OWS Arrests (Over 6000) -vs- Tea Party Arrests (0): Where is the Liberal Media on this?

The American People are seeing clearly for the first time just how Bias and Liberal all of our Major News Networks have become.  Rather then reporting the News to the American People they are Promoting nothing short of Full Fledged Socialist Propaganda at the Beckoning of this Socialist/Marxist President.

Case in Point

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) have had over 6,000 Arrests since its inception last year while the Tea Party Rallies of the last Two Years have recorded zero arrests except for outside agitators.

So, what was the News Media‘s Stand on all of this?

What was President Obama’s Stand while all of this was going on?

The OWS Violent Protests are a Direct Result of President Obama’s

Class Warfare Campaign Rhetoric

America needs to Hold this President Responsible for the Vile and Vulgar Protests we are seeing today in American Cities

Demand Truth in Reporting from the Main Stream Media Now !

This New Campaign Slogan for President Obama has Communist Roots.

What a Coincidence?


22 responses to “OWS Arrests (Over 6000) -vs- Tea Party Arrests (0): Where is the Liberal Media on this?

  1. Good Morning America :D


  2. I hope people are seeing this man for what he truly is. I was surprised to see Arianna Huffington go after Obama for his ad against Romney, implying that Mitt wouldn’t have taken bin Laden out. Of course, all of her lib readers disagreed with her. I’ll give her kudos on that one….it’s refreshing to see at least one person in the lib media call him out. I don’t agree with her on much, but she’s right on that point….this is the epitome of dirty politics. Romney said years ago that yes, he would absolutely go after bin Laden, but it’s about more than OBL. It’s much bigger. It’s Hamas, al Queda, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, etc, etc. And he’s dead on. Obama has made this all about OBL and al Queda. They’re just ONE of hundreds of terrorist groups. For every terrorist leader we take out, there are a thousand more ready and willing to take their places.


    • You are Right RH and you won’t see or hear Obama talking about any other terrorist group. In fact, if you look closely you will find that he is sending some of them Our Tax Dollars!!!!!!!!


    • Of course Mitt would have taken out Osama, and as he stated, so would Jimmy Carter,…or Carter would have at least made an attempt.:|
      However, I doubt that Romney would have invited the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House.


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