Hunger Games: Is this a Peek into a Future in which the Liberals Rule America?

I took my oldest Grandson to see “Hunger Games” yesterday and I have to tell you that it takes place in the “Future”……

Now if you EVER wanted a Preview of EXACTLY what America would look like should the Liberals Take Over well then you simply must see this movie.

A Movie set in a Disgusting Array of Liberal Mandated Government Control over ALL of the people, or should I say “Serf’s”

President of the Former

United States of America

I would strongly encourage every

Freedom Loving American

to see this Movie

See the Liberal Elitists in all their Glory


The Intent of this Movie was not to show a Futuristic Liberal America but was in fact My Impression after watching it.

Sadly the Movie really seemed to be all about Kids Killing Kids (sigh)

From one Freedom Loving Conservative Patriot to Another

20 responses to “Hunger Games: Is this a Peek into a Future in which the Liberals Rule America?

  1. Good Morning America :D


  2. There is always something to write about with Obama in the Oval ;)


  3. I am genuinely grateful to the holder of this web site who has shared this fantastic paragraph at at this time.


  4. I was only a few pages into this book when I realized the same thing. We’re not so far from this, are we? It’s definitely within the realm of possiblity. We already see the excess in Washington and the complete disconnect with our politicians. More and more government agencies are being created, that control or limit production and free enterprise. It’s very possible….and likely, if Obama is given another term.


    • It is so very good to hear that you too have felt the very same thing as I about this book/movie. I needed some vindication as I was concerned that maybe I was reading too much into it with this post.


  5. I did not see the movie, nor did I read the book.
    After reading the post, I surmise that the weight is on our shoulders to prevent this from ever happening to this Country.
    Obama has his foot on the gas.
    The desperation of the regime to get him re-elected is obvious.
    He knows that the truth is coming down around his ears and he is going to milk what time he has left for all it’s worth.
    The propaganda being diseminated throughout the state controlled media is intentional.
    The restrictions on the internet are around the corner.
    Conservative talk radio hosts and stations are under attack, sponsors, (Rush Limbaugh) is a recent example.

    The double standard is and will be pursued until the end of the battle,…
    this one.
    The war will continue because the liberals never give up, and their minions hide until they can influence enough people to make another stand.
    That is if we conservatives are successful in repressing them,…at least for the time being.
    At least for the next election.
    A bit of room on the battlefield in this case gives commonsense some breathing room.
    There is always the possibility that some degree of commonsense will take a hold among Americans.


    • “…their minions hide until they can influence enough people to make another stand.”

      So true, and who else does this? Muslims. They stay silent until they occupy a certain percentage of the community. Then they begin to become more outspoken, bullying people who don’t agree with them, and eventually closing off their communities to any other people, and even to police and first responders.


      • Many battles will ensue, however the war will be won by the Almighty.
        The constant attacks on Christians by Muslims, historically has not resulted in a victory against Christianity.
        Wonder why ?
        Israel is God’s chosen Country, the Jews are his chosen People.
        God does not negotiate. The rules are out there.
        The Jews and the Christians have a defender that cannot be defeated.


    • I am not sure that you would like nor approve of the movie my friend but talk about seeing the future of America right before your eyes. Wow !


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  10. Excellent post, already reblogged, but you know that. Just wanted you to know I came over for a visit.


  11. this is ridiculous! i dont understand how the novel was so extrapolate it so much. i interpret in in the complete opposite light. and not to mention that it reflects the USA and their foreign policy…but I guess you are too ethnocentric to even undertand the world in global terms.


  12. Yes- It was the liberals who wanted to expand torture programs, forfeitof civil rights, and expand domestic spying.


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