Flash Gangs, America’s Newest Crime Wave

These Flash Mobs are focused riots. Literally, a bunch of people all go into a store and riot and loot. They beat up the customers and clerks alike, vandalize and rob the place, and storm out. Pre-planned and small scale, focused riots.

The audacity, the mindset behind this sort of attack is rooted in a sense of mass anonymity. That group empowerment, the desperation of poverty and frustration with increased crowding are all a part of this is true, but these factors have been around for a long time. What’s not been around is the phenomenon of Flash Mobs and without a sense of being anonymous in the crowd, they would never happen. That they are happening is the result of overpopulation together with poverty and a lack of control.

Updated August 20th: Cleveland Ohio

Welcome to Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America

18 responses to “Flash Gangs, America’s Newest Crime Wave

  1. Good Morning America

  2. Truly scary what our young people are turning into!

  3. Good Morning Loopyloo. Anarchy seems to be around the corner doesn’t it?

  4. I’m not sure it is still around the corner, Sami. It seems as if it is almost in our face!

  5. Amazing times we have lived to see eh Loopyloo? Ten years ago if you had told me things were going to get like this I would have never believed it.

  6. Sure this is what happen when God is KICKED out of the schools, homes and life!

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  8. Otis P. Driftwood

    This type of stuff is happening more and more lately. And it will continue – other gang-like groups will be copying this.

  9. There are a few who were predicting it, even ten years ago. I have a friend who would have been surprised that we lasted this long!

  10. Hey there Anthony, Otis and Loopyloo…….. I see this trend evolving into Flash Gang Home Invasions as the trend catches on and the economy tanks. I am living in an armed fortress and will not give a second thought to defending my home and property. I will open fire on anyone who invades my home and if it be a group or gang I will empty every clip I have on them. Anyone who survives will be shot again and no one will be leaving there alive. I am a Christian through and through and I can’t believe I feel this way but the fact is I do and I am not ashamed to admit it.

  11. Time to get a concealed weapon permit. Don’t fancy getting banged around when I’m picking up a pizza.

  12. Flash Mobs feel empowered by a black president. I hate to appear racist but the skin color of the perpetrators always seems to be the same. HMMMM! Go figure.I supposed this is part of the change that Obama promised. Thirteen percent of the general population and over 50 percent of the prison population. No surprise here.

  13. Yea Sammy I agree! Anyone entering my home without an invitation will be coming in vertically and leaving horizontally. I hope it doesn’t happen for their sake plus I don’t fancy cleaning up all the blood leaking from the holes in their newly lead infested bodies.

  14. Good Evening Freedom and Tellit….. good to see you both. I have to tell ya, we have been pushed and pushed by this Administration and the Political Correctness Police to the breaking point. PC is actually taking away our free speech and just as Tellit commented above the facts are undeniable. Could you imagine if the Media reported the facts as they really are? You know, just the way Tellit just did. I believe we should call out any group that behaves this way like it or not.

  15. Good Morning America……………….. :)

  16. in your home, you can defend yourself with guns. but what if you are caught in one of these riots in a department store, is it legal to protect yourself with a gun?

  17. Bud L. if you have a conceal carry license and you are attacked anywhere in public I would say protect yourself.

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