The Obama / Putin “Operation Hot Mic” Summit:….. A RED DAWN ALERT

Next week President Obama will be meeting once again with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After what we heard on the Obama Hot Mic incident can America afford to trust him with four more years of Unbridled Power?

A must see Video


Liberty’s Last Stand coming

November 6th 2012

21 responses to “The Obama / Putin “Operation Hot Mic” Summit:….. A RED DAWN ALERT

  1. Is our Red Dawn Coming?


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  3. You mentioned “unbridled power” in your post.
    Obama has just committed another act of treason in bypassing congress and using the DHS to essentially grant amnesty to approximately 800,000 illegal aliens.
    You can see more at
    Glenn Beck has also broadcast that this time he didn’t even use an executive order to do so.
    Where is congress ?


    • As upsetting as this is it is really no surprise as I think we all saw this coming sooner or later. Anything for a Vote is what this administrations agenda must be.


  4. Russia’s Putin and Medvedev are TOO smart for Obama to handle. I will delve into future news and say they know more and see Obama declining in polls and popularity. They will snooker him like a blind man.

    There are those who will wait until the right moment to spring the trap so to speak. After the elections be it congress or privately Obama is going down harshly.


    • You are right. They are playing Obama like the fool he is. Sadly the majority of Americans are not seeing the things we are seeing. It is up to us to wake them up.


  5. We’ve been on Red Alert since 2008 … like yer gif, Sami. Hope ya don’t mind if I swipe it for future use.


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