Mr. President: Your Incompetence is showing

Mr. President,

            Because you control the Media and what Americans read and hear on the news it seems you are under the illusion of being popular and unbeatable come November.  You Sir, have an awakening coming that will dwarf your wake up call from the 2010 Mid-term Elections.

          You see Mr. President We the People are fully awake and We Have Not Yet Begun to fight. Conservative Talk Radio Hosts and Conservative Bloggers have been busy these past 31/2 years alerting the American People to your real agenda all the while exposing your deceptions and lies.    

President Reagan Warns US about you…

   Mr. President, America will not go down without a fight and this is one fight you and your Marxist Comrades cannot win.

   It’s About Freedom Mr. President and when it comes to Freedom the American People have a Rich History of Victory !

You’ll be hearing from US on November 6th

39 responses to “Mr. President: Your Incompetence is showing

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    No kidding…Obama takes incompetence to levels Carter only dreamt of!!


  2. Good Morning America :D


  3. I trust you heard the president’s comments on the military’s efforts “on his behalf”.
    No Barry, the troops do not serve on your behalf.
    They took an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against any enemy foreign or domestic.
    Nowhere in the oath that we took does it state that we are to serve the president.
    The arrogance and the narcissism of this man is off the charts.


  4. Amen!


  5. “VotingFemale:

    Kindly remove Voting American from your Blogroll and Sidebar. You have abandoned your Friends and Followers one too many times my dear and not to mention how “Foxwood” your Tweets are sounding these days.”

    Dear Sami,
    Fuck off


  6. Let me quote Lewis Carroll
    “Eat me”


  7. Regardless of all this other crap I dont understand how this idiot can be getting away with all of this? I heard some out takes last night from his audio book and I cant BELIEVE he is still in this office!!! Why do we have to wait for him to be voted out (God please)? He virtually ADMITTED to a FELONY by alluding to selling drugs!!! How did he get voted in? Do all these lefties realize WHAT they elected? I wanna see Bill Maher and the like hanging from a rope after being convicted of treason. Think any coke got snorted last night at the 40k a plate commie party?


    • Good Morning LM13. As long as the media turns a blind eye to there obvious crimes and as long as Holder is DOJ nothing can happen to this Thug in Thief President.


  8. Mornin Sami, it is pathetic.


  9. You mean Attorney General of the United States of America Holder, who’s law firm represented scumbags at Gitmo? LOL, Our case in the nut shell.


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