Can you say…..Second American GREAT DEPRESSION?

Here comes a Second American Financial

9% Unemployment for longest period since
The Great Depression

From The Blaze we read:

The Ominous Job Growth Chart That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Tyler Durden over at Zero Hedge has just published a startling chart that shows how dismal the jobs numbers really are. According to him and his chart, “the simple math indicates that for the US to return to its December 2007 unemployment, when factoring in the natural growth of the labor force of 90k people a month, the economy will need to add 250k jobs a month for the next 66 months.”

All the eloquent speeches from the Anointed One will not improve our economy nor is it in any way shape or form going to create jobs. We now have a President that is so full of himself that America is suffering another financial setback that all the Kings men and all the Kings Czars cannot put back together again.

The good news is that America is waking up and we have put real American Patriots in the seats that were filled with Corrupted and stagnant career politicians who had forgotten the Power of

We the People

Those were the same people who had become absolutely Corrupted and morally challenged in their day-to-day lives.

We the People have vowed to take back our Country from these so-called Progressive Socialists who have no place here in our Republic. We will not, as a Free People, ever surrender to Socialism, Marxism, nor Communism and the sooner the Progressive Elitists get that through their thick skulls, the better off and safer this Country will be.

Mr. President, do not underestimate what the American People will fight for. If you do, you will find yourself on the losing side of history.

Americans are now busy resetting the course of American History and yes we are even going to correct our school books so that we have an inclusive, complete, and accurate documenting of American History and not some super altered Progressive evolution of our minds.

The truth is out there now and Americans are flocking to it in record numbers to reinforce our resolve to end once and for all the Progressive Movement in the United States of America.

We are United like never before and we will not go silently into the night

Mr. President.

21 responses to “Can you say…..Second American GREAT DEPRESSION?

  1. Good Afternoon my Fellow American Patriots and Friends….better Brace Yourselves………… the Economy is about to sink…….again!


  2. Thank you Sami for being a Light for truth :)


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  4. Thank you Anthony, sorry to be the barer of bad news but the hand writing is on the wall my friend.




  6. Otis P. Driftwood

    Rod Serling tells it best – we are truly in a Twilight Zone.


  7. Rod is timeless isn’t her Otis?


  8. Good Afternoon America……. as you can see things are beginning to develop quickly and I am expecting to see a ” Manufactured Crisis” coming from this Administration shortly.


  9. Evening SAMI. I posted on this topic today as well. I’ll add a link to yours.


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  11. Good Morning Bob Mack and thank you for the link back


  12. Good Morning America :D


  13. Good Evening America :D


  14. Good Morning to all my Favorite Patriot Friends ;)


  15. Samiam60 –
    Powerful, powerful post. Revved my energy to read it. Election 2012 is 519 days away, and between then and now, efforts must not flag, enthusiasm must not dim, we must be united to save America from the socialist hell hole into which she is being pulled. Communication, education, and voting are our tools.

    BTW – Roxy has filled me in a bit and has invited me to join “the village.” I am honored – what do we do from here to make this happen? You have my personal email address – bring me up to speed, dear friend.


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