Time to Start Drug Testing Welfare Recipients and Our ELECTED OFFICALS!

The time has come America for us to demand the Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients. 

While were at it, how about our Elected Officials

These seem to be the people who are putting the greatest strain on our American Economy and it seems only a Drug Addiction could cause the dis-functionality we are seeing within our Government!

I for one have had enough of the Social In-Justice we are seeing under this Socialist President and Drug Testing might just get his sorry ass thrown out of Office before the Election!

Think About It

Our Elected Officials are AGAINST Drug testing of Elected Officials,  Hmmm?

Hat Tip to shortformblog.tumblr.com for this information

  • The plan Indiana Republican Jud McMillin (yes, just one “d”) introduced a bill in the Indiana General Assembly that would have required random drug testing of welfare recipients.
  • The sabatogeDemocratic legislator Ryan Dvorak added an amendment to also require drug testing for elected officials in the state. McMillin withdrew the bill. source

» The nitty-gritty: ”If we’re going to impose standards on drug testing,” Dvorak said, “then it should apply to everybody who receives government money.” McMillin claimed that he had to withdraw the bill after Dvorak’s amendment was added, due to a 1997 Supreme Court ruling that it’s unconstitutional to drug test candidates for elected office…but that logic is flawed, as the Dvorak Amendment would have only required testing of officials already in office, not candidates. Surprisingly, McMillin said he plans to introduce a new version of the bill….that requires lawmaker testing as well. “Give me the cup right now and I will be happy to take the test,” McMillin said.

Indiana Democrat foils attempt to mandate drug testing of welfare recipients with sneaky amendment (shortformblog.tumblr.com)

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  1. Good Morning America and just take a look at all the related links at the bottom of this post where our Elected Officials are flat out against Drug Testing of our Elected Officials. I think that clearly shows us what the real problem is in Washington. Think about it!


  2. Gerald Shields

    Yes! And let’s start by testing the Republican idiots that came up with this dumb idea.


    • I understand your fears Gerald Shields. If they did a random drug test today without warning most of your Democrat Leaders would be gone and Republicans would gain the Majority once again.

      Oh well, that’s not going to happen anytime soon so I guess we’ll just have to wait for November!


    • What are you afraid of Gerald Shields ?
      Possibly losing the liberal majority in the senate ?


  3. E. Allen Hathcock

    After 23 years of Service to the Country in our Army, I was retired by the Army due to age. During the last 6 years of my service the Army drug tested me on a regular basis. It rely wanted me to fail those test so they could kick me out and not have to pay any retirement.

    Those that draw welfare are no better than I am, test everyone, every month, you test positive not more welfare. The saving to the program would produce cost reduction more than required to test the individuals.

    This is one of the many reason I am running for the US senate.

    Career Politicians are the Problem
    E. Allen Hathcock
    MSG US Army (retired)
    A Man of Action

    Christian Tea Party Platform

    US Senator
    Republican Primary
    13 March 2012

    This election is not about Roger Wicker or me; it is about you and the future of your children and grandchildren. You will decide if their income and freedom will be less or more than yours.
    You will decide whether Freedom or Government will rule.

    I am a plain-spoken, a simple man with simple ideas which are: balance the budget, cut spending, shrink the size of government, lower taxes, impose term limits, and promote free enterprise. Simple goals with simple solutions. Career politicians give lip service to the goals but little else.

    I want to see this country better off than when I was born. At this time it isn’t happening!

    For the first time in the history of the USA those that come after me face not growth but loss of income and freedom, all stemming from big-government spending of borrowed money. by DC.

    If the career politicians aren’t voted out there will be no money for your children or grandchildren, only the bill will remain; they will stand in line begging for a handout from the government.

    Vote for me and send Roger Wicker a career politician packing. Vote for me and put your money back in your pockets. Vote for me if you want to see your children and grandchildren have a better future.

    Career Politicians are the Problem
    E. Allen Hathcock for U.S. Senator
    Career Politicians are the Problem
    E. Allen Hathcock for U.S. Senator

    It seems appropriate, since asking for your vote, support and money, you need facts about me:
    I was born in a farm house June 2, 1948 town of Kilmichael, MS, I’m not sure if the doctor got there before or after my arrival.

    My earliest memory was listening to the Grand Ole Opry and the Lone Ranger on Radio. Dad had to pull the 8N Ford up to the bedroom window and hook the radio to the battery, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, and the out house was a ways off. Mom and Dad listened to the Opry but it was the Lone Ranger that caught my attention, that and the Phantom.

    Childhood was one of some passing interest which I survived, graduating from Winona High School, Winona, MS, after which attendance at Holmes Jr. College earned me an Associates of Arts in Data Processing and Computer Programming.

    Vietnam, hippies, and the draft were topics of the day. The draft was hot on my heels before enlisting in the US Army for OCS Engineering. Basics and Advanced Infantry training were completed at Fort Polk, LA. Upon completion orders sent me to Germany where I served till discharge.

    After my stint with the Army, I attended Mississippi State University graduating with a BS in Banking and Finance, and am currently enrolled as an Unclassified Graduate student. I am a life long student, one must never stop learning or they stop growing.

    After graduation, a series of jobs followed in banking, farm lending, national financial manager, offshore oil field, trucker, carpenter, pulp wood harvester, business owner, social worker, hobby farmer, and citizen soldier.

    In 1990 the Mississippi Army National Guard hired me as a Military Technician. On December 7, 1990 I was mobilized with the 155th Armored Bde for Operation Desert Storm.

    In 1998 the Army Reserves hired me as the Unit Administrator for the 814th Replacement Company. When I arrived in Starkville I was handed a piece of paper and told, “Congratulations, you are now the 814th Replacement Company”, no soldiers or equipment. On February 1, 2003 the unit was mobilized and deployed to the Middle East for Iraqi Freedom. I celebrated my 55th birthday there running a 5K fun run on a 135 degree, cloud less day or so they labeled it. At the time I didn’t think it was fun. The thing I am most proud of is 38 soldiers went and 38 came back.

    Upon return from overseas I was assigned to Camp Shelby, MS. There I finished the remainder of my military career, training soldiers deploying for Iraqi Freedom. On June 2, 2008 at the tender age of 60, the Army told me I was too old, too ugly, and too slow to be a soldier and put me out to pasture.

    Put me back in harness to serve you rather than you serving DC.

    E. Allen Hathcock
    CSM Mississippi State Guard(active)
    MSG US Army (retired)
    Vietnam (era vet) Desert Storm (era vet) 2003 Iraqi Freedom (vet)
    US Army Military Technician (retired)

    Please Donate $1.00 to $2,500.00 as much as you can spare.
    Send to:

    Allen Hathcock
    US Senate Campaign Account
    389 Summertree Road
    Starkville, MS 39759

    Career Politicians are the Problem

    Career Politicians are the Problem

    Movers and Shakers

    There are Movers and Shakers in this world; most of us are not. We have to live with what the movers and shakers want. But this year you have the opportunity to be a Mover and Shaker.
    Never in my memory of 63 years have I seen such an opportunity for the common citizen, as the elite likes to call us, to turn this country upside down, turn it around, and head it in the other direction.
    This opportunity is rare and may never be seen in America again.

    My name is Allen Hathcock and I am running heads up against Senator Roger Wicker for the GOP nomination.

    Oh no, another politician! Not so; I am as far from a politician as one can get.

    Popular elections began in MS in 1913. Since that date there has been no elected Senator unseated by any challenger that I am aware of, regardless of party affiliation. They either retired, resigned, or died in office.
    Senator Wicker is a Career Politician, the son of a Career Politician or I like to call them Elected Royalty. They have nothing in common with the Taxpayer. How could they? Seems to me their salary comes from Taxpayer Funds, so what they pay to the IRS is not taxes but a rebate to the government.
    Every six years the voters have a chance to kick the Career Politicians out we fail to because the deck is stacked in favor of the Career Politician.
    Since 1913 career politicians have taken this nation from the greatest nation on earth to teetering on the brink of collapse.

    It will collapse, unless all career politicians are booted and leaders or put in instead of compromisers’ aka bi-partisan government career politicians.
    The solutions to our problems are simple the implementation is what is hard. But before that can happen there must be a leader with skin as tough as an elephant. One with a clear vision of what was, what is, and what needs to be done.
    If God willing, I will sign and place on file the following notarized statement.

    I believe so strongly in term limits that I will not seek re-election.

    By Gods grace, I am a leader, not a follower. You will either lead, follow, or get out of the way or we will move you out of the way. We are taking back our God Given American Freedom.

    This is how, the first day on the job if God will, I will introduce a law requiring all elected Congressmen to take a 50% cut in pay. It will have about as much chance of passing as a snowball in hell.

    If there is no cut, I will take 50% of the pay and give it to my local church to use in missionary work in the USA. I will not give it back to the government to squander on useless doomed programs.

    If God willing, I will propose a constitutional amendment to set term limits and to bar any previous elected official from contacting those that come after for a period of 10 years.

    If God willing, I will propose a constitutional amendment raising the age before one can run for Congress to 60, thus insuring that before elected our Senators will actually have worked and paid taxes before going to DC.

    If God willing, I will cut my Senatorial Staff by 10% the first 5 years and 50% the last year that I am in office.

    There are six offices for Senator Wicker If God willing, I will cut all but two during my six years in office.

    If God willing, I will seek to abolish the Department of Education in DC and return control of the schools back over to the parents.
    If God willing, I will seek to close the EPA.

    If God willing, I will introduce legislation to cut all government expenditures, except Social Security and the Military, by 10% per year until the budget is balanced.
    There is enough fraud, waste, and abuse in all government that any good manager can reduce the expense by 10% without compromising the service provided or risk collapsing the entire economy. If the manager refused to comply with the cut, fire them and hire another, It is reported that one third, 1/3 of the Medicare and Medicaid is fraudulent claims.

    If God willing, I will seek to shrink the size of government by reviewing programs and laws to see if they are redundant and repeal duplication of government programs. Thus promoting Freedom to grow the economy.
    Since the military is being cut back to 800,000 soldiers no further cuts would be needed. It is my opinion the cuts are to large and to fast and it makes America vulnerable to attack. I will seek to increase the size of the military and re-implement the Don’t ask Don’t tell policy of recruitment.

    Donation in any amounts from $1.00 up to $2,500 will be appreciated please do not give over $2,500.

    Make donations payable to:

    Allen Hathcock
    US Senator Campaign Account
    389 Summertree Road
    Starkville, MS 39759

    Yours in Christ

    Allen Hathcock


  4. These public officials don’t live in the real world; they live in a far away planet completely isolated from us. They should be retired there just in the way of process.


  5. Sam you may have hit on something, they certainly act like their on drugs without doubt.


  6. Well there is another possible excuse. Look to those early pioneers in political discourse Rocky and Bullwinkle fourth season
    After inventing goof gas in their country, Boris tries it out on Rocky and Bullwinkle. Rocky turns stupid and goofy but Bullwinkle is not affected. (It’s stated that goof gas works on the brain, and Bullwinkle, not having one, is immune.) After seeing how easy it is to beat Washington (based on a newspaper that read “Boston Takes Washington Seven to Two”), Boris and Natasha plan a goof gas attack on Washington to take it over.

    After viewing from the visitor section they see what the politicians say makes no logical sense and seems to be goofy and so Natasha turns to Boris and asks “Boris is what he said, you think he already have some goof gas?” and Boris says “Natasha what he said, that is goof gas!”
    They leave without firing a shot saying if they did shoot no one would notice the difference.
    When Bullwinkle and Rocky arrive they think the are too late.
    Sounds about right to me


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