America’s Rising Communism and Our Eve of Destruction

We the People are seeing first hand the beginning of the end for America as we know it. We can all feel it and know that something is wrong, that something is happening, and we are not quite sure what. Perhaps we just don’t want to believe it is possible.  The German People didn’t believe it either, and then it was too late.

Please America, wake up to what is happening within our Government.  Get involved and let your voice be heard. Vote while you still can and by all means, Arm Yourselves!  This threat is very real and deep down we all know it. Don’t wait until it is too late. Prepare America for the worst and hope for the best, but by all means, prepare yourselves.

How is it that we missed all the warning signs and ignored those who tried to warn us of what was happening in Our America?

From Paul Revere to President Ronald Reagan there have always been Great Patriots who stood tall to warn us.  Socialism slipped in to our Great Land through the back door and is now firmly planted within our own Government.  On November 2nd we made great strides in taking back our Government from these so-called Socialist/Progressive/Marxist/Communists but there is yet more that needs to be done and we are counting on you!  We need to once again band together and form a front of opposition against this aggression.  We need to be at Town Hall Meetings speaking out and protecting our Citizens from the SEIU and New Black Panther thugs who show up there to intimidate and harass.  We need to be calling our Senators and Congressmen on every issue that is important to America.  We need to urge all of our friends and family to register and Vote at every Election.  We need to be involved in our State and Local Politics in a much bigger way letting our Elected Officials know we are watching their every move and that we will not tolerate Socialism in any of its forms.

We are facing a critical stage in our American History and lest we begin to act now and act swiftly we may find ourselves one day telling our children and grand children what it was once like in America when men were free. I borrowed that last sentence from a Great American President, Ronald Reagan.

I wrote this post knowing full well the criticism that would come.  It’s ok, I couldn’t not write this post.  I love America too much to not give warning of what we all fear may be happening in our Country.  Ten years ago I would have never thought anything like this could become a reality, and now here we are.  President Obama is disarming our Country and dividing our people.  We are ripe for an Invasion and we are not prepared. This is one of those times in my life when I can only hope and pray that I am wrong. Dead Wrong!  I do hope you took the time to view each of the videos I posted. If you haven’t, please go back and do so. The Message may be our coming reality.

Don’t let this Happen America

Get Involved Now

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