Only Newt Gingrich Can Go ‘Toe to Toe’ With Obama

Article from the Blaze:

Fresh off his South Carolina primary victory, Newt Gingrich sought to paint himself as the only Republican capable of successfully taking on President Barack Obama in November.

“I think you can draw a very strong case that in the end the dynamics of a Gingrich-Obama fight are much better for Republicans than the dynamics of a Romney-Obama fight,” Gingrich said on CNN’s “State of the Union.“ The former House Speaker has repeatedly cast Mitt Romney as a ”Massachusetts moderate” incapable of defeating Obama.

Gingrich beat the former Massachusetts governor by double-digits in the Palmetto State. Heading into Florida’s Jan. 31 primary, Gingrich said he thinks South Carolina voters picked him out of “a belief that I could debate Obama head to head, that I could convey conservative values.”

“My job in Florida is to convince people that I am the one candidate who can clearly defeat Obama in a series of debates and the one candidate who has big enough solutions that they would really get America back on track,” Gingrich said.

“I think we had better be prepared for a tough campaign, whoever we nominate,” he said. “I can go toe to toe with President Obama on big things.”

Gingrich offered a small amount of praise for Romney over the announcement that he would be releasing his tax returns Tuesday. Romney has faced mounting pressure to do so, particularly from Gingrich.

“I commend him for it,” Gingrich said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “As far as I’m concerned that particular issue is now set to side.”

Mr. President, here is a Preview of what is coming your way

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  1. Good Morning America :D

  2. Good morning! We obviously saw something huge happen with the last couple of debates. Gingrich’s willingness to fight back against the media has really resonated with voters. While I think Santorum is a more conservative candidate, I just don’t think he can put up the same kind of fight as Gingrich. He always seems to come across as whiny onstage. IDK….while Gingrich has enormous baggage, most of it is old news, (and he claims to be a changed man), and the guy can fight! That’s exactly what the voters are looking for, and right now, he has a good a shot as anyone in the race right now.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly Righthook and although Gingrich carries with him a lot of negative baggage we are heading for a fight that will determine the future of our Country. It is for this reason that I have aligned myself with Newt Gingrich. He and only he can truly take our fight to Obama and he and only he will fight to restore America to her former Greatness. Believe me I would have much rather lined up with a more Conservative Candidate but this Battle must be won and so it is my hope that Gingrich will pick a Strong Conservative as Vice President to balance out his short comings.

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  9. I’m curious….do you think Newt’s win had anything to do with Sarah’s temporary endorsement of him? People say endorsements don’t mean much, but Palin’s comment about voting for Gingrich in order to keep the race going, may have resonated with some people. Obviously, his attack on the media in his debates played a huge part in his win…no doubt there. But I just wonder if Palin’s comments had any influence. What do you think?

    • Righthook, I absolutely think that short endorsement from Sarah Palin on the Hannity show went a long way to giving people the incentive to take a second look at Newt. That followed by his assassination of CNN and ABC clinched it for me and many others ;)

    • RH, …Chuck Norris has also endorsed Gingrich, for what it’s worth.

  10. I hope that everyone in South Carolina woke up the next morning and said, WHAT HAVE WE DONE?

    If you want a sharp tongued politician who knows how to fight dirty…he is your man!
    Like they say, even his baggage has baggage.

    • Well my friend, I have a feeling (and I could be wrong) that Gingrich will take Florida and beyond. He is giving the American People what they so eagerly seek………..a fight :D

    • As Sarah would say,…You Betcha !!!!
      The gloves are off.
      You don’t put a poodle into a pit bull fight.
      Obama has already stated that if they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun.
      Game on !

      • Afternoon/Evening AFVET……… Sarah Palin……. Game On for sure.

        By the way, I liked what you did over on Loopyloo’s post. You sure know how to put a Liberal in their place my friend ;)

  11. It is being said that the unions are supporting Newt because they think he is too far right to be elected against Bammer
    I know that with no contest in the primaries for the dem’s they are voting for the most conservative person in hopes that will defeat him with the independants

  12. The funny in all of this is that even the other side acknowledges Mit is a liberal at heart.
    The only lefty they want is bammer
    AFSCME does not want a race between obummer and obummer lite they fear too much confusion and they own obummer out right

  13. Good Evening Orca and AFVET. Can’t put anything past the evil left and this campaign season is shaping up to be the nastiest ever in our life times.

  14. wow if ever I heard an understatement that would have to be it.
    “can’t put anything past the evil left”
    Both sides are fighting for their very lives.
    Getting the word out and keeping informed will make or break our way of life, and our liberty beyond doubt. This blog with the people that support it like AFVET and you SAMIAM60 stand on the front line of liberty, you and many more like you, refuse to go quietly into that night and further rage at the dieing of the light from the flame of liberty

    • I am honored my friend and you too are here with us and so the honor must be shared by us one and all as should be. You my friend are a Patriot

  15. Help, Help help
    My son and daughter are both in a far left liberal english class taught by an obama/union brain dead high school class teacher
    They have a project due, a video with pictures and video clips putting forth a political position, they want to skewer obama.
    I need quotes from bammer about criteria that should be used to select a DC Appeals court judge both before he was pres and then before
    As well as other flip flops
    His speech claiming 57 states would be nice
    And any others that might be appropriate looking for good in your face stuff
    Thank you for tweeking a liberal nose
    My daughter loves discussing talking points with her
    One of her last ones was her own
    So you belong to a union don’t you
    teacher’s answer, yes
    that means you are bought off and owned by obama as his puppet
    hope you don’t mind me asking for help here on your blog to put down a liberal teacher if it is not appropriate just let me know.
    They both turn 18 next may and will be voters in the next election,
    conservative voters.

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