Some Clarity on Obama Motivations for those who are still in Shock

by usamutt:

As I read the curiosities of folks concerning Obama’s actions I am continually amazed at the surprise
and horror that folks arrive at for their observations.

Didn’t you all know the direction of Obama as he said them before he was elected?

Did you not realize his thinking hinged on the fact that he didn’t think that the constitution favored the power of the
federal government enough?  You didn’t know that fact? 

He said clearly he thought the constitutions protection of individual liberty was in need of change that sided towards government authority.

Why do you suppose he wanted these changes?  Well that is simple enough, he wanted more power for wealth redistribution.
What did you think that meant?

What you don’t clearly see for what is coming is the removal of liberty from individuals by taking power in the machinery of the federal government moves us closer to a one world governance.  Doesn’t this make sense?

When you see our wealth going to third world nations don’t you realize that our control is lowered while the third world nation is elevated?

When you see a diminishing of or military does it occur to you that it becomes easier for us to be subjugated to others’ will?

Oh wait I see why it is you haven’t come to know this:  You digest what the media wants you to know.

Don’t you realize that the media who sold us Obama is interested in broadcasting to more viewers.  If they go from a national broadcasting position to an international position what happens?  More ratings and more money! 

Obama would love for nothing more than to deliver the authority of te US Government to a Global Authority where he and his cronies could control the world.

None of this makes sense to you?  Why does the Obama Administration want to undo, both the first and second amendments of the constitution?

He wants to get rid of God and Guns… Isn’t that clear?  Without God’s authority he becomes God.  Without guns nobody stands in his way.

Did Americans go to sleep one night and wake up critically thinking challenged?  When did it become a good idea to participate in something like #OWS. 

Those desiring what Obama intended to do are clearly dangerous people because of their weak-minded manner of understanding the responsibility of freedom.

Who in their right mind thinks Obama has any clue as how to meet a payroll?  Since when did a community organizer understand and master the intricacies of profitable investing? 

Since when did a non practicing lawyer ever be a good choice for a capital defense argument.

Most folks who wanted Obama, wanted him because they didn’t use their critical thinking apparatus. 

What they did use is their desire function or emotive need.

I have no time for folks that demand fairness in governance.  I value equal opportunity, not affirmative action.

If you are surprised at what Obama has been doing, then maybe the problem isn’t Obama. 

He has done all he said he was going to do.

Maybe the problem is you and your habits of listening to the whores in media that want greater profits worldwide for selling you the biggest package of nonsense sold since the days of the wonder lotions pimped in the old days of western frontier days.

I knew what Obama was all about and he hasn’t surprised me one bit. Self proclaimed smart Americans have surprised me though.  I don’t consider anyone to be smart who sided with Utopian thinking or the motivations of Obama. 

Hat Tip to USAMUTT for this Article

It is Time to Wake Up America and Vote this Bum Out!

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  1. Good Morning/Afternoon America :D


  2. This link coincides with your post.

    Sam, since your banner displays our National Bird, you might be interested to know that Obama has stated that it is OK for Native Americans to kill the Bald Eagle.
    Heard just now on Glenn Beck.


    • Thank you for the link AFVET and I did see that about the Bald Eagles. Just one more American Value Obama tramps on.

      That’s ok, I use the Eagle as my symbol here because I feel that every time I write an Article here and across my blogs I am giving Obama the Bird!


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  5. coffeeandsleeplessnights

  7. Even Republicans Rejected Info About Obama’s Past

    Obama Threatens Media With Federal Investigation If They Pursue Birth Certificate

    Take Back Our Country!


  8. Joseph Maloney

    President Obama has centralized more power in the executive branch through his excutive oreders, and Information and Regulattory Czar Cass Sunstein’s regulations to all federal agencies. Obama has shown contempt for Justices of the Supreme Court who he dislikes. As he did a the 2010 State of the Union Address with Justice Alito. This recent rant against the Court is a preemptive strike; which no President has ever done. WH Press Secretary Carney told us all yesterday what the DOJ will say today. Damage control is the norm for the MSM and Carney, instead of getting to the truth about Obama’s “Transfomation” of our constitution and government.


  9. Are you kidding me, this is the most insane stuff I’ve read in years. “The sky is falling” type Fox News crap.
    Don’t you realize, the 400 that control the US/world WANT us to argue about gun rights, gay marriage, abortions, etc. Anything to distract us from paying attention to them. They are systemically taking over, getting rid of unions, the US post office (which is actually in the Constitution, not an amendment), freedoms (Patriot Act)….all fop which are Republican notions and NOT Democratic ones. If Romney gets in, first thing he will do is cut taxes for the uber-wealthy thus putting us more and more in debt.

    Obama doesn’t want to be God, take away guns….he’s the badass that sends in Seal Team 6 when necessary. THINK!


  10. Brian J. Rowe

    I find myself in these times, that which our Forefathers felt before they founded this country… I will NOT comply!!! What I do know is that if the Military does not stand with the people, there is almost no possibility to right this nation from the enemies inside and all around us…


    • Our Military took an Oath to defend our Constitution and yet they attended Liberal Schools and Colleges. One has to wonder how faithful they will be to their Oath?


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