America is not a Theme Park Mr. President

America is a Shining City on a Hill Mr. President and not some Virtual Alternate Liberal Fantasy World State of your mind.

It is apparent to all Americans that your Vision of a Transformed America is really nothing more than a Marxist Ideological Failure as are all of the Policies you have put forth to date. 

Your hopes of Re-Election grow dimmer by the day as We the People begin to Speak Up and Expose you for who and what you really are.

18 responses to “America is not a Theme Park Mr. President

  1. Good Morning America :D

  2. Foul Mouth Vulgar Liberals such as Imperial Aerosol Kid from England get Banned Quickly from this site.

    Hope your enjoying your Socialism over there my friend :D

  3. His record is clear, you can run but you cannot hide Mr president

  4. its incredable how the media is so controled by the liberal bunch
    50 million people of food stamps with millions of jobs gone and suddenly the job numbers drop to 8.3%
    they dont count the people who stoped looking suck as my self.
    they dont count the millions whoes unemployment benifets have run out.
    they lie to the public in hopes for voted,.
    the corruption runs deeper then a 100 year old oak tree.
    next to come will be war with iran,rushia,china
    the first great war of the 21st centery is just around the bend.,
    march or april Israel will attack iran wich will drag america in then rushia and china will jumpo in defending iran and their oil supply.

  5. Good Morning Sam, WP does not allow me to reblog this post! when i want to reblog it tells me “This post can not be reblogged”

  6. Sam, check out and see the worlds largest center fire rifle, made in Ohio.
    .905 caliber,….awesome !!!!

  7. Great chart you found, Samii. I see great commercials coming out of that! I will try re-blogging one of your posts this weekend and see if it’s just a glitch or what.

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  9. Thank you for the link back at Shofar737

  10. Enough with the Socialist presidents. Obama has the keys to the Cadillac but don’t know how to drive it.

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