Controversial Wisconsin Union Law Set to Take Effect After High Court Ruling

Wisconsin’s contentious union rights law is set to go in effect following a sharply divided ruling by the state Supreme Court.

The decision is a major victor for Republican Gov. Scott Walker after a long and dramatic battle that was met with heavy protests in the state’s capitol and across the country.

The high court upheld Walker’s law in a 4-3 vote Tuesday evening, determining that a judge overstepped her authority when she voided the governor’s plan to strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights.

Governor Scott Walker VICTORIOUS over ZOMBIES

Ravenous Union Protesters OVER-RULED!

The End of the Bully Unions is now in Sight

Union Thuggery Loses Big Time

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) is a Marxist-Leninist political party in the United States, established in 1919. As the chief official communist party in the USA for most of the 20th century, it has a long, complex history that is often inter-layered with the simultaneous histories of similar communist parties worldwide, as well as with the U.S. labor movement generallyClick on the link to read the rest of the Article:


Do you see what is unfolding right before your very eyes?  Do you see the connection of the Obama Administration and Labor Unions with the Communist Party?  I would like to think you do!

Hello, wake up and smell the coffee America.  Your good friend and neighbor the local unions are in bed with the Communists and are plotting the downfall of our Capitalistic Way of Life.  If your in a Union you may want to begin questioning just where your hard earned union dues are going.  You may want to take a second look at what your union is really all about.  Here’s a hint.  Its not really about you!

Now I ask you.  Is that an example you want to set for your kids?  C’mon already America,  this has all been downright revolting (no pun intended)  and these people look, act and sound despicable.  As they shouted out the slogan:

  The Whole World is Watching 

I thought to myself,  yah and how embarrassing is that?


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  4. Good Morning Anthony and thank you for your on going support of this blog


  5. Great Post Sami!


  6. Thank you Loopyloo. After all the news coverage when the protests were going on in Wisconsin it seems the media wants to brush this under the rug now. I won’t let them.


  7. Obamacare Waivers Climb to Nearly 1,400

    As the number of days since the passage of the health care overhaul increases, so too do the number of waivers exempting employers from it. And now, according to CNS News, that number has climbed to nearly 1,400.

    CNS based its article on a new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).
    According to it, the exact number of waivers granted stands at 1,372. Those are for what are called “mini-med” programs. CNS explains:

    The waivers are for so-called mini-med plans that offer annual coverage limits. They were outlawed by ObamaCare and are scheduled to be regulated out of existence in 2014.

    However, such plans are often the only form of health insurance available to workers and without the waivers most would no longer be available.

    Because these new regulations would end up denying health insurance to millions of Americans, HHS began issuing waivers so that people could keep their health coverage despite the new mandates.

    The report found, however, that some of those annual limits were as high as $2 million, and that the only real basis for granting the waivers was the claim that the health care law would regulate the plans out of existence. It may come as now surprise, then, that only 65 waiver applications were denied through April 2011. 95 percent of applications were approved, the report says.

    As CNS points out, the administration set up an entirely new government office to deal with the waivers:

    HHS in fact established a new government office to process and evaluate the tide of waiver applications submitted by companies and unions trying to keep their health plans from being eliminated by ObamaCare.

    “To implement various provisions of PPACA, including those related to annual limits, HHS created what is now called the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO).”

    “CCIIO granted waivers on the basis of applications’ projected significant increases in premiums or significant decreases in access to health care benefits,” the report said. “Officials told us that they could not exclusively rely on specific numerical criteria to define a significant increase in premiums or a significant decrease in access to benefits.”



  8. Otis P. Driftwood

    Good Morning Sami. This is great news indeed.


  9. Sayonara socialists…


  10. Freedom, by the way

    A victory for Wisconsin. A victory for Americans. Walker can’t help but feel vindicated, I’m sure.


  11. Good Afternoon Otis, Bob Mack and Freedom….. perhaps today the Weiner will resign, ‘eh


  12. Sam, we can only hope that SB5 survives in Ohio.
    The precedent set in Wisconsin may catch fire across the country.

    Here’s a good one for your readers.

    This is our chance to put OUR boot on the progressives.
    We cannot afford to blow it, the country is in dire straits.


  13. Good Morning to all my favorite American Patriots and Friends :D


  14. Freedom, by the way

    Weiner resigned, yes. But I heard on Freedom Watch that unless his campaign donors ask for their donations back, he gets to keep the $13 million he had raised for his re-election bid. I hope they request every single dime back. Did you happen to see Colmes defending the creep? I have grown to have a real distaste for O’Reilly, but he nailed Colmes last night and said, “Well why don’t YOU hire him for your radio show?” Pretty amusing. Then on Freedom Watch, the Judge had that Dem Kristin Powers on to talk about Weiner and the Judge introduces her as saying that Kristin once had a relationship with Weiner. The look on Powers’ face was pretty priceless. I don’t know if she’ll so willingly be a guest going forward. Anyway, happy Friday!


  15. Interesting information you have posted here Freedom and thank you my friend. I myself am beginning to dislike O’Reilly and Fox News is beginning to show a move away from Conservatism. I fear this current Administration has gotten through to Fox News.


  16. Here you Sam,…
    Look at comment no. 18, by Ray.
    We the People are beginning to take notice.


  17. Good Find AFVET and thank you for the link my friend.


  18. Michelle Malkin has a great post up pertaining to Weiner’s ‘skillz’.
    Check out comment no. 18, comment by Ray.
    The letter to Boehner says it all.


  19. Sam, edit my link to Michelle Malkin in the above comment. I tested it and it sent me to a porn site.
    Michelle has two ll’s, not one.


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