The Obsolete American and the coming Holocaust


Keep Fighting the Good Fight America

Can the ‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill NDAA 1867 Send Americans to FEMA CAMPS Without Trial?

President Obama Signed it into Law over the New Years Holiday so I guess the answer to the question is:


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8 responses to “The Obsolete American and the coming Holocaust

  1. Good Morning to all my Obsolete American Friends :(


  2. The battle is not always as it seems.
    I am reminded what Chesty Puller said at the frozen Chosen, I think it directly relates to the position we now find ourselves in with picking the next president.
    “We’re entirely surrounded, those poor bastards. They’ve got us right where we want ‘em. We can shoot in every direction now.” —–General Chesty Puller, Chosin Reservoir, Korea, 1950
    Rinos on the right and liberal marxests on the left


  3. I like it Orca and I have never heard that quote before. Thanks for commenting here.


  4. Freedom, by the way

    We just watched the last hour of Shadow Government, which I had DVR’d (I missed recording the 1st hour when it was on last week. Look it up on your directv or cable guide, I’m sure it will come on again. It’s all coming together for the good folks at the UN, The Bilderberg group and the Council on Foreign Relations–that are all pushing for the demise of the US and the rise of one world government. But in the interim, we have an election to win that can hopefully stem the tide a bit longer. Are any of the candidates talking about this indefinite detention provision? No. I didn’t think so.


  5. Freedom, by the way

    BTW–scarey commercial. Makes me want to wear a packed holster at all times.


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