The Ignorance of the Obama Voters Continues: Come November were going to “Kick the Can” up their Asis

Sampling of 2008 Obama Voters

Sampling of 2012 Obama Voters

Obama Voters, were coming November 6th


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  1. Good Afternoon America :D ;)


    • Hello, today found one document I give you the facilitated version (superfluous water is cleaned)

      The army of the USA is again ready to suppression of hungry revolts within the country

      The instruction of military police of army of the USA for «Operations at civil disorders», recently become known, describes, how military resources within the country for suppression of disorders, confiscation of firearms and even murder of Americans in the territory of the USA should be used during mass civil riots.

      From this document issued in 2006 and intended for independent studying at military and police school of army of the USA in the Fort McClellan, it becomes clear that the operations described in the management cover «CONUS and OCONUS», that is a continental part of the USA and the territory beyond its limits.

      This document describes, how military means that «to help local both the governments to restore and support legality and an order» in case of mass riots, civil excitements or at the announcement of the martial law can be used. Military means will be used generally for «dispersal of unauthorized meetings and patrol of a zone of violations for prevention of illegal actions», – is written in the document, and also stipulated that during operations on order restoration military forces can resort to force demonstration, creation of posts, smashing of crowds, to apply poison gases to police actions, to patrol, use forces or safety reserves, and also if necessary to carry out other operations».

      The management describes also procedure of a room of prisoners in temporary camp for FM of 3-19.40 armies of the USA interned on the instruction «Operations on internment/moving» about which we wrote earlier, and also “re-education” interned for development of «a positive assessment of policy of the USA» at the contents in camps in the territory of the United States.
      On page 20 of the management rules on use of killing force in collisions with dissidents, with the instruction are accurately stated to “shoot on sight”.


      • The Pentagon estimated the Russian hackers

        Domestic cyberburglars also wish to work on the American government
        US authorities intend to use skills of the best hackers of the world for cyberfight against terrorism, and also for development of systems of safety of governmental structures. Barack Obama’s adviser and the inventor of the term “cyberwar” John Arkilla declared Guardian intention of the Ministry of Defence to employ about one hundred hackers, and first of all Russian.

        Obama’s adviser accused the Pentagon that that puts billion dollars in «senseless aircraft carriers, tanks and planes though costs of experts» would be much more effective.

        According to Arkilla, the USA strongly lagged behind other leading powers in world cyberrace.

        — We intend to create analog of English Bletchli-park (Bletchli-park, or Station X — a mansion located in the city of Bletchli in the center of England where during the Second World War the main shifrovalny division of Great Britain settled down). Let’s employ Russian and Asians. They, undoubtedly, burglars best in world. I already came into contact to several very influential hackers. One of them even acquainted with the director of the large enterprise to estimate vulnerability of its information system: it managed to crack it within two minutes — Arkilla declared.

        The Russian hackers don’t exclude possibility to work for the American government under condition of observance of a number of key conditions.

        — I will agree, if to me will offer a worthy salary and good conditions for life. It is still important, that my activity wasn’t directed against Russia. To become the traitor of the homeland I don’t want. In work in the USA there is a mass of pluses: possibilities for self-realization, a high standard of living, advanced society — were told to “News” by one of the Russian cyberburglars, known in a network under the name Zeus. According to another, work on state structures quite brave business, but, on the other hand, very profitable and stable.

        The American authorities realize that will calculate and agree with the Russian cyberswindlers not easy for many reasons. In particular, because of the difficult relations between Russia and the USA, and also because of regular prosecutions of hackers from FBI.


      • You are reporting some extraordinary information here my friend. Could you possible provide US with some links to substantiate your claims?


        • Certainly I can, as I want to add it one my friend working in SVR (service of external investigation) shared, it is connected with that at you want to receive full freedom from the USA – Texas is the main internal production extracting center, and some more states in which are reservations of Indians – they are beyond poverty.

          And about, hackers only our sources. At you them simply block, are afraid that learn. But it unfortunately the truth, our hackers already employed in the Pentagon and they there work now. But the new generation already another also works even better. And besides they don’t want to do that or bad to the country, they won’t come over to the foreign country. It also does the main problem on their prevlicheniye, they can direct the energies against those who pays if they threaten the homeland.


          • Thank you very much my friend. This is what I needed to do my research on.


          • Is always glad to help! And researches on this subject, at us many people will see off. Simply, such manifestations are dangerous. I will give an example successions of events which are quite possible. 2013, a new world economic crisis (it unfortunately will be), an external and internal national debt of the USA constantly grows, dollars print day and night, the dollar finally loses trust, and lack of a gold reserve finishes up to the end. The prices constantly grow, taxes too, and the salary decreases. People begin the armed revolts. As a result there is a smashing of the USA to the separate countries which grasp China, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England. After that China attacks Russia and here, already any calculations disappear, on a skolka the most part of Russian emigrants the USA so it is in any case terrible and for all will run away from collapsing.


  2. My statement to the Obama supporters is this:
    YOU LOSE !!!!!!!!!!!


  3. You’re doing a fantastic job samiam, of keeping us all informed of the latest..thank you! And God bless you!


    • Thank you Lyn and as always your support on these blogs is most welcomed and encouraged.


      • I can’t wait until Obama has to give his concession speech. I will watch him blame Bush, tusamin, earthquakes, snow, rain, or anyother reason he can makeup. love the little dough boys!


  4. The Questionman is back if anyone is interested.


  5. The Ignorance of the Obama Voters Continues:


  6. Good Morning to my favorite American Patriots and Friends :D


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