DON’T BELIEVE THE LIES AMERICA: Vote No-Bama November 6th…

The American People are seeing clearly for the first time just how Bias and Liberal all of our Major News Networks have become.  Rather then reporting the News to the American People they are Promoting nothing short of Full Fledged Socialist Propaganda at the Beckoning of this Socialist/Marxist President.

How can there be any Question ?

Occupy Wall Street Protests

What Will You Do America ?

What Will You Do ?

Vote No-Bama November 6th

24 responses to “DON’T BELIEVE THE LIES AMERICA: Vote No-Bama November 6th…

  1. Good Saturday Morning America ;)


  2. roxannadanna

    Outstanding Sami!


  3. Well done Sam !
    Romney has to win this battle.
    My concern is that Ron Paul will run as a third party candidate.
    That could plunge the Country into another 4 years of Obama.
    Ross Perot gave us Bill Clinton, remember ?


    • roxannadanna

      That’s my fear too, AFVET. P:aul has already said that his supporters will be causing problems at the convention.


      • Some of these Paulbots could just sit on their hands also.
        They raised a ruckus in 2008.
        I remember that they tormented Sean Hannity during and after one of his broadcasts.
        We can’t afford that crap this time. There is far too much on the line.


    • I think we all pretty much share that fear my friend. I hope and pray Ron Paul uses sound Constitutional Judgement and weighs out the consequences before he acts.


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  5. Good Afternoon America :D


  6. Here’s a great story Sam.

    Patriots come in all sizes.


    • Thank you for this AFVET.

      Brought back Memories of my Wolf/Husky “Duke”.

      The most incredible dog I had ever known.

      In my entire lifetime I had never ever with any other dog made such an incredible connection in both mind and spirit.

      I am at a loss to truly explain the devotion we had for one another.

      He has been gone for 5 years now and I know I could never replace him with another.


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  8. Joseph Maloney

    President Obama’s record, domestic, Five trillion dolllars added to the National debt in three years. Failures: 2009, 780 million dollar Stimulus, 2010, “Summer of Recovery”, and 2011 President Obama and General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt laugh at the failure of “Shovel Ready Jobs”. Foreign Policy: President Obama. Secretary of State Clinton and the State Department’s weakmess and incompetence has allowed Russia, China, and Iran to take bold aciions, and make nold statememts against the United States. The IMF rejected a May 1, 2012 Obama executive order against those making transactions with Iran. Iran just sent an 80 man trade delegation to India, and it’s not just about oil; which India, China, and South Korea import fron Iran. China and South Korea have exemptions, India doesn’t. ‘Hope & Change’ cost us 5 trillion, ‘Foward’ could cost us our freedom.


    • Wow, you bring a lot of interesting information to the table my friend. I salute you in your efforts to wake up the American People and will support you here and on Twitter.


    • Excellent !
      And Obama is out there grinning and raving on the republicans and the necessity of another four years of his tyranny.
      Too many ignorant people in this country vote.
      Far too many couldn’t care less who the next president is.


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  11. Just how are the proposed 15,000 (yes FIFTEEN THOUSAND) new IRS hires going to administrate the health care if it passes with the mandate intact? Better hide your money. I have.


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    Great post.


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