President Obama Gets Owned by John Voight

The Courage and Convictions of

Jon Voight

Imagine that, a Conservative Actor in Hollywood laying it all on the line for America.  Here is a Conservative in the Liberal Haven of the Movie Industry!  My hat is off to this fine Actor and Patriot for having the Courage to Stand Up and Speak Out for Our America.

Hollywood Sign

Jon Voight a True American Patriot

Jon Voight Comes Under Attack

Thank you Jon Voight for your Courage and Convictions


11 responses to “President Obama Gets Owned by John Voight

  1. Good Morning to all my Patriot Friends :D


  2. Freedom, by the way

    Tell it, Jon. There are millions that will never hear or see the truth. The trick is convincing those that do pay 1/2 attention, but still don’t understand how very important this next election is for the future of our country. We have a big job to do. With the state of our nation today, and the plans of Obama for tomorrow, the polls should have Obama in the single digits and ANY candidate running against in the 85% range. But that’s not the case. How do we convince even those thatt believe in the Nanny state that on our current course, “Nanny” will be broke and they will be in a soup line if they continue to let progressives rule.


    • All we can do Freedom is keep on doing what we all have been doing. Speaking out and getting the truth to as many as we can. We are adding to our numbers daily and will continue to do so my friend.


  3. Watch this 5 year old sing the National Anthem


  4. Good morning patriots.

    Indeed, Jon Voight, is a remarkable man and a patriot. I have always admired the man but never knew why until these past few years. He has such conviction not to mention how brave he is to speak the truth while earning a living in an environment intolerant of Conservatives.

    Great post.


  5. Excellent clips. Thanks for posting these. One of John’s lines, caught my attention and I’m going to use in a post.
    bob A.


  6. Thank you for the link back Citizen Tom ;)


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