What Exactly was it that Brought About the Womens Liberation (Feminist) Movement?

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Perhaps I shouldn’t have asked this question?

You’ve come a long way Baby!

To bad the Liberals Screwed it up

Is it any wonder I’m Single?

7 responses to “What Exactly was it that Brought About the Womens Liberation (Feminist) Movement?

  1. Good Morning America ;)


  2. I see nothing wrong with a woman’s perspective.
    The gender isn’t the the issue, rather, it’s the difference in perspective that makes US a strong Country.
    Intelligent women have provided unique opinions throughout the world’s history.
    Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan worked together.
    Margaret Sanger was a different story.
    True conservatism runs through our veins, and brains , regardless of gender.
    Debbie Wassermann Schultz and Howard Dean both have substantial mental issues IMO.
    Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid,…ditto.
    It’s how their brain is wired.

    The washing machine did not make the women think differently, neither did the tractor make men think differently.
    Both gave US more time to think and observe what is happening to the Country and vote intelligently and accordingly.


  3. Freedom, by the way

    No one is being denied contraception. I hate it when the left outright LIES for headlines. The fact is you might not get free contraception. And why, pray tell, should you? Maybe, as a woman, I don’t want free contraception, but would rather have a free daily latte. Will the government give a a free latte each day? Well, why not? I need it. I want it. And if I don’t get it, then dag gone it, I won’t make coffee for my husband, Coffee Strike, April 28 – May 5, 2012. We demand free latte!


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