Liberal Terrorism from the President on Down to Media Matters

From this President on down the American People have been under siege for decades by the Liberal/Progressive Movement here in the United States.

Progressive Socialism
America’s Trojan Horse

We all know the story of Helen of Troy and how a young Prince took the Queen of another Country to be his wife. Well it didn’t end well for Troy and like anything else in this world if we embrace something or someone who is wrong we will have consequences. Such is the case I make for the election of Barack Obama. A huge mistake made by the American people believing he offered real Hope and Change for a Country in a desperate economic climate. Just like the Trojan Horse of Troy, Obama brought with him the soldiers of Socialism and quickly placed them all in positions of power. Socialism began to take root in America about 100 years ago and began to slowly creep into the American Physique as a harmless yet beneficial way to bring about Social Justice for all. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. We know them as modern-day Liberals, or Progressives if you will. They change names once the current name is exposed for what it really is, Marxist/Communism. We have all seen the living conditions of people who live under such tyrannical rule and we have watched as the Socialistic Countries of Europe erupt into violent riots over the failed policies of Socialism. Here in America it is different as we are a Capitalistic Country enjoying unlimited opportunity for wealth and the American Dream. America’s Greatness sprang forth because of our Christian Values and Ideals so Socialism although having taken root here cannot prosper. There are just too many rational thinking Christian Americans living in this Great Land to ever let Socialism take hold and destroy Our Way of Life.
The end of Socialism began here on November 2nd 2010 and will see its ultimate demise in 2012


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  1. Good Morning America :D


  2. Happy Presidents Day America :D

    Now all we need is a Real President !!!!!!


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  6. We have to keep an eye on this, and is consistently reporting on the fact that Obama may be ineligible to hold office.
    Their persistence on this issue is commendable.
    The Trojan Horse concept is accurate.
    Pelosi and Reid are the culprits in moving the horse to the gates of America, in ignoring their Constitutional duty.
    The MSM opened the gate.
    And here we are three years later.


    • Yep here we are AFVET and the kicker in all this is that we don’t have a Candidate that I can get excited about. Try as I do I just can’t seem to get behind any of them. :(


      • Yeah Sam, I’ll raise my hand in favor of gun control as long as I control my guns.
        As far as the candidates go, I’m with you, but anyone is better than Obama. Leaning to Santorum. Lately, he has shown a bit of fire in standing up to the liberal media pundits.
        Romney, when cornered, would not accuse Obama as being a socialist, when we all know that he is at least a socialist.
        Santorum at least sticks to his values although his voting record is less than respectable for conservatives.
        None of them are “clean”, Neither was Reagan.
        What this country needs is inspiration, like Reagan espoused during his campaign and his terms in office.
        A positive outlook for the American People is needed now, and a lot of Americans are starving for a LEADER.
        Many foreign countries are watching this election to see who America elects for Her next President.
        One who tramples on Our Constitution, or one who vows to respect it.

        We the People of the United States of America will determine the outcome at the voting booth.
        Hopefully, it will be conducive to the Republic that Franklin challenged US to keep.
        Whatever happens in the presidential race, we have got to take the senate and retain the house.


      • Your hitting the nail on the head all the way AFVET. God Help US if he gets re-elected


  7. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pledges more defense spending

    MOSCOW – With less than two weeks until elections, Russian Prime Minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin pledged to spend 23 trillion rubles ($770 billion) on strengthening the country’s army over the next 10 years, the Kremlin’s biggest military spending spree since the Cold War.

    Putin vowed to deliver an “effective and asymmetrical response” to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s plan to cast a missile-defense shield over Europe while thoroughly overhauling the army’s ability to confront modern threats. If approved, the program would tack on more than $120 billion to a $650 billion defense-spending increase pushed through last year, even though a top official warned it may push Russia’s budget past its breaking point.

    “It’s obvious we won’t be able to develop our international position, our economy or democratic institutions if we cannot defend Russia,” Putin wrote in an article for the government-owned Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper. “We must not tempt anyone with our weakness.”

    The manifesto is the sixth in a series of pre-election articles Putin has published in recent weeks. Putin — a former KGB spy who has tried to project himself as a strong leader and bulwark of Russian stability — is expected to win presidential elections scheduled for March 4, despite months of large anti-government protests.

    Read more:


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