Almost 10% of Obama ’08 Voters Switching to Romney

Hat tip to The Blaze for these facts

Study: Obama Losing Voters More Than Republicans

In 2008, Barack Obama persuaded liberals, independents, and even some conservatives to come to his side. His winning coalition cut across all demographic lines and spoke of a realignment of the country’s voters. Liberal pundits celebrated and proclaimed the beginning of a new liberal era built on this seemingly unbreakable new coalition.

Four years later, that coalition is already chipped, and disintegrating quickly. Yahoo News reports:

A survey of registered voters conducted July 23-29 found that 92 percent of Americans who voted for McCain in 2008 plan to vote for Romney this fall and just 5 percent have switched sides to support Obama. But among Obama’s 2008 supporters, just 86 percent are planning to do so again and 9 percent are switching their support to Romney.

Overall 11 percent of voters who say they cast ballots for Obama or McCain are supporting the other party’s candidate.

To some extent, this is to be expected. Obama had a tenuous coalition in the first place.

The big question, however, is whether this enthusiasm gap will be enough to make a different in the outcome.


23 responses to “Almost 10% of Obama ’08 Voters Switching to Romney

  1. Good Morning America :D


  2. GoodMorning.. Only 10 %.. ..I hope those 10% will make question themself many of the 90% left..
    Many I Suppose Voted for CHANGE.. and Change sound nice..
    But they never tell us everything don’t they..
    There Are Change for the Better
    There Are Change for the Worst
    All Know Now Which One Obama did Take !
    I Hope So !
    “””That’s just the way it is
    Some things will never change
    That’s just the way it is
    But don’t you believe them !!!!!!!



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  4. I have a gut feeling that far more than 10% will switch.
    If you can’t find a job due to Obama’s economy, why would you vote for him again ? (unless you’re a complete fool).
    The poll results that they publish are wildly skewed in Obama’s favor.
    They are no where near a level playing field as far as the samples go.
    More and more comments on other blogs are predicting a landslide for Romney, even though they disagree with some of his policies.
    Given the fact that voter fraud will be rampant, I think that the results will overwhelm even that.
    We can only hope at this point that Romney is effective in getting his message out.
    The RNC convention will be a crucial tool to sway many voters to Romneys side.
    I hope they don’t blow it.
    The most important election of our lifetimes will happen on November 6, 2012.
    Be there for the America that we Love.


  5. Thought you’d be interested! God bless you!


  6. the crash is set for oct 2012 before the ellection.


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  8. Don’t forget to email me…I really really want to send you something.
    Here’s a video, btw. Goes with what’s here..I thought.


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