RED DAWN: Russian Paratroopers to Invade CIA and Denver International Airport in War Games with US Troops

Russian Troops to Engage

US Troops on US Soil

From The Blaze we read:

Government Report: Russian Troops to ‘Seize’ CIA Facility in Elaborate War Game… on U.S. Soil

According to reports, the U.S. and Russian military will be engaging in an anti-terrorism exercise that will involve Russian paratroopers using U.S. weapons to “take and hold” the main facilities of the CIA and Denver International Airport in Colorado and the National Security Agency in Utah.

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The European Union Times has more on the report announcing this exercise from the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation:

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Alexander Kucherenko publically announced this 24-21 May “anti-terror drill” this Friday past noting that this will be the first time Russian airborne forces have held exercises with the US airborne forces on US territory. Colonel Kucherenko stated, “According to the exercise scenario, soldiers of the two countries will hold a tactical airborne operation, including the reconnaissance of imaginary terrorists’ camp and a raid. After the operation, a helicopter will evacuate the soldiers.” He further added that Russian airborne troops would be training with US special service weapons in these drills in Fort Carson, Colorado.

Puzzling to Russian military analysts about this exercise, this report says, are that according to the American plans, Russian airborne troops (using US weapons that they had previously trained with at Fort Carson) will fly to and then parachute from their planes having the objectives of seizing the CIA’s main computer facility in Denver, the NSA’s main computer facility in Bluffdale, Utah, and taking control of main runways and terminals of the Denver International Airport.

The purpose of seizing the Denver International Airport, this report continues, is for the evacuation of the key personal and equipment previously “freed” from the CIA’s Denver base, and the NSA’s base in Utah, who were, supposedly, under “imminent threat” from an unspecified enemy, according, that is, to the American scenario for this war game.

Also interesting to note, this report says, is that this entire exercise will be overseen by the “drone army” owned and operated by the University of Colorado who have over the past few years has applied for and obtained over 100 Certificate of Authorization’s (COA) from the US government to fly their pilotless surveillance aircraft for reasons still as yet unknown.

(Related: Where are the 63 drone sites approved by the FAA in the U.S.?)

Worth noting is Russia earlier this week launched military exercises in collaboration with the Chinese navy. 

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said the six days of drills, which began Sunday, feature simulated anti-aircraft, anti-submarine and search-and-rescue operations, including electronic countermeasures and other sensitive technologies.

Retired major general Yin Zhuo said it shows a high degree of trust between the sides.

“It’s an excellent exchange for China to be able to drill jointly in such sensitive areas,” Yin told CCTV.

China’s Defense Ministry said China was sending two submarines and 16 ships to take part, including destroyers, escort vessels and hospital ships. The deputy chiefs of the countries’ navies oversaw the start of drills in the northeastern Chinese port of Qingdao, the home of China’s northern fleet.

The U.S. and the Philippines are also engaging in war games, a drill which Reuters reports China saying last week would raise potential confrontation.

The Blaze has reached out to the CIA and the University of Colorado to confirm the reports and gain more insight into the potential exercise. We will update this story with any response we receive.

Update: A spokesperson with the University of Colorado-Denver has responded to The Blaze saying they have not heard of such an exercise where drone technology operated by the university would be used. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Business Insider notes this is the first time the Russian military will have been invited onto U.S. soil for a military drill.


Is President Obama giving the Russians/Chinese an opportunity to practice for the real thing?



This is disturbing on so many levels that I don’t even know where to start. As we speak Russia and China are conducting War Games at Sea on a level never before seen.

Russian Troops have never before been invited on American Soil for War Games and you can bet they would never allow US Troops on their Soil for any kind of War Games.

The Main Stream Media has yet to report on this and yet the Department of Defense has confirmed these exercises are to take place in May.


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  1. Just when I think I have seen it all comes this! Russian Troops playing war games on American Soil and at one of our most sensitive CIA installations.

    What is going on?

    Never mind, I think we all know!


  2. This is beyond disturbing…


    • There may not be an election my friend. China has boosted up its Navy and engaging in joint maneuvers with Russia.

      Russia has embarked on its largest Military Buildup since the Cold War.

      One would have to be crazy not to see the pattern here and not to mention the fact that we have a Communist Puppet in the Oval.


  3. I thought somebody said the war on terror was over yesterday? What’s up? Not back on?!? O good grief…


  4. Ok, so I have to ask the question:

    Why weren’t these joint Military Exercices conducted in Russia?

    Oh, never mind.

    I just answered my own question.

    The Russians are smarter than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Obama is determined to take this Country to it’s knees.
    Keep in mind that Clinton gave secrets to China concerning missile defenses.
    Obama gave British missile codes to Russia.
    Make no mistake, Obama has his foot on the accelerator.
    The muslim brotherhood INVITED TO THE WHITE HOUSE ????
    There is no telling where we will be in six months.
    If Obama is defeated in November, watch out for martial law.
    The lame duck session could prove to be devastating to the Country.


  6. I think I still have that book somewhere, it should be required reading for every teen!


  7. Thinking that someone who makes a practice of breaking and ignoring every law that he does not like or agree with, leaves little confidence in him following law in regards to the election or transfer of power. Truly friends, I see nothing good on the horizon whether Romney wins or loses. I fear that it will only change in degree. With either a total breakdown brought on by his lawlessness or a breakdown because of the policies that he is putting into place. Forgive me for my negativity, but I truly believe that it is up to God where we are headed and I am not sure that it is in God’s plan for such as disobedient people to continue to prosper, perhaps He thinks that we can use a lesson just as He has given Israel at times.


    • Nicely said Loopy.
      The Lord can be a hard Master, however He can be a loving shepherd at the same time.


    • Good Morning Loopyloo.

      If God didn’t punish the US He would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

      Sorry for being so blunt but that is just how I see it these days.


      • People do not want to be reminded that God is a just God, Sami. They have been conditioned to think that judgment is just a myth and that God is love. They don’t understand that love means correction too. There is a time for bluntness my friend and that time is now. God bless you Sami.


    • Freedom, by the way

      Loopy, I agree that everything that is happening appears to be leading us rapidly towards the end times. However, I do not believe we should sit back and watch it happen. There is still a lot of good in this nation and there is a lot worth perserving. The whole world may be going down but I will not sit idly by.


      • I am sorry if I left the impression that I think we should sit on the sidelines and just wait, Free. I don’t! What I do think is that we should be aware that this battle is not just an earthly battle for the America we love, it is also a battle for the whole of the world and we know, at least in part, some of the coming battles and we should prepare for them as well. We know we are fighting on many fronts and we have to do what we can on all of them. God still wins, but we may lose our eternal life and as much as I love my country, God is still my goal. If we don’t recognize and fight all the battles, we could lose everything. Keep fighting Free, it is important. Evil can not be allowed to stand and this administration is the most evil we have ever faced here.


  8. The Tea Party rallys that are sure to occur this year will be targeted by Obama’s goons.
    That alone could trigger the administration to crack down on ‘public demonstrations’.
    NDAA authorizes them to do that now.

    Conservative free speech will be targeted.
    OWS demonstrations will be allowed.

    Get ready.


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  11. Thank you for the link back Gunny G. ;)


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  13. Its getting harder and harder to say Good Morning America :D with each passing day……………. :(


  14. This is disturbing on so many levels that I don’t even know where to start. As we speak Russia and China are conducting War Games at Sea on a level never before seen.

    Russian Troops have never before been invited on American Soil for War Games and you can bet they would never allow US Troops on their Soil for any kind of War Games.

    The Main Stream Media has yet to report on this and yet the Department of Defense has confirmed these exercises are to take place in May.


  15. What is also disturbing to me is that Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity,, have never uttered one syllable concerning this subject that I have heard.
    Wouldn’t this be a great topic for the Romney campaign to pursue ?
    Do you think they will ?
    I doubt it.


    • Actually AFVET, I first saw this story on Glenn Becks Web Site the Blaze three days ago and published is Article here yesterday. I have a credit and link back to Glenn Beck at the Blaze in the Article.

      I am finding most of my material at the Blaze and they always seem to be two to three days ahead of Fox News in reporting if it gets reported at all by the MSM.

      I doubt Romney will use this as a campaign tool.


  16. The Mad Jewess

    People think this is a JOKE! This is REALLY happening.
    Russia and China ARE meeting this very week, up until what? The 30th?
    IF that EVIL anti-christ slob gets in again, SAY G’bye or prepare for war.
    Romney is a moderate, but we can push his feet to the fire, ya cant do that with the DICTATOR in the W.H.


  17. The Mad Jewess

    My friend, Hilbert Cliff believes much of the same.
    This is his blog, it is prophetic:

    What are we going to do.
    I guess I had better not panic.
    Sad, sad, sad times.

    I have never saw your site before. Odd!

    I ask God will cont to bless you in Jesus name. May you be protected from judgement and God strengthens you and yours.


    • I believe we met about a year ago if you are the same person who made the God Bless America Video. I featured that Video here on Voting American back then.

      May God Richly Bless you and your family also.


  18. The Mad Jewess

    GOSH!!! Long time ago!
    I forgot!
    Stretched too thin!
    I will be making vids this upcoming disaster of an election, God willing.
    I dont think I have you linked, and I will as soon as I possibly can!
    Forgive me


  19. Everything seems to be funny to Barack Obama:


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  21. Thank you for the link back Congressman Tom Tancredo ;)


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  23. copperpeony

    Denver Airport underground is a facility from which ( incase of an attack on DC) the president and his cabinet would lead the country . Is the POS going to take the Russians on a tour of this facility? Maybe give them insight on this country’s strategic defenses?

    Seriously, this man way out of control. Does our military have the right to arrest him (CIC treasonous behaviour) ? If so, they better put their heads together at the Pentagon , grow some cajones and do what is right for this country.


    • Agreed Copperpeony. I have not seen one snitch or tid bit of news concerning this anywhere on Cable. Not even a whisper from Fox News unless perhaps I have missed it.


  24. Russian Anarchy-Communists now here. We new freedom force! De(r)mocracy – shit! Anarchy – forever! No money! No Gods! No Masters! Against all Authority! Anarchism! Capitalism must die!
    New age begin here! Age of real freedom! Anarchy in the U.S. in the Russia! In the all countries and all world!


    • We’ve got you Neanderthals Out Gun so bring it.


    • Are you familiar with the analogy of the mouse that roared ?
      The mouse was giving the finger to a very large cat.
      The cat was smiling.
      The pursuit of anarchy is the mouse.
      Capitalism is the cat.


  25. We must stand together agaist red alert! In God we trust! We will fight for our democracy future and our children!


    • Good Morning and nice to meet you Sarah


      • Hello, I ask to forgive me. I was the worst opinion on your citizens thought that reasonable citizens at you much less. Now I see that it not so. But should you tell that we are afraid of attack of you more as it is more probable, rather than ours on you. And if it is serious, we it is at present simple not to attack in a condition the USA or China, simply the equipment is already obsolete, much simply demands replacement or rusts in the woods. Our technical industry too only starts to rise with knees after the 90th years. And that that wanted personally by me, It is the world where one big country where all friends and aren’t present disagreements on any trifles. I hope that it when be will occur, after all to us long ago pair to master space. I badly write on English so don’t judge old for mistakes.


  26. Dear citizens of the USA, I should you tell that at us think precisely also about our power. And doctrines in our territory with participation of your fighters were already carried out in 2010, in the Far East. And that to conceal you where it is more dangerous than us as you approach to the deadlock and try not to approach to it as much as possible. I am Mikhail the citizen of the Russian Federation!


    • Thank you for your words of Wisdom Mihail.

      We Americans Applaud your advancements towards Freedom in Russia and hope that one day your people can be truly free as we are here in the United States.

      From what I can understand of your comments you are indicating a fear among your people of an American Attack against your Country. I am not sure why you are feeling this other then perhaps Government Propaganda.

      America has a rich History of helping Oppressed Peoples the world over in their quests for Freedom. We as a Free People have no desire what so ever to conquer, occupy nor destroy your Country and your way of life.

      We wish you only well and would also like to see our Countries enjoy an era of Peace and Friendship.

      We too have always feared a Russian Attack on our Country and have built a strong Military to deter such aggressions.

      The Election of Vladimir Putin gives many Americans reason for pause as we contemplate the future direction of Russia under his leadership.

      If your desire is Continued Freedom for Russia then you can ask for no better friend than the American People.

      God Bless you and all the Peoples of Russia :)


      • I want, that my country remained free and independent. Also excuse for that I will write. I personally was present at those countries in which brought democracy, and should admit that now in these countries became terribly and it is very difficult to live. And at present when your government поддетживает terrorists in Syria I see only that you put against us blockade. In Libya by the way now in power against whom your soldiers in Avganistan are at war. You simply win natural resources, And our government or simply is silent or says that it is threat for us. For us now there are many enemies because we have enormous quantity of resources and free lands. But to occupy these territories simply it is impossible, because then in the atmosphere it will be simple a lack of oxygen. And here one very clever thought “Depending on the purposes which are put before themselves by governors of the state, Aristotle distinguished the correct and wrong state systems:
        The correct system — a system at which the general welfare irrespective of, whether one rules, few or many is pursued:
        Monarchy (Greek monarchia — autocracy) — the form of government at which all Supreme power belongs to the monarch.
        The aristocracy (Greek aristokratia — the power of the best) — a form of the state board at which the Supreme power belongs by inheritance to a nobility, exclusive estate. Power of the few, but more than one.
        Politiya — Aristotle considered this form of the best. It meets extremely «seldom and at the few». In particular, discussing possibility of establishment of a politiya in modern to it Greece, Aristotle came to a conclusion that such possibility is insignificant. In a politiya rules the majority in interests of the general advantage. Politiya — an “average” form of the state, and an “average” element here dominates in everything: in customs — moderation, in property — average prosperity, in a vlastvovaniye — the center. «The state consisting of average people, will have also the best political system».
        The wrong system — a system at which the private aims of governors are pursued:
        Tyranny — the monarchic power which is meaning benefits of one governor.
        The oligarchy — observes benefits of well-founded citizens. A system at which the power is in hands of people rich and a noble origin and forming minority.
        Democracy — benefits deprived, among the wrong forms of the state Aristotle preferred it, including it to the most tolerable. It is necessary to consider as democracy such system when freeborn and deprived, making the majority, have the Supreme power in the hands.” And here, that type of the power, which at present in all democratic countries” Okhlokratiya — the vyrozhdenny form of democracy based on changing whims of crowd, constantly getting under influence of demagogues. Okhlokratiya is characteristic for the transition and crisis periods.
        The term is entered by Aristotle. Aristotle describes Athens at Perikl and later as an okhlokratiya for the common people then dominated; people of a notable origin were systematically eliminated from participation in management affairs, at appointment to the post the crucial role was played by lot; inevitable result of such system was despotism in relation to allies and disorders in management. Meanwhile other writers see in Athens an example of true democracy (in pozdneyshy sense of this word).
        Signs of an okhlokratiya can be found in the Roman Empire where the army enthroned and dethroned from it at discretion though public institutions then were monarchic. Many point to the Commune of Paris of 1871 as on an okhlokratiya; but the correct system of national vote dominating there, does this instruction substantially any though it is doubtless that the separate facts as execution of generals Lekonta and Tom, were the act of will of crowd. With the big basis it is possible to call an okhlokratiya a state system of France during some moments of Revolution and in the first days after revolution of 1848 when the crowd chose all major officials. In general the okhlokratiya in the most exact sense of a word can exist only very short time, and is an intermediate form during rough times after falling of an old regime and before replacement its new, more or less correctly organized more often.


      • Can we will try to communicate, through social networks, mail or ICQ. Better to understand each other, well to change information to tell stories from life to that similar?


  27. you people do realize we train with other nations all the time?
    seriously, The Navy SEALS train in the artic circle(russian federation) all the time

    I dont see them go batshit bonkers when that happens


    • Not on American Soil…..Period


      • Certainly roller good, but one-sided. There is a mass of others where show all parties of all types of the power, only I don’t know English-speaking alternatives. Don’t forget that in each type of the power there are pluses and minuses, and democracy already became obsolete, as well as all other types of the power. And anarchy is a chaos, destruction. Anarchy means is forbidden, at least to that everything in this Universe tries to achieve an order. It is necessary, to create such type of the power where all pluses and minuses will be collected but it simply it is very difficult.


      • And here the roller about that that isn’t present more. The translation of the text is applied.
        The lyrics Served the Soviet Union, USSR Group:
        As far as in the world everything was changed,
        And who knew that everything could to become so,
        That will break off Slavic open spaces,
        And the anthem of the Union not to hear any more!

        But I served the Soviet Union,
        And it not to beat out, not to take away,
        And we once gave an oath,
        So how many time still to us to swear?

        We lived one family in the Union,
        Went in Avhan idea to protect.
        Awards for courage gave,
        And now where to us them to put?

        And that now – the brother kills the brother,
        Little girls measure shahids of a belt,
        Grass at school red from blood,
        It will be not not washed away by summer dew!

        Russia, Belarus and Ukraine,
        Where former yours left to become?
        In unity brotherly your honor and force!
        And honor one, it to us not to sell!

        We lived one family in the Union,
        Went in Avhan idea to protect.
        Awards for courage gave,
        And now where to us them to put?

        We lived one family in the Union,
        Went in Avhan idea to protect.
        Awards for courage gave,
        And now where to us them to put?

        Awards for courage gave,
        And now where to us them to put?

        We lived one family in the Union …

        original “Текст песни Служил Советскому Союзу, Группа СССР:
        Насколько в мире всё переменилось,
        И кто же знал, что всё могло так стать,
        Что разорвут славянские просторы,
        И гимн Союза больше не слыхать!

        Но я служил Советскому Союзу,
        И этого не выбить, не отнять,
        А клятву мы единожды давали,
        Так сколько раз еще нам присягать?

        Жили мы одной семьей в Союзе,
        Шли в Афган идею защищать.
        Ордена за мужество давали,
        А теперь куда нам их девать?

        А что теперь – брат убивает брата,
        Девчонки меряют шахидов пояса,
        Трава у школы красная от крови,
        Её не смоет летняя роса!

        Россия, Беларусь и Украина,
        Куда ушла былая ваша стать?
        В единстве братском ваша честь и сила!
        А честь одна, её нам не продать!

        Жили мы одной семьей в Союзе,
        Шли в Афган идею защищать.
        Ордена за мужество давали,
        А теперь куда нам их девать?

        Жили мы одной семьей в Союзе,
        Шли в Афган идею защищать.
        Ордена за мужество давали,
        А теперь куда нам их девать?

        Ордена за мужество давали,
        А теперь куда нам их девать?

        Жили мы одной семьей в Союзе…”


      • I dont think you understood my post, let me rephrase it.
        We have been using their soil for training grounds for awhile, now the second they want to train ONCE here its bad and its the “commies” invading?

        its a bit silly to get worked up about a simple OP when we do it all the time on their land and they dont care


        • I understood you the first time. Denver holds some very sensitive installations as does Utah.

          We don’t need nor want Russian Troops on our soil. Period


          • >we dont need
            russian soldiers are the best in the world, without question. To be able to train with them would be a honor

            >nor want
            please refrain from using collective speech, I dont mind if some russian troops come to train in america, they are not soviets anymore so its time americans stopped fearing “the red terror”


        • Here’s a link to a video clip you might want to watch.


          • you realize we are breaking alot of laws by putting those millitary silos on russian soil right? I mean everyone here is worked up about russians playing a game here while we are setting up silos that can destroy their defences and could be outfitted with nukes but we are the ones who get to complain?

            its extremely one sided here


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  30. Can anyone prove that the DOD confirmed this drill? All I see are a lot of claims that they did?


  31. roblorinov

    My first question is why is this necessary? Ok so the main scenario entails training to take out a staged terrorist camp. I can understand that part of the war games but taking over the CIA and NSA main computers in Denver and Utah? And taking over the main runways and terminals at the Denver Int. Airport? WTF? That is not anti-terrorist training. That is training for invasion and conquest of a foreign country! Why would Russian troops be training for that? One reason comrades and it is just as title of this post says. It is Red Dawn Scenario! That movie is most likely to be prophetic and not just a movie. BTW the new Red Dawn remake is still getting flak from China even though they’ve changed the invaders to North Korea. To close to possible military plans I suspect in Beijing!

    There was a time when you would never see anything like this in USA. Foreign troops “practicing” to take over airports and US government installations. How things have changed since the “fall” of Iron Curtain, no? LOL not really comrades. Not really. It was all a show of smoke and illusion just like in magic show. :) The “American scenario” for this “practice” may be as stated here but I’m sure the Russian scenario adds more to it all and that the intelligence services will have every finger possible in this training. What? You think KGB is dead too comrades? LOL silly AmeriKans! Not to be so foolish.

    And then we have the drones. The “drone army” to be specific. So what do we have here so far? Foreign troops “practicing” on US soil in the take over of key US installations and the employing of a “drone army.” All the ingredients for INVASION AND WAR! What part of that do you people not get? NONE OF IT! Wake the hell up! How can Americans be so lethargic and blind!!

    And to top off there are “games” with the Chinese COMMUNIST Navy? WTF? China’s military keeps threatening war with the US. Just last week they said it may be necessary to have nuclear war with the US. Did everyone miss that little bit of news? So we pretend like we are all big happy global family at same time? WTF? This is training to be used for the military CONQUEST OF AMERICA!!

    Love what Chinese general says LOL. The games show a “high degree of trust between the sides”? Trust? I believe FOOLISHNESS would be correct word not “trust”! Let me ask question. Why are these types of “games” not taking place at the Kremlin? Why are US troops not training to scale the walls of Kremlin or Imperial City in Beijing??? Ask yourself that question and you’ll get the answer! And then there is question….IS Obama-VICH giving Russian and Chinese opportunity to practice the REAL thing? Dah ya thunk??? Of course HE IS!!

    Yes, this IS disturbing on so many levels as you say in this post. Very disturbing. Alarming in fact! You DO NOT see US troops training inside Russia or China! As for MSM they are a pack of controlled FOOLS who are aiding the destruction of our republic. They are all TRAITORS!!

    News has it that Obama is a globalist lackey. His job is to do the globalist bidding and I hear they are NOT happy with him thus far. The Military Industrial Complex wants and needs war. Libya was suppose to be a big war but it turned to be nothing of significance in their minds. So was Egypt! The global powers are not happy with comrade Obamavich. The primary obstacle for the globalist is the USA and the US military. They want to remove them from any position of power. Then they can impose their tyranny on the world. That IS the plan! Wake up America because you’re already seeing it in Europe!

    There IS a pattern sami as you say and you have to be moronic not to see it because it is clear as day. You ask why these games were not held in Russia and answer saying “The Russians are smarter than that.” Smarter? Not really. They just have not SOLD OUT as much as the US and Europe have to Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase et al. Hate him or love him one must admit Russia’s Putin has some real leadership qualities and talents whereas Obamavich has NONE! Look at buffoon he has for VP. Biden the “dumbest man in the Senate”. As AFVET says, correctly btw, “Obama is determined to take this country to it’s knees.” Correct! Look at his pattern over the past 4 years. He speaks of jobs and the economy and what he plans to do about it but does nothing. Why not? Because the cesspool that American economy and job market are in is exactly what is desired by the elites who wish to destroy America! Obama is going to do nothing about these problems because it is all part of greater plan to takedown America at ANY price. And that is exactly what is happening. And don’t make mistake thinking Romney will fix it all if elected. Obama is doing same as Dumbya Bush did. Romney will do same as Obamavich. Hide and watch!

    loopyloo as always you are voice of reason, common sense, and higher power. :) All is in God’s hands BUT that does not mean we must be like ignorant babes either. We must be vigilant and speak out to this corruption and treason we see! God has always given his people over to foreign despots when they have gone off the Way. Babylon, Assyrians, Persians, Egyptians, etc etc. God used them to “spank” the wayward Israelites and God says he is the same today as he was then, never changing. Conclusion….God punished the faithful in the past and he does so now because we turned away from Him! End of story. Perpare the dive deep comrades! Oh wait, that will do no good as God is everywhere and there is NOWHERE you can go to escape him. Sorry for bad advice. :) Maybe loopyloo you know where this is, I think it is in Isaiah, where God says he is both the light and the darkness. That is food for deep thought I believe. Yes, God is Love but God is not a fool either. God employs what we might call “tough love.”

    Sami you state my own thoughts perfectly when you say you agree End Times may be here but you will not sit back and watch it just happen as there is much good in this country worth preserving. Absolutely! And that good is NOT in government or in military or in economy but in the PEOPLE of our great nation! On Main Street! And it is the people who ARE worth preserving and standing up for. I don’t buy this idea that many seem to have today (sitting on hands waiting for Jesus to come again and save us all). Christians are suppose to be doing something right up until the very end! Read your Bibles!! The Church is the first to be judged. What will our judgment be if we sit on hands? Not good one!

    Drones in our skies! NDAA complete with Nazi-Style tactics to make us all disappear forever! Foreign troop “training” to invade and take over key installations! And there is bill now in Congress to authorize use of “propaganda” (there words not mine) because Congress feels the propaganda we use overseas is just too good to not be used inside USA (I say that report yesterday on site). And what about the FEMA camps? Not for disaster alone comardes. They can easily become GULAGS for us all. And then, last but not all, there is the stupendous TSA who insist on touching our JUNK at the airports and identifying as possible terrorists such persons as 89 year old granny Natasha, a 4 year old child, a baby that cannot even walk, the nuns from the church down the street, and even some Congressmen and US Senators! Meanwhile, the real possible terrorists go through security like melted butter with no problem! And now TSA is moving out to highways, sports events, train and bus stations, and high school proms, etc and clearly they are the BROWN SHIRTS of America that Hitler would be proud of. Patterns? You bet! Evil and dark patterns America! Have you figured out that YOU are the ENEMY OF THE STATE yet America??? And as AFVET says conservative free speech will be targeted. Well comrades it already IS being targeted!! Elect Obamavich for 4 more years and it’s one of the first items on his new agenda. Shut down free speech especially that of conservatives and constitutionalists! If you need pointers on living in Gulag let me know :)

    Someone said something to me few days ago. They said, “Be sure you are listening to or reading the REAL alternative media and not the state sponsored “alternative” media.” Limbough, Beck, Hannity like to boast with provado as if they are true patriots but are they? If so then why do they not report on things like this? One must wonder. I know Limbaugh is a fake! He is a disinformation person! And as for Romney? Why does he not go after Obamavich? Obama can be ripped apart by him on the issues but nothing! Answer…because both are on same boat with same captain! Think about it. Romney is not a moderate. Romney is a RINO as big as they come! He is also a fascist just like Obama, Clinton, Bush, and the rest for the past 50 years! JFK was last real American POTUS. All since him have been Nazi Fascists.

    Sami you say you think Martial Law will come before November elections. Most likely you are more correct than you know. Here is something all Americans need to consider. The PLAN has NEVER been to take over America using US troops. The PLAN has always been to use foreign troops. And whose plan is this? The globalists! Those “citizens of the world” of which Obama himself has boasted he is one of them! Remember? They know US troops will not kill Americans. These people are not stupid so don’t make mistake of thinking they are. They will use foreign troops to do it and end America which they see as the final and biggest obstacle for their plans of world conquest and global tyranny. Sami you post video “Everything seems to be funny to Barack Obama.” Yes and it is because he sees America as JOKE! I’ve said many times that standing joke in halls of WH is that the average American is inbred hillbilly. They REALLY think that is funny and that IS what they really think of all of us on Main Street.

    AS copperpeony states about Denver Airport as alternative site of government is correct. If something happens in DC the federal government can now easily move to Denver, the “western capitol” as it is known. No secret. Then AFVET brings up one of my favorite books of all times. The Mouse That Roared! Great movie too btw. It shows that a small people CAN win over a big enemy. In fact, all the great movements of humanity over history have mostly been composed of small numbers of people who have stood up to tyranny. Take American Revolution for example. That was carried out only be a SMALL numbers of people! Read your history!!

    Now allow me to turn to “mikhailv.” (sorry for my long commentary but I have much to say about all this subject)

    mickhailv you are not alone in your once worst held opinion of Americans. Many have held same opinions and many have discovered that those beliefs were in error, great error. Of course Russians fear attack by US and NATO. Look at missile shield issue. Russians fear for their own national security as they should, as all people and nations should. Russians also fear attack from double talking sly China too. And as you say military equipment is rotting in woods and is obsolete!

    I do not know how old you really are but from your profile you look young. I will assume you never lived under Soviets. If I am wrong forgive me. In old USSR it was same story during Cold War. Americans feared attack by Russian Military and Russians feared attack by US Military. Neither common American or Russian wanted to be killed by nuclear weapons. Feeling and fear were mutual on both sides. Is same today. Neither want to be attacked by other. As for Russian equipment, when Russians were in Afghanistan the equipment was already obsolete and rotted but it was used anyway LOL. The Soviets loved to parade around the prototypes in Red Square but in the field that was NOT the equipment actually used many times. USSR like Mao’s China was one big SHOW for the world.

    So does Russia have power? Of course it does! And so does China and others. Question is what is this power to be used for. Tyranny? Oppression? Killing? Or peace? That is what each nation must decide for self. You are citizen of Russian Federation! I am citizens of USA! Russia HAS made some efforts towards freedom but more needs to be done. It will NOT happen under Putin. Do not fool self mikhailv. Look at elections last month. Everyone knew Putin would win. Look at game that is played. Putin is president, then Medvedev, they they switch places and offices. That is NOT democracy or freedom. That is political game! That is why there were so many angry young Russians who rioted and demonstrated against Putin. Young Russians want MORE not less! Young Russians want to have their voices HEARD not silenced! And why should they not? And just not the young but the old too?

    One thing I must say to you mikhailv is this. Do not believe all that you hear. Dictators always need an enemy or a threat that they can focus the peoples attention on to keep it off of themselves. Putin is dictator! He uses America as that threat. Be wise my friend. Be wise! I wish to see Russia that is truly free and democratic! I wish to see the voices of ALL the Russian people to be heard and respected. I want to see Russians respected in the world as a noble and worthy people! I want to see young Russians like yourself have something GOOD in life and not the minimum existence! And this that I wish WILL happen I am sure! It MUST happen!

    That being said mikhailv, I read your comments and you seem to wish same thing for Russia. That is good thing. Make it happen! Many in Russia want return of Soviets because they think their lives were easier. This is because under Soviets everything was planned and given. Jobs, housing, medical care, etc. Now in free economy one must work to get what one wants. Is different story. I say these people who want Soviet return are LAZY Russians! Have they forgotten the tyranny of the Soviets? Have they forgotten the Gulags and secret police? Have they forgotten all those good Russians who were MURDERED by the Soviets? Apparently so!! Disgusting!! Lazy!! I do NOT yet see Russia or the Eastern Bloc nations are truly FREE! They are all in transition and hopefully moving towards democracy and freedom but are not yet there. In Russia, for as long as Putin is in power this will not be fully. Putin is like fox. Sly and gives just enough to satisfy but withholds much! Let us not forget he once was part of old Soviet system in KGB.

    mikhailv you speak US war for natural resources. That is, in end, what all war is about. Gaining control over natural resources. Is US in Afghanistan for natural resources and Middle East? Yes of course. That is same REAL reason Russia was once there. Russia has vast natural resources. Many in world eye Russia with eye of desire. Yes ores of all kinds. Gold and silver. Oil and natural gas. On and on. But here is something seldom considered. Russian people are STRONG. It will not be easy for any nation to occupy Russian lands. Look at history of Napoleon, Hitler, and many others. It is proven time after time and yet Russia remains Russia.

    mikhailv you are intelligent man. I respect you for that. Drinking has been big problem in Russia for many centuries. As old saying goes, “Russians do not drink to have fun but to forget.” Yes, sadly, to forget. To forget the misery. To forget the oppression. Especially to forget the hopelessness! But must there always be hopelessness in Russia? NO!

    You say your generation will be dead in 40 years. I say NO! This must not be! You are the ones who can change things and make things better if you make right choices to do so! You generation has new voices, new hopes, new ideas, new determination. Allow those things to drive you! They are what fuels fire of freedom, real freedom! Again, look at riots last month and how Medvedev and Putin were scared by them. They KNOW Russian young generations see through their exchange game!! They KNOW what has happened in past many times when Russian people have had ENOUGH! Russia WILL change! Russia will be better! Your generation can do that and if not then the ones after you! In every nation now, every people want freedom and democracy. People are tired of being oppressed and living under many forms of tyranny. Man and Woman worldwide want to be FREE!! The powers that be know this so they try to stop it but it is all like great tidal wave. NOTHING can stop it!! NOTHING!! You and your generation must NOT give into hopelessness and the drinking! You must STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK for what YOU want!! Fight the darkness don’t give into it!!

    You say some say you are like old man because of your life experiences? But you are not old man! You are young man! Maybe even someday one who is to be a leader! Believe in yourself and your generation must do the same! And what is old man? Me? The one next door? How old is old LOL? Ah maybe old in body but NOT in spirit and mind. Never!

    One thing you must not given into is hopelessness and the other is fear. My motto is NO FEAR! Let it be yours also if you wish. Change ONLY happens when the PEOPLE bring it. Real change NEVER comes from top to down but from down to up. And tyranny? If it comes it is because people allowed it and did not stand against it so they allowed it to go come from pit to top!! Are you listening America????? If tyranny befalls our nation it will be YOUR fault not the leaders who are mere pawns!!

    Allow me to close with these thoughts mikhailv.

    When Tsar Peter the Great went on his Great Embassy to Europe most people in Europe had never even seen a Russian man. The myth in Europe at the time was that Russians were more closely to bears than human beings. Tsar Peter had no idea what he would find on his long trip. He did not know how the people of Europe would receive him or those with him. Did he fear? Of course he did as any man with intelligence does when faced with the unknown. But he did not show that fear. He did not allow that fear to dominate him! He dominated the fear and went forward on his grand mission! The Europeans discovered that Russians were not bears but human beings! Why? Because Tsar Peter went forward and did not look back and did not give into his fear. He CHOSE courage instead and moved into the unknown. And when he returned to Russia? He came back with many ideas to modernize Russia and the make the Russian people cultured and educated. He began to impose those changes sometimes ruthlessly but he knew change HAD to be made so for the future of the Russian people. For a time there was a new golden age in Russia as Russians became respected and elegant unders such rulers like Catherine the Great and others. But then after long time something happened. Something went wrong. New tsars came with old corrupt government and the Russian people, again, lost hope. And what was end of that road of hopelessness? The killing of the last Tsar, Nicholas II, and his family and the enslavement of the Russian noble people under the Bolsheviks and Lenin and Stalin! Then HELL BEGAN in Russia!!

    So what of now today? It is very simple. THERE MUST BE HOPE RETURNED AGAIN TO RUSSIA and the people of Russia!! And how does that hope come again? By PEOPLE making it become so! The RUSSIAN PEOPLE making it become so!! This is what must be! This is what WILL BE! If not by your generation then some other after you.

    And now I will end this novela for now LOL. It is too long and I apologize to the readers here. Let me just say something that makes much sense to me. Carlos Fuentes died recently. He was a Mexican author and commentator. He once said this:

    “There must be something beyond slaughter and barbarism to support the existence of mankind and we must all help search for it.”

    There! There is the mission of your generation and mine and all others!! But it will not happen if we do not search and MAKE it happen!

    So what it is to be?


    • Thank you for re-posting this Rob and your comment on this Article is nothing short of Spectacular in that I have never seen an Explanation of events put forth in such a dynamic and powerful way. God Bless you and God Bless the United States of America.


    • Hello, I want you to afflict. To the Kremlin there is no access even to simple citizens, instead of that to foreign armies. And here one our Russian saying “God helps those who help themselves”. Also should tell, I a low opinion about “Amerekantsakh” as about weight, but good as about certain people and so to speak “Communities”, at me am a lot of friends among your fellow citizens and they if were honest surprised as all actually at us in the country. They really trusted in all baizes while didn’t see that it simply invention. Yes I am young to me only 18, but I and my family had to survive during the period from 1995 to 2004 to live it was simple there is nothing.

      About Putin, if not it that who? Other candidates except one simply clowns also it is a naked truth. Putin’s rank in KGB was the colonel and the name was another. And about the angered youth, Tell, and, what you would do if the power wanted to receive Natsiolista? And at us meetings disperse still very humanely in difference from the “Civilized” countries. And the country isn’t necessary to me where it is possible to drink, be on drugs, sleep infinitely with whom got to (have sex). I want to live the person, instead of the moral freak and I want, that my children never saw them. And dictators da they are, and our legitimate authority should be considered with them. These are dictators of the market, as black and boly (open). If with them will cease to be considered at us again the disorder period will begin. Now we youth slowly secretly destroy this system of the black market. And to return the USSR simply it is impossible, time left. Yes I am a leader in one movement which helps my fellow citizens, but in comparison with their thinking I already the old man, Life taught. But if honest already we start to have real force of that our names are on massvy actions for maintenance of an order both from simple citizens and from police, but it is heavy all these messages alone.


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  36. I hope that there will be in future USSA ( United Socialist States of America)!! I wish the whole world to be a socialdemocrat union. Finally, I wish that some day american people should learn that they are not a nation… they are only a mixture of European Nations, Latin American, Indian etc.


    • A mixture pf European Nations, Latin American, Indian etc! How old are you and who were your teachers? I realize that they don’t teach much truth anymore, but my friend, this is just plain ignorance. If you believe this nonsense, you need to pick up some history books and some books on the different races in the world. Let me take this one at a time, European Nations: these are countries that were settled by the caucasian race that were from all of Europe and most of Russian except for those of Latin heritage which generally came from Spain, Portugal. The current residents of Europe are a collection of peoples from throughout the whole of the world, some of the original residents of Europe are those very settlers that came to America in the first place. Columbus and De Soto and other’s of Latin Descent came to North, Central and South America from Spain and Portugal. I mean look at the very name friend, Latin was from the Latin speaking countries, they are no more native to the America’s that whites are. The only true natives are probably the Indians, but there is evidence that they originally came here from somewhere else as well. Mankind has spread throughout the world from other countries since they began. Are you naive enough to think that the Mexican people started out the way they were? They didn’t even exist until they were invaded by the conquistidor’s from Spain and Portugal and most of the Indians who were the original residents of Mexico were slaughtered. If you want to blame some one for the failure of the economy, look no further that the socialists that have been in power in Europe, I mean really, do you truly think that Greece, Italy, Portugal and all the others were run by capitalists? If you do it shows that you are even more ignorant. As far as here in the US, the democrats have had almost total control of both houses of Congress since 2006, with Rep. having control of only one house since 2010. Dems have been in the White House since 2008 and Mr. Obama is certainly no capitalist and has failed to do anything to make the economy better, in point of fact it is much worse.
      As far as Capitalism not working, if you believe that how did this country become so wealthy and such a leader on the world stage until socialist democrats like Obama and Reid, and Pelosi started changing the country in 2006 when dems took control of both houses of Congress. You want to talk failure, socialism has proven itself a failure everywhere it has had control.


  37. In future I believe that the american flag wont exist anymore and the country will fall… then our world will be much better…


    • I see that you are from Athens, Greece and have fantasy’s of being Michael Corleone. People like you are what is wrong with the world today and Socialism is why the World is on the brink of an Economic Collapse. You need to grow up and take a reality pill my friend.

      By the way, how’s the economy doing in your Socialistic Greece?


    • As far as ceasing to exist, Greece and it’s socialism is much more likely to fall than America is, at least here we have some hope that we can change, the only hope that exists in your country is that it will fall and something else will take it’s place, and if it is more socialism, it will fall even faster! If you truly want change, look to God because you are not going to find it in a policy that forces people to do their leaders will, instead of giving them the opportunity to choose the right way themselves.


      • BRAVO Loopyloo. Well stated my friend


        • Thank you and good morning Sami, the thought process’ of some of these people just amazes me. If this is the kind of stuff they learn, it is no wonder that the European Union is on the verge of collapse and that Greece would basically sign off on their own demise.


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