown America against all odds just how formidable you are and have stood up against the constant onslaught of Liberal Media attacks only to come through shinning stronger and more determined than ever.

You are the essence of the

American Spirit

The Liberals are and have been in a Frenzied state of Hate Mongering  ever since Sarah Palin came on to the Nation Scene. They wreak with the smell of fear as this potential contender poses the greatest threat to Barack Obama and the Socialist Movement in the United States of America.  We have had to endure eight years of Bush bashing from these left-wing loons and now are seeing them in a fevered pitch unlike anything we had seen during the Bush years in the White House.

Remember this you nay Sayers, Bill Clinton was the unknown Governor of Arkansas when he threw his hat in the ring and became a Candidate for President.  Against all odds he became President and shocked the Republican Party and the Nation!


Not since the days of Ronald Reagan have we seen a Political Figure who has stood up to the attacks of the Political Left, and the Left Wing Media, to come through standing tall and stronger than ever.

America needs a true America Patriot to be our first:

Madame President.

Yo Sarah, you’re Our

Rocky Balboa for 2012 !

You can Beat the Odds…..

Now Run Sarah, Run!

Coming this June from Sarah Palin

The Undefeated

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20 responses to “Obama’s Worst Nightmare…..Candidate Sarah Palin

  1. Good Afternoon to all of my Favorite American Patriots and Friends. I know I am betting on the long shot here but have to say Sarah seems to be the most feared by the left. That says something to me!


  2. Otis P. Driftwood

    Excellent post Sami. And I do NOT think you are betting on a long shot. She IS the most feared by the left – all one has to do is look at the number of attacks against her as opposed to other candidates. They are VERY afraid of her, as they rightfully should be.


  3. The recent election in New York is what we can expect in the future, i.e., sneaky tactics by the libs to not nationalize the potential loss of a seat in the House.
    Where are the House Republicans ?
    Where is FOX News ?
    All I heard about were the results of a candidate winning by convincing the ignorant to vote against the Tea Party candidate because of Paul Ryan’s bill to fix Medicare etc.
    Ignorance is the monster in the room in this next election.
    Damn the MSM, full speed ahead !


  4. Good Afternoon Otis and AFVET……. :D

    I heard last night on Fox News that Americans are getting so disgusted with the Main Stream Media that they are now beginning to turn to the Blogs and the Internet to keep abreast of the Real News. That speaks volumes in saying the American People are waking up and not going to be spoon fed Obama Propaganda. Well, at least its a start!

    What we say and do here is becoming Vital…….. I am glad all of you are here with me.


  5. Otis, I agree, however I think she could be more effective just hovering under the radar.
    It would drive the liberal media nuts.
    What the libs desire is a target rich environment, and they have it.
    The idea is to present many targets, most of which are moving.
    Anybody she would support on stage during the next campaign season would get a boost on some levels, however, she could be toxic to some candidates.
    Remember, we’re talking politics here.
    She has proven that she can attract a crowd.

    Cloward and Piven said to overwhelm the system, it is being done right before our eyes.
    Let’s overwhelm theirs, shall we ?


  6. I hope she runs, she has always been my first choice. I like Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann, but it is Sarah first in my book.


  7. I am with you Loopyloo…….. she scares the beegeebee’s out of the left.


  8. Good Morning America


  9. Good morning Samiam,

    Good morning patriots,

    Excellent post Samiam and I do agree with you and Otis, Palin puts a mountain of fear into Progressives, driving them of their rocker and for good reason.

    Indeed you are on point AFVET (as usual), Damn the MSM, full speed ahead !

    It is clear that Fox News is no longer willing to step out of its comfort zone to take on the White House and the Progressive propaganda machine; and as for the Republican House, they are more interested in their personal enrichment. It is, therefore, up to us to inform Americans of the truth.

    Loopyloo, I agree with you. I am a fan of Cain, Bachmann and West but for me Palin is the one. I might also add that Palin is just as great below the radar.

    In any event, the White House intends to declare an all out war on the internet, media and bloggers and I am more than willing to expose them for their misdeeds.

    You are right AFVET, they will apply the nastiest of tactics in spite of which, Obama may very well find himself a one-term president. Regardless of what you hear from the news, the likes of Al Sharpton, Obama has alienated the Black community. . They feel betrayed and many will not “waste” their energy” on an Obama vote.


  10. Good Morning D and thank you for that in depth analyses of the grave dangers we face under the Obama regime. I have just re-posted a very important article from Bob Mack and hope you can check it out. Your input here is vital to all we are trying to do my friend.


  11. great news indeed!


  12. Good Morning Angel and thank you


  13. Sarah is a very intelligent woman.
    The left have given their best attempt to bury her and her family.
    Like the Phoenix from the ashes, here she is again.
    You gotta admire her spirit.
    You go girl !


  14. AFVET, I think of all she has done for our cause since 2008 and the vicious attacks which almost brought her down. I for one cannot abandon this woman after all she has done just because the chips are down for her right now. The fear the Left has for her tells me they fear her more than anyone else that is running right now. That speaks volumes to me and so even though she is a long shot I am hitching my wagon to her what ever she decides.


  15. NY Conservative

    Great Vid!! The score fits so very well…YO ADRIAN!

    Palin 2012…accept NO substitute!


  16. Thank you NY Conservative and welcome to Voting American


  17. LOL i love the delusion of palin supporters. What you people overlook is that conservatives are split at best 50/50 in support of her-& that is giving her benefit. Moderates & Independents who you have to have to win will not support her in any significant numbers. Her cult members can make all excuses they want but facts are that in the eyes of MANY Americans she is a 1/2 term quitter, another fact is that in her 2 yrs & this can not be blamed on media (as much as palin supporters love to do that) more ethics & complaints were filed against her than most Governors in 4 yrs of their terms. And yes these were filed before the “terrible” media even knew she existed. She has no job creation record, she has no record on anything but rhetoric. She quit actual job to spend 2 yrs “Tweeting” while others were actually governing. All palin will do is pull enough votes to give primary to Romney -then doesn’t really matter who wins-Obama or Obama-lite. But the upside is after she is 3 time loser maybe the 3 stikes your out rule will take effect.


  18. Thank you for sharing your views Victoria and you may well be right but remember, 50% gives her a 50/50 chance and she may well surprise the other 50%.


  19. i honestly believe that Sarah Palin is our modern day Lincoln. SARAH PALIN for president in 2012.


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