Nancy Pelosi’s “Tears of Fear” over the Tea Party -vs- Her Praise for OWS Protesters… Huh?

In her own words, a must see Video

Nancy Pelosi’s “Peaceful” OWS Protestors

OWS Arrests over 7,000 to date

TEA Party…..Zero Arrests

Your Liberal Propaganda didn’t work then and its not going to work now.


Were so…

Good Bye and Good Riddance Nancy

Barack and Joe will be right behind you


14 responses to “Nancy Pelosi’s “Tears of Fear” over the Tea Party -vs- Her Praise for OWS Protesters… Huh?

  1. Good Morning America :D


  2. This person wanted to GIVE ILLEGALS the right to enter the state building in the capital of California WITHOUT an I.D. to they could go the the WELFARE office…what is the difference between Pelosi and a catfish??? one is a bottom dwelling scum sucker and the other is a fish…


  3. Freedom, by the way

    Unfortunately, Pelosi will be in congress for a long time. San Francisco just adores her, even naming a street for her. But there you go. It IS San Francisco where most of the normal residents have either moved out or hide out.


    • I am hearing “Rumors” that Nancy plans on retiring at the end of her current term. One can only hope.


      • She will wait until she sees the trends of the upcoming election.
        She is still the minority leader and wields some degree of influence.
        If the election results denigrate her to the back bench, she will bail out.
        I also feel that the results of the SCOTUS decision the Health Care Bill will influence her decision.
        The whole house of cards is beginning to come down around their ears, and they know it.
        I also see that Mad Maxine Waters is being grilled.
        ‘Bout time.
        Pelosis’ foot soldiers are being investigated, and that scares her.


        • You’re assessment is exactly right. Pelosi won’t retire unless she feels she has no more influence in the House. As long as she can hold on to any type of power, she’ll stick around. She turns my stomach…right along with Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Barbara Boxer…just to name a few.


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  5. Pelosi’s latest jaunt to the Progressive Twilight Zone resulted in her assuring the MSM that Obamacare is a “right.”


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