President Obama’s Biggest Fear………… CANDIDATE SARAH PALIN!

Yo Sarah, you’re Our

Rocky Balboa for 2012 !

Against all Odds

Rocky Balboa (film)

Sarah you have shown America against all odds just how Formidable you are and have stood up against the constant Onslaught of Liberal Media Attacks only to come through Shinning Stronger and more Determined than ever.

You are the Essence of the

American Spirit

The Liberals are and have been in a Frenzied State of Hate Mongering  ever since Sarah Palin came on to the Nation Scene. They Wreak with the Smell of Fear as this potential contender poses the Greatest Threat to Barack Obama and the Socialist Movement in the United States of America.  We have had to endure eight years of Bush bashing from these Left-Wing Loons and now are seeing them in a Fevered Pitch unlike anything we had seen during the Bush years in the White House.

Remember this you Nay Sayers, Bill Clinton was the Unknown Governor of Arkansas when he threw his hat in the ring and became a Candidate for President.  Against all odds he became President and shocked the Republican Party and the Nation!


Not since the days of Ronald Reagan have we seen a Political Figure who has Stood Up to the Attacks of the Political Left, and the Left Wing Media, to come through Standing Tall and Stronger than Ever.

America needs a True America Patriot to be our First:

Madame President.

You can Beat the Odds…..

Now Run Sarah, Run!

Voting American would fully endorse a Sarah Palin Run


Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

17 responses to “President Obama’s Biggest Fear………… CANDIDATE SARAH PALIN!

  1. I would vote for her in a minute! I hope she looks at the field and realizes that there is nobody better than her available!


  2. Sarah Palin is the real deal. She has my vote, and as much money as I can send her if she decides to run.


    • Thank you for that comment Daniel. I think there are a lot more people willing to support Sarah Palin then ever before. Especially after seeing the dismal line up of Candidates we now have.


  3. I also could back Sarah Palin.
    Bob A.


  4. If Sarah runs, she will garner a lot of votes.
    She has already been ‘vetted’ by the MSM.
    I still like Rick Perry, and think he has a chance.
    Consider a Perry/Palin ticket.
    Perry is a Vet, and Palin has a son serving.
    Sarah was a very popular governor of her state, and Perry is still.
    Both have shown that they can manage very large states with success.
    Both are hunters and embrace the 2nd amendment.
    IMO, that would be a very strong ticket.
    Perry doesn’t appear to be one that is willing to back down from the slings and arrows that the media throws at him.
    Sarah is a fighter, as we all know.
    Both want America to be energy independent.

    Watch the RNC if these two would happen to join forces against the corrupt Obama regime.
    Watch Carl Rove have a heart attack.
    Watch FOX News and their pseudo ‘conservatives’ implode on air.
    At this point, that would be my dream ticket.
    That combination would be very, very strong among the conservatives.


    • Well thought out and said AFVET. I agree that would make for a very exciting change to what we have seen so far from the Republicans. As a second thought how about a Palin/Cain Ticket?


      • Although I like Cain, I think that he could be more effective in the administration on some level, maybe in a business advisory role.
        Heaven knows, we could use one of those.
        If Sarah selected Cain as a running mate that would not fare well for her.
        Herman Cain would make an excellent Secretary of the Treasury, IMO.


    • Yah, on second thought your right AFVET. The Liberals and the Media would have a field day with that ticket.


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  6. To the folks at Palin Fail………… tremble my friends


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  8. Thank you for the Link Back Denergy ;)


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