China and Russia Embark on Military Buildup as America Stands Down

Return of the former Soviet Union

and Vladimir Putin

From the Washington Post:

By , Published: February 20

MOSCOW – Less than two weeks before presidential elections, Vladimir Putin laid out his ambitious plans Monday for modernizing and strengthening Russia’s defense forces over the next decade, in the face of a threatening world and a powerful United States.“For Russia to feel secure and for our partners to listen carefully to what our country has to say,” he wrote, Moscow must spend about $775 billion by 2022 for new armaments and a more professional military.
Two weeks before Russia holds its presidential election, hundreds of motorists circled central Moscow to demand that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin allow free elections. Saturday night, pro-Putin motorists hit the streets. (Feb. 19)

“We see zones of instability and artificially maintained, managed chaos emerging,” the current Russian prime minister wrote in a lengthy article that was one of a series of presidential campaign platforms. “Furthermore, we see how some are purposefully provoking such conflicts in the immediate vicinity of Russia’s borders.”

He said Russia’s military response to the U.S. missile defense shield would be “effective and asymmetrical.”

The promise to increase defense spending and modernize Russia’s forces is not new. On Monday, Putin said Russia will put more than 400 intercontinental ballistic missiles into service over the next 10 years, as well as eight nuclear submarines, 600 advanced aircraft, 2,300 tanks and an array of other equipment. Analysts, on the left and right, were skeptical that he can accomplish such a buildup.

China Boosts Military Spending

China has announced that it will boost military spending by 11.2 per cent this year, in a move likely to cause concern about Beijing’srapid military build-up and stoke regional tensions.The increase was announced on Sunday by Li Zhaoxing, the spokesman for China’s parliament, and will bring official spending on the People’s Liberation Armyto 670.3bn yuan ($110bn) for 2012, after a 12.7 per cent increase last year and a nearly consistent series of double-digit rises across two decades.

“China’s limited military power is for the sake of preserving national sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity- Li Zhaoxing,
Chinese parliamentary spokesman

China’s public budget is widely thought by foreign experts to undercount its real spending on military modernisation, which has unnerved Asian neighbours and drawn repeated calls from the US for China to share more about its intentions.

Li said the world has nothing to fear, and the money spent on the PLA paled in comparison with the Pentagon’s outlays.

“You can see that we have 1.3 billion people with a large land areas and a long coastline, but our outlays on defence are quite low compared to other major countries,” Li said before the annual session of the National People’s Congress, the Communist Party-controlled legislature that will approve the budget.

“China’s limited military power is for the sake of preserving national sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity,” said Li, a former foreign minister. “Fundamentally, it constitutes no threat to other countries.”

Budget ‘tops $100bn’

Asian neighbours have been nervous about Beijing’s expanding military, and this latest double-digit rise could reinforce worries in Japan, India and Southeast Asian nations.

“China’s military capabilities plus its creeping assertiveness, its new kind of aggressiveness in the region, I think those are causes for concern,” Richard Bitzinger, a military expert and senior fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, told Al Jazeera.

“I think what’s most significant, for me at least, is the fact that they finally topped $100bn in defence spending.”

China’s growing military capability has been a growing concern among Asian countries in recent years

Bitzinger said the “ultimate cumulative effect is that it has basically propelled the Chinese into the second largest defence spender in the world, behind the United States”.

Obama has sought to reassure Asian allies that the US will stay a key player in the area, and the Pentagon has said it will “rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific region”.

“China shares its land border with 14 countries; it used to make sense that a country in such a position maintains strong conventional forces,” said Kazuya Sakamoto, a professor at Osaka University in Japan who researches international security.

“But in this nuclear age, it does not really make sense China, a nuclear-armed country, continues to build up its military at such a pace.”

Obama’s proposed budget for the fiscal year of 2013 calls for a Pentagon base budget of $525.4bn, about $5.1bn less than approved for 2012.

China’s defence spending was 1.28 per cent of its gross domestic product in 2011, while the US and Britain both devoted more then two per cent of their economies to their military forces, Li, the Chinese parliament spokesman, said.

Japan and China have disputed over islands each claims in the East China Sea; Vietnam, the Philippines and other nations have challenged Beijing over claims to swathes of the South China Sea that could be rich in oil and gas.

Al Jazeera and agencies

America’s Manchurian Candidate

Obama Response:

START Treaty

Disarming America’s Nuclear Deterrent

Why was he reading this book before he was Elected President? The Post American World?

Any Questions?

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  1. Are you Awake Yet America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Russians head to polls in presidential elections expected to return Putin to Kremlin

    MOSCOW – Opposition leaders and Russian observers said Sunday they are seeing widespread violations in elections that are expected to return Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin.

    Putin, who was president in 2000-2008, is expected to easily win the Sunday election against four challengers. But if credible evidence of vote manipulation emerges, it would bolster the determination of opposition forces to continue the unprecedented wave of protests that arose in December.

    The independent elections watchdog agency Golos said it was receiving reports of so-called “carousel voting,” in which busloads of voters are driven around to cast ballots multiple times.

    “There have been many people voting more than once, driven around in buses in large numbers” in Moscow, said Golos head Lilia Shibanova, who said similar reports had been received from Novosibirsk, Russia’s third-largest city, and the city of Barnaul in southern Siberia.

    “We, of course, expected carousels, but not on this scale,” Alexei Navalny, one of the opposition’s most charismatic leaders, said on Twitter.

    Allegations of widespread vote fraud in parliamentary elections set off the massive protests against Putin, who has remained Russia’s paramount leader despite stepping down from president to prime minister four years ago due to term limits. They were the largest public show of anger in post-Soviet Russia and demonstrated growing frustration with corruption and political ossification under Putin, who as prime minister has remained Russia’s dominant politician.

    Sounds just like America under Obama to me!

    Read more:


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    Obama will destroy America any way he can. If he’s re-elected it’s only a matter of which of his agendas destroys us first.
    Bob A.


    • Amen to to that Bob A. What amazes me is the indifference we are seeing among the majority of Americans.

      Thank you for re-posting this my friend.


  4. Don’t worry Sam, Barry will send a swarm of drones over there and kick their butts. :|


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  6. This reminds me of what is to come: Asia’s Armageddon Army

    The book of Revelation speaks of an “end-time” gathering of kings from the East that will join other armies in the valley of Megiddo in order to take control of the land given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants. Although China’s name is not specifically mentioned in the Bible, this large country located east of the Euphrates is uniquely qualified as a candidate for the final battle of the age that is sometimes called “the battle of Armageddon.”


    • Thank you Sherry for sharing this link and information. I have often thought of the end times as I see world events unfolding before my very eyes.


  7. Thank you for the link back my friends at a12iggymom’s Blog


  8. Freedom, by the way

    Guess Putin wouldn’t like photo IDs to vote anymore than Obama does. Certainly cuts down on that voter fraud necessary for a win.
    It is very nerve-wracking to watch powerful, unfriendly–or at least not true allies–build up their militaries while Obama is cutting back our troops. We Have GOT to elect a smarter president in November.


  9. Joseph Maloney

    Cowing and bowing is Obama’s foreign policy. 5 tillion added to the national debt in three years has devalued our dollar. MSM ignores the facts. Obama believes his bankroll and a compliant media will win the election.


    • Good to see you Joseph. The loyalty of the media towards Obama reminds me of 1939 Germany. The news outlets have now become Propaganda Agents for the Progressive Movement.


  10. Federal judge rules Maryland gun permit law unconstitutional

    BALTIMORE – A federal judge has ruled that Maryland’s handgun permit law is unconstitutional.

    In an opinion filed Monday, U.S. District Judge Benson Everett Legg says a requirement that residents show a “good and substantial reason” to carry a handgun infringes their Second Amendment right to bear arms. He says it isn’t sufficiently tailored to the state’s public safety interests.

    Plaintiff Raymond Woollard was denied a renewal of his permit in 2009 because he could not show he had been subject to “threats occurring beyond his residence.” Woollard obtained the permit after fighting with an intruder in his Hampstead home in 2002.

    The lawsuit, which names the state police superintendent and members of the Handgun Permit Review Board, was also filed on behalf of the Bellevue, Wash.-based Second Amendment Foundation.


  11. Good Morning America :D

    Be sure and visit the Banned Ireporters and see how your second amendment rights are being trampled:


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  13. With all the economic uncertainty plaguing nearly every country around the globe and food prices escalating accordingly it is a good thing to have a plan. Some people say there is an impending food crisis and I for one like to be prepared. Perhaps this will help you


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  15. Where does the US get all the nut cases that believe the above type distortions etc. If one thing is killing the USA it is people like the above. Narrow bastards that need to get on a plane and actually go to a few other countries and see what the rest of the world is like. You may have the biggest democracy? but certainly not the best by a long way.
    Defense – One way or another the USA spends about 10 times as much on arms etc. as Russia – 7 times as much as China. Nuclear forces – there is a treaty – verified both ways this time – Russia insisted on real verification this time – 1500 active each. What is your problem – the fact these countries have enough forces to make sure the US will try anything as stupid as attacking them or another Vietnam etc. That’s what there forces are for overall – real Defense forces. Not strategic forces like those the USA has to project power. I don’t blame Russia not trusting the USA. Look what Georgia did sponsored by there US “ALLY” [and still an ally after that disgusting sneak attack on Ossetia etc.] Also the Bush administration is then stupid enough to try and lie and say Russia attacked Georgia – that’s all we heard from bent US media for 3 days until our own and other Media managed to get the truth out. Not Bush lies and he knew he was lying. Georgia attacked with there US trained and supported troops – unprovoked – a fact. I am Australian and we believe what the EU monitors there say and the true Free World Press e.g. German media and other European Press say. In the end British media reluctantly told the truth. We are sick and tired of US distortion and US propaganda. Virtually no US sourced news now in Australia on our TV. Nobody trusts it. Obama might not be perfect but the rest of the World tends to think he is far better than McCain and Palin would have been. That’s about all the US sourced news we now get – reports on your elections to bore us to death. Quatar based Al Jazera is certainly a far more trustworthy source for world news than CNN etc.


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